Chilling theory emerges about missing Manchester Attack youngsters


A theory has claimed security services are covering up the abduction of missing children after the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday.

An anonymous user on /pol/ presented an idea that Muslim taxi drivers have taken the youngsters and the police have kept it out of public knowledge to avoid riots.

The theory contends the government would wish to find the girls without having to navigate through and manage riots on the streets.

It follows countless news stories of “kind” Muslim taxi drivers offering free lifts to those affected by the attack that killed 22 and injured more than 60.

So far, the only two cabbies to be photographed are two Sikh drivers — and not one of the supposed Muslim drivers, according to the /pol/ post.

The Proud Boys called out the mislabelling of the Sikhs as Muslims by Cosmopolitan, however, it seems other news outlets have evidence of Muslim drivers being involved.

The theorist claims some terrorists could have been posing as drivers or the taxi drivers themselves are complicit.

Here’s the whole post:

So we’re in critical mode which means an attack is imminent. The army has been deployed to relieve the police of security roles so that the police can conduct counter-terror ops. What counter-terror op could that be? Securing suspects and search & rescue while combing through the city.

I checked through over 50 articles on the based muslim drivers, there is not a single picture of a muslim. Only the 2 Sikh guys. Why would the muslims not want to be photographed doing a good deed after a terror attack, something they are oh so willing to do with every other attack?

I reckon the police are searching for the missing girls and the operation is being kept quiet because it would definitely ignite some riots. It’s far easier to find the girls without having to travel through a riotingcity. I reckon they’ve accepted there is no way other than social unrest in response to the news, but it’s better to save the children first before telling the public.

The missing kids could not have been ‘disappeared’ by the explosion, as it would still leave 500~kg of mass splattered around the place, plus polce have confirmed there are 22 dead and 9-11 missing.

What could also be possible is the girls were snatched by genuine muslim cabbies, and are being held in unknown locations with the police trying to find them while also searching for the suspects related to the bombing. Obviously they cannot announce to the public that they are searching for the girls as it would spark a raiot and make it much harder to find them.

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