VIDEO: Annoying fat protester gets mowed down trying to stop traffic


This utterly hilarious video has been doing the rounds on social media lately.

Sorry if you’ve seen it already, but this shit needs logged on the Proud Boys Magazine.

Fatty and others in are understood to be protesting against the fatal shooting of a Isaiah Hammett, who opened fire on SWAT police with an AK-47 during a raid into his home.

Here’s the video from Liveleak – it’s not violent or anything, but just incredibly funny.

The reactions on Facebook were hilarious as well. When we uploaded the original video – which has now been taken down – many commented with Charles Graffeo saying: “Good for her fat ass. I’m tired of seeing people stop traffic to ‘stand up for a cause’. What did the people your stopping do to cause you to impede their travelling? Huh? They did nothing. So stopping traffic is the stupidest thing in the world.”

Stefan Williams commented: “I drive a mustang and ive been waiting almost three years for this to happen to me… i live on the east coast so can someone deadass tell me when and where is the next one of these road block protest cause i just want to do mustang things!! Im being so serious too! For a crowd like this traction control is definitely coming off! #CrowdControl #GoingToBeFamous
Sara Barnes posted: “Protest all you want but dont block traffic or cause more trouble. She got what was coming to her. I know if I was on my way to or from work or just a long day I’d be heated if some dumb ass fools were blocking traffic stand on the sidewalks not on the street dumbies”
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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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