Mystery as mother wears man’s shirt back-to-front on top UK breakfast TV show

Good Morning Britain guest Sylvia Gulliver was on to discuss her daughter’s fucked up henna tattoo but stole the show

A mother has confused Britain when she appeared on the country’s top breakfast TV show wearing what appears to be a man’s shirt back-to-front — with absolutely no explanation.

People on social media and the tabloid press reacted with total confusion when Sylvia Gulliver was on the ITV show Good Morning Britain talking about her daughter whose henna tattoo went to shit.

She gave a completely serious interview while wearing what is clearly a striped shirt an average bloke might wear to work.

This is so stupid, funny and confusing.

Sadly, none of the presenters bothered to ask the woman about the bizarre situation, leaving the British public totally confused.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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