5 BEST QUOTES: James Damore vs. Joe Rogan

Ex-Google employee James Damore tells all on the Joe Rogan Experience

The somehow controversial, and often misrepresented, ex-Google employee James Damore has been making the rounds since his memo-related firing. He recently had a long discussion with Joe Rogan, talkin’ ’bout everything from gender differences in the tech sector to the internal sociomechanics of the Google workplace itself.

Here are five of the best quotes from that interview. 

1 – “No, you’re wrong. You just have white male privilege.”

James was galvanized to write the memo in response to Google thrusting (unconsentingly) its diversity doctrines and mantras upon their employees. For example, Google would hold classes and day-long seminars on topics such as “unconscious biases” in an attempt to hamper down personal biases.

Remember who also wanted to do this?

After attending a class, he went to an off-the-record, private company meeting where he openly heard talk about their discriminatory hiring practices. While later expressing his disappointment in what he heard he was met with the response, “No, you’re wrong. You just have white male privilege.”

Remember who also spoke of white privilege? 

Google’s focus on diversity was so vehement that James even said that “managers are being evaluated by how well they promote diversity and inclusion.”

2 – “People feel that they have to walk on eggshells otherwise they’ll get reported to HR by some random activist within the company.”

He claimed that he wrote the memo because he was “trying to improve the workplace and whistleblow on some of the illegal practices.” If you want to keep your job at Google, voicing non-leftist opinions is certainly not the safest thing to do.

As a result, he mentioned that people within the company who were unhappy with his opinions would send messages to his HR and managers to try to expose him. He continued that they would also “coordinate people to shame me.”

Interestingly enough the memo stayed inside the company for a month, but it wasn’t until it went public that he was fired. James called it a “PR thing” and then Joe Rogan called it “weak.” I call it “a waste of time and energy.”

3 – “There’s some underground efforts within Google to at least document some of this.”

When Joe Rogan asked “Did you save emails where people were shaming people for being white.” James responded, “Yeah, a lot of people have been doing this. There’s some underground efforts within Google to at least document some of this.” While referring to the “silent coalition” of conservatives in tech, he stated that “social conservatives feel completely alienated.”

Maintaining his point, he disclosed that there is an “underground conservative network […] within Silicon Valley.” To join this network people need to be heavily verified because others try to “infiltrate these groups […] This happens a lot where people will try to join a group and act as if they are one of them and then just record what’s happening and then expose them […] They will find somebody that they disagree with and they’ll scour through their entire history at Google and all of the emails they’ve sent and try to look for some way to blacklist them and show that this person is evil therefore they should be fired […] Supposedly this is happening in other companies too and they even have these automated scripts to try to find these negative things on people that they don’t like.”

4 – “We’re going to sabotage their work.”

“They have these people that, you know, compile these spreadsheets of names of people that are conservative or even libertarian and oh, we’re not going to work with them, we’re going to sabotage their work and we’re going to try to get them fired. When they are looking to get another job, we are going to share this list, so they can’t get hired from any of the other major companies.” He has heard from “high up managers” that they themselves have “blacklists.” Further, James said “We have brought this up to the highest people at Google and they have just completely dismissed it.”

5 – “Now they are trying to get into de-biased machine learning.”

Detailing how exactly Google uses politics to control their employees, James divulged that they modify their search results to be more politically correct: “Now they are trying to get into de-biased machine learning. So if they do see any things that the machine learning has learned, like these statistical anomalies or just trends, they will try to remove that” because they see it as “social justice” even though these methods produce “less effective” results.

The SJW attitude was spread throughout the company. James explained how employees are “encouraged” to state their privilege before they start speaking. For example, somebody may be expected to say “As a white male” before articulating an opinion. It would be bad manners in many of the employees eyes to not do so. 

At Google, you better have a good filter between your brain and finger tips because they keep a close eye on on their employees. As James quipped, “All of your keystrokes are logged” on the “work computer.” 


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