Proud Boys had the PERFECT response to hate-filled journalist Simon Gilbert

Simon Gilbert, chief reporter of the Coventry Telegraph, has attempted to smear LA Proud Boy Kevin Donnelly for comments on Islam on TGMS

A HUMOURLESS journalist in England has picked a fight with the Proud Boys — for airing opinions he disagrees with on The Gavin McInnes Show.

Kevin Donnelly, a British Proud Boy who lives in LA, and Gavin were the subject of a report by Simon Gilbert, chief reporter of the Coventry Telegraph.

The journalist chose to write the story headlined “Right wing activist warns people to avoid ‘immigrant city”’ Coventry which he claims is ‘awful’”.

Gilbert’s article opens with error, in the second paragraph he describes Kevin, from Coventry, as the head of the UK chapter. This is incorrect, and as far as we in the UK know, he is not a member of our chapter.

Gavin and Kevin talk about the Proud Boys on The Gavin McInnes Show on Tuesday July 25.

The hit piece, clearly designed to portray Kevin as a racist, then continued: “During Mr Donnelly’s appearance on Mr McInnes’ US internet TV show, Coventry is described as a Muslim city and Mr Donnelly said that people were “in denial” about the scale of immigration and that it was ‘totally irreversible’.”

The article goes onto name companies which Kevin, a successful photographer, has worked with. Already, the journalist is attempting to alert employers to his views, which are outside the mainstream liberal ideas, yet completely factual.

Kevin is incredibly entitled to be worried about Coventry, this is a English city where the Muslim population is growing rapidly. In the 2001 census, 3.88 per cent were Muslims, and in 2011 it more than doubled to 7.47 per cent, 23,665.

In this small city, look how many mosques there are.

Mosques in Coventry, showing a substantial Muslim population.

To be critical of the changing face of your home does not merit an attempt to destroy someone’s reputation, career and livelihood.

There is just no need for any of this negative coverage on individual Proud Boys, it’s simply hate-filled smearing in the guise of news.

The Proud Boys are well used to incredibly bias hit pieces by mainstream, arrogant “journalists”, and this is just another to add to the list.

They have an obsession with covering the activities of our men’s club, guys who meet up, have beers and talk politics and shit.

After the article was published, Simon Gilbert received substantial feedback on Twitter and his Facebook.

There is much lols to be had.

Apparently, people are pond life for criticising his reportage.

You can view them all here.

While it is understandable that leftists and liberals are obsessed with reporting on the fact-based right and those critical of multiculturalism and political correctness, this reporter is clearly not interested in covering us fairly.

This is the problem with modern “journalists” who contend they are objective. No where does it say on Gilbert’s website he is a liberal reporter, who seeks to hold the “right” to account, or anything for that matter.

He is, through all intent and purposes, hiding his political bias and projecting his news stories as unbias facts.

The news media, even at a local level, is a swamp ridden with these reporters who purport to be speakers of the truth, but are only in the job to build a social media following, virtue signal and feed their incredibly gigantic egos.

Go back to covering bin collection, please, Mr Gilbert.

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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @juanwoods11.

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