Meet The Staff!

Executive Staff

Pawl Bazile: Production Director, Media Relations Manager, Editor, Staff Writer (Email, Twitter)

Robert Culkin: Web Content Manager, Website Developer/Administrator, Staff Writer (Email, Twitter)

Franklin Wright: Digital Media Strategist, Staff Writer (Email, Twitter)

Editorial Staff

Greg PikeAssignment Editor (EmailTwitter)

Merchandise and E-Commerce

Jenna Culkin: Merchandise Czar, Designer, Proud Boys’ Girl (EmailTwitter) 

Social Media

Jenna Culkin: Admin. for Official Proud Boys’ Girls (EmailTwitter, Facebook)

Dina Hollister: Admin. for Official Proud Boys’ Girls (Email, TwitterFacebook)

Featured Columnist

Gavin McInnes (Twitter)

Theryn Meyer (Twitter)

Staff Writers

Alex Caprio (Twitter)

Antonio Degidio

Alex Wilson

Based in Colorado

Daniel Malek

Hunter Drastic

Jackson Voynick

Jeffrey Rojo

John Woods (Twitter)

Matthew Delphia (Twitter)

Oscar Pleitez

Pax Hart

Rick Plumlee II

Roberto Schram

Stephen McCarthy

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Written by Robert Culkin

Robert Culkin

Robert always wanted to be the next Hunter S. Thompson; a legitimate Gonzo Journalist. He never quite got the writing part down, but as for the rest of it he did in spades. Follow him on Twitter @WakeAndBased.

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