Based Drummer Boy and His Mixtape

Arguably the greatest drummer boy in history, André Estienne served valiantly in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army during the Battle of the Bridge of Arcole (1796). With drum held high and a sudden swelling of courage in his heart he lead the battalion’s charge across the river. The capturing of the bridge lead to a crushing defeat which crippled the Austrian army. He became immortalized as the Le Petit Tambour d’Arcole and lives on in the Pantheon on the Arc de Triomphe. This was all true prior to April 15th. André Estienne just got BTFO by David Nollac, aka Based Drummer Boy (feature-length profile coming soon).

(Hear and See Based Drummer Boy @ 2:54)

Based AF Playlist:

Track List:

  1. Yankee Doodle, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Star Spangled Banner
  2. Shadilay
  3. President Trump Never Come Down
  4. Trumpwave – Make America Great Again
  5. Shadilay (Kekwave Mix)
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Written by Robert Culkin

Robert Culkin

Robert always wanted to be the next Hunter S. Thompson; a legitimate Gonzo Journalist. He never quite got the writing part down, but as for the rest of it he did in spades. Follow him on Twitter @WakeAndBased.

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