Buzzfeed’s recent video exclaims, “Fuck 2017!” . . . the joyless cunts. America isn’t switching over to Communism anytime soon and they’re very sour about it. Meanwhile, I’ve had a great year.

Here’s me showcasing highlights from my 2017.


Lookout Records 30th Anniversary Party (Berkeley, CA) – This was the best weekend of my life (for further information please refer this blog post from my old Tumblr page). I spent 4 days with John Denery (The Hi-Fives/Brent’s TV), made dinner for various Lookout Records bands and staff.

Got to see one of my heroes, Dr. Frank from The Mr. T Experience go for seconds and thirds of steak I cooked. 

I attended my first show at the legendary 924 Gilman Street venue—getting in for free since I was on the Wynona Rider’s guest list. I’d loved and listened to that band for over 20 years without ever thinking I’d see them. Me and their singer used to be real close but the election and Proud Boys have ended our 12 year friendship. But for that night, I got to see one of my all-time favorite bands play this amazing set.

Since I was riding in with John the following day I was able to get as close to “VIP access” as one could get at a place like Gilman. I had unfettered access to meet all my childhood heroes without having to deal with a sold out crowd, all of whom were waiting outside.

Meeting Dan Panic from my favorite band Screeching Weasel (also in Riverdales and Squirtgun).

Meeting Mass Giorgini of Screeching Weasel and Squirtgun after Mr. T Experience’s set that night

My last day in town I had brunch with the Lookout family, saw Brent’s TV play in a record store, and saw the Wynona Riders play another show. They decreed I was their biggest fan. But now I’m sure they’re bummed their number one fan isn’t a lefty—3/4ths of the band won’t speak to me.

Also me and Jim Goad became friends.

I would hate for Jim to see this and think I’m using it for social cred. The case was this: I returned to New Jersey from my California trip and something just wasn’t right. I was still dealing with the blowback from Antifa doxxing me less than two months earlier and I was a few weeks away from getting canned from my job at the time (which I really didn’t expect to happen). Things in general felt off and then I received this text:

Jim Goad is someone that gets my full respect. He’s the best writer of this generation, a smart, funny and an all-around nice guy. Without getting into the specifics of this first text, it led to us becoming buds during a time when things were about to get frustrating and difficult.

Then the Proud Boys did an interview for French TV.

Watch a sample of this here, and like the French, it’s vintage dated in the bottle.

There was also the Con Artist podcast.

This still yet-to-be released episode of Con Artist was about dating post-Trump, and would end up being the topic of my first PB Mag article.


I flew to Houston for Screeching Weasel and Mr. T Experience using my tax rebate (before I knew I would soon to be without an income). I woke up at 4AM on Feb 24th, popped an Adderall, took an Uber to Newark Airport, flew to Dallas, then Houston. Took an Uber to the venue, got drunk with 30footFall and Dr. Frank.

Watched the show, met up with Houston PB Devin Finch, and along with Dr. Frank we shut that bar down. I took an Uber back to the airport and flew home.


I appeared on NYC Crime Report with Cale Hartmann.

As mentioned above, I love Screeching Weasel and the Mr. T Experience. But I also need to mention my love for The Queers. When Antifa tried to ruin my life and I got temporarily Zucc’d I was so pissed and worried. A handful of people called me to make sure I was OK and one of them was Joe from The Queers. We had been friendly with each other for years but it was at that point in November that we truly became friends. This weekend of shows was my first time seeing Joe since that happened. He had me on his guest list for both gigs and he did what he always does when I’m in the audience…

St. Patrick’s Day Proud Boys meetup.

Watch the video for the above here

I began writing for PB Mag.


Ryan Girdusky interview on TGMS

Watch that here.

I watched The Void.


I watched and listened to:
Twin Peaks season 3
Slowdive’s new record


I split from Jersey City.


There was the farewell TGMS episode.

Watch that here.


I saw The Queers in Jersey City (my TWENTIETH time seeing them).


We shot footage for Get Off My Lawn.

Got a video! Wanna see it? Here it goes!

I also watched Jigsaw.


2017 was especially special because I got to see The Mr. T Experience four times, and unlike the shows earlier in the year I didn’t have to fly out. They played Philly and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn show was very dear to me because I took the band to my favorite pizzeria in Brooklyn, Triangolo’s. Frank and I also had a very interesting discussion about faith and God.

I saw Slowdive at Terminal 5.

Neil from Slowdive looks like a cross between Gavin McInnes and PB Mag editor Greg Pike.


I saw the Gin Blossoms at Irving Plaza.

To be honest, most of 2017 was spent working but I’m glad I was able to do so much with my very limited amount of free time. Life is there to be lived and you can choose to wallow in self-pity or you can choose to make your life mean something. I choose the latter. The cultural Marxists of the world want you to feel weak and look to authority to solve your problems. Not me, and not Proud Boys. If I want something then I’ll make it happen.

Happy New Year everyone. See ya in 2018!

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Alex Caprio

Written by Alex Caprio

New Jersey, former musician and stand up comedian with a degree in English. He can also make a better eggplant parm than your Grandma. Follow him on Twitter @alexclarkcaprio.

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