LIST: Brutal 2nd Degree

The 2nd degree holds a very special place in many a great fraternity especially this of ours, the Proud Boys. I can remember my 2nd degree I limped for 3 days and pissed blood.  The rules are simple: At least 5 grown men punch and dead arm you and the only way to stop them is to name 5 breakfast cereals.  It’s necessary adrenaline training, and if you can control yourself enough to concentrate through the beating, you earn the coveted position of 2nd degree proud boy.  Some have it easier than others.  Sometimes it goes a bit wrong.

Here is an outtake of Virginia Proud Boys 2nd Degrees:

North Carolina 2nd degrees.  This style is know as the “Rabbit Punch”

Bay Area Proud Boy 2nd Degree with Gavin McInnes.  Fresh off Berkeley, these guys decided to press this prospect into a corner and go for volume.


Taking rib and kidney shots, Proud Boy Magazine’s own Alex Caprio received the 2nd degree

In Michigan, hay makers are the rule of the day….

The Midwest Proud Boys pound the living shit out of eachother while naming 5 breakfast cereals after declaring themselves Western Chauvinists and refusing to apologize for creating the modern world. Uhuru!  They are interrupted by cops.



It’s important to control your adrenaline.  Remember the last few cereals, otherwise business can pick up quickly.



Proud Boy 2nd Degree’s are sweeping the nation as we build up our numbers to save the modern western world!  Solid shots and respectable count off.  Uhuru!!!

The man, the meme, the legend, Kyle Chapman AKA Based Stick Man himself fights back during a 2nd Degree.

Reinvigorated the warrior spirit with Atomic Wedgie Man keeps his ribs open and sucks it up while getting a brutal pounding.

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Written by Franklin Wright

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