Proud Boys Peacefully Visit Anti-Canada Protest, Media Explodes

When social justice warriors meet real-life warriors

Proud Boys at an anti-Canada Canada Day protest in downtown Halifax.

On July 1, Canada Daywhen Canadians celebrate Canadafive Proud Boys belonging to the Canadian Armed Forces went to check out an anti-Canada Canada Day rally in downtown Halifax—where Canadians were not celebrating Canada.

Radical leftist Chief Grizzly Mamma led a ceremony at the statue of Halifax’s founder Edward Cornwallis to grieve missing and murdered Native women, colonialism, the scalping of Mi’kmaq people. Or something-something.

You won’t believe what these “disaffected, stupid, bitter . . . pathetic, dumb and dangerous” men did next!

They had a brief discussion and left peacefully for beers.

No bike locks to the dome . . .  No mask-wearing pyromania . . .  

Words. That’s it. That’s all.

Apparently this is what disruption looks like.

But since every day is Opposite Day in Liberal Land, lefty media outlets expect the public to strain their jaws and say “Ahhhh,” perfunctorily swallowing headlines like these:

The Coast:

“Pathetic, dumb and dangerous: The Proud Boys make their debut in Halifax”

The Globe and Mail:

“Canada’s top general condemns actions of servicemen who disrupted Indigenous ceremony in Halifax”

Huffington Post:

“White Supremacists Have No Place In The Canadian Armed Forces”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Rear Admiral John Newton then threw his own men overboard on Tuesday, associating the Proud Boys with white supremacy all the while not seeming certain if that was an accurate descriptor. “Or whatever the Proud Boys represent,” he says in the video.

Rear Admiral John Newton talking to the press at the Halifax Dockyards.

You’re not sure, Cap’n Crunch? This is a press conference. These are men’s lives and livelihoods. Your men. How about some due diligence?

Two of the men are Native and one is gay. Three of the five Proud Boys have grandfathers who fought the Nazis in WW2.

Proud Boys founder himself Gavin McInnes married a Native with whom he created three more Natives.

The grievance-hungry protesters carried the Canadian flag upside-down with the word ‘Decolonize’ spray-painted over itthe same flag these military men are expected to die alongside in battle.

Accusing someone of being a white supremacist carries the same AIDS-leper stigma as calling someone a commie during the McCarthy era. The term is often birthed unsubstantiated and lives on uninvestigated to the point where even questioning its validity is itself complicit participation in the crime.

“This is a British colony,” one of the Proud Boys says in a video taken on the scene. “You’re recognizing the heritage and so are we.”

Beers are Canadian heritage.

National Defence spokesman Daniel LeBouthillie said in an email, “The strength of the Defence Team stems from the diversity of our members. We are quite seized by the matter and are looking into this further.”

“Stems from”? Diversity isn’t a bad thing. Neither is it inherently good. Especially in terms of battle. Never once in all of history was any war won by virtue of diversity. Gunpower? Yes. Navigational stealth through dense tropical jungles? Yeah. Plain ole bulk-sized balls? You betcha.

Diversity? Come on fucking guy.

In a greasy journalistic move, CTV news conflated a completely separate incident at the bottom of their article:

“Members of a group protesting the construction of a natural gas storage facility about 60 kilometres from Halifax said three men riding in a truck shot fireworks into the crowd at point-blank range. ‘They yelled Happy Canada Day, and then they sped off,’ said a woman who asked to only be identified as Carol. She said it sounded like gunfire.”

Canadian Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan issued this statement regarding the Proud Boy navy members:

‘Disrespect’ and ‘intolerance’ are his main accusations, which only make sense in reality when we run those terms through a Liberal Doublespeak Translator 2.0.

Lucky for you, I’ve got mine handy right here:

———ENTER WORD OR PHRASE: “Disrespect”

#?#?#?#?#?#?#?#?#******(computing) *****?%?%?%?%?%

[beep beep . . . doot doot]——>

OUTPUT = “Disagree”

OK so in liberal minds ‘to disrespect’ means ‘to disagree.’ Got it. What about ‘Intolerance’?

———ENTER WORD OR PHRASE: “Intolerance”

#?#?#?#?#?#?#?#?#*******(computing) *****?%?%?%?%?%

[beep beep . . . doot doot]——>

OUTPUT = “Catch-all term used by liberals who’ve done minimal research on what the Proud Boys are about in the pursuit of perpetuating false narratives through slanderous statements that destroy careers and reputations, satiating a warped drive for moral conquesting.”

Suspiciously specific but that’s what it says. I swear.

Deep down the left knows they don’t have any solid evidence on which to base their narrative. They’ve been brainwashed to believe the contemporary lie of ubiquitous racism. They find easy and innocent bait on which to latch their talons, tearing the truth to shreds until up is down, black is white, and gays and Natives in the Canadian Armed Forces are literally Hitler.

Let’s stop cosigning their grievance culture bullshit, eh?

Go to the link below to sign a petition to save the five:

The closest Greg Pike ever got to the navy was singing that Village People song at karaoke. Follow him on Twitter @realGregPike


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