UK General Election Analysis: Creeping leftism delivers blow to Conservatives

Theresa May has technically won the UK General Election but she has suffered a great defeat.

The Prime Minister called a General Election nearly two months ago to boost the Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

However, as campaigning got on it became clear this was not going to be the case. The party subsequently lost a seat and now has been forced to rely on the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland to form a government.

The stunt completely backfired on May and has been described as a gunshot in the head, as opposed to the foot.

These are the results, 326 needed for majority:

  • Conservatives – 318 (-12) seats and 42.4% of votes
  • Labour – 261 (+29) seats and 40% of votes
  • SNP – 35 (-21) seats and 3% of votes
  • Liberal Democrats – 12 (+4) seats and 7.4% of votes
  • Democratic Unionist Party – 10 (+4) seats and 0.9% of votes
  • Read the full results here.

Now the subject of ridicule, there is a chance Theresa May could stand down as Prime Minister, making her one of the shortest PMs ever.

However, there is no formal indication yet that this will happen and she intends to carry on.

Results on BBC News.

The whole idea in calling the General Election was to bolster the MPs in the Tory party to embolden the UK’s position on Brexit.

The party was predicted, just six weeks ago, to win by a LANDSLIDE – but poor politicking caused Labour to catch up.

With negotiations set to begin soon, it has had the opposite effect and turned the UK into a laughing stock before our European allies.

Labour, led by a hard left socialist and terrorist sympathiser, has eaten into many of the Tories seats in England and Wales.

The Tories in Scotland, however, continued their surge fuelled by the current anti-independence referendum number two feeling.

The Scottish branch of the Tories has been aided by the charismatic, likable and strong leader, Ruth Davidson, a member of Scotland’s parliament.

UKIP lost its one MP and most of their votes returned to the Conservatives and Labour, after the successful Brexit vote.

Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has stood down and former leader, legendary Nigel Farage MEP has said he is going to return to full-time campaigning as a full Brexit is threatened.

The Labour Party has made a comeback under hard left leader Jeremy Corbyn and members/supporters are jubilant.

When Corbyn took over as leader it caused chaos in the ranks, mass resignations and more, with party stalwarts insisting it was the end of Labour.

The election is a blow to conservative politics in the United Kingdom and can be put down to poor leadership from Theresa May.

Her campaigning was negative and based around fear, while Corbyn ran an unbelievably positive and fantasy-ridden campaign, capturing the imagination of voters.

However, the DUP is a pro-Brexit party and due to May’s failure, the hardline Brexiteers could be empowered. Especially if they replace May.

It is not known if this new agreement between the Tories and DUP will hold out, so it could be we face going to the polls again sometime later this year.

The Tories need to get their act together and stop this weak politicking and win back the people before another election.

All could be lost from the Brexit vote and despite winning, this is a blow to the right, one that was entirely avoidable. Weak leadership from Theresa May.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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