DISAVOWED IN VEGAS: Hunter “The Classic” Drastic vs Sal “The Cocaine Cowboy” Cipolla

It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss. – The Killers

Cocaine, cocaine, cocaine, and cocaine. All the makings of a lifelong friendship. Brothers unafraid to share straws. Unverified sources claim that “BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE” was their credo. Sadly it wasn’t drugs, women, booze, drugs, or drugs that began to tear at the very fabric of their reality. It was /polls/.

/polls/ issuing ultimatums for banishment, disavowing, and outright Sharia Law began to appear. Further fueled by screenshots of posts and screenshots of screenshots of posts, a challenge was made. With WESTFEST in the works, is the time right for DISAVOWED IN VEGAS?

Hunter “The Classic” Drastic vs Sal “The Cocaine Cowboy” Cipolla. Sal has publicly commented that $2k of the total purse will go towards saving the life of our very own Andrew Caster. Hunter was unavailable for comment as he has already begun training:

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Robert Culkin

Written by Robert Culkin

Robert always wanted to be the next Hunter S. Thompson; a legitimate Gonzo Journalist. He never quite got the writing part down, but as for the rest of it he did in spades. Follow him on Twitter @WakeAndBased.

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