Sal Takes The Pepsi Challenge at Boston Common “Free Speech Rally”

In an effort to further the UHURU movement and make peace with the protesters, 4th degree Proud Boy Sal Cipolla put Pepsi to the test with mixed results.

According to the acclaimed Boston Herald

Two people could be seen being taken away in handcuffs about 1:45 p.m. after one of the free speech demonstrators crossed a police barrier in an attempt to hand one of the counter-protesters a Pepsi — a move that appeared to be an attempt to mock a recent commercial that depicted a protester handing a cop a soda.

It is shameful that we live in a time where the simple gesture of crossing a police barrier to offer someone a delicious Pepsi would result in an arrest. Thankfully, according to Sal, he is already out. If you want our advice, next time around, stick with Coke. Everybody loves Coke.

We’ve made a half hearted attempt to reach repeat offender 4th degree Sal via Facebook Messenger for comment. We will update as more information is available.


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Robert Culkin

Written by Robert Culkin

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