[VIDEO] Black Guy Joins the Proud Boys, Tells His Story

Our blacks are better than their blacks.

Yosef Ozia, a second degree Proud Boy, recently made a tell-all video about his experience joining the Proud Boys. If you read stories from places like Salon, Mother Jones, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, you’d think he’d be completely un-welcomed and shunned as soon as he walked into the bar where the meetup was taking place in.

Instead, as you can see in his video, he was welcomed with open arms, and had a wonderful experience. Quite the opposite of how he would have been treated by racists, or from liberals, who wouldn’t look at him as an equal, but instead as an oppressed child who needs to be coddled.

I for one welcome Mr. Ozia, and give him a big ol’ Proud of Your Boy!


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