ANNOUNCING: WESTFEST! – Las Vegas Summer ’17

Global Proud Boy Round-Up

Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) just announced plans for a gathering that will surpass the Gathering of the Juggalos. It will douse the flaming humans of Burning Man with water and magically render the feather-tattooed babes of Coachella unfuckable.


The first international meet-up of Proud Boys will be held this summer in Las Vegas. It will be a huge, unapologetic celebration of Western chauvinism, and the number of punches thrown simultaneously with breakfast cereal names being screamed in pain is sure to be unprecedented.

Besides the cost of tickets for events where we need to rent a venue, the festival will be free. With all the Vegas flight-and-hotel deals, this is a cheap way to show everyone else on the Strip that you’re proud of your boy.

And that you don’t need to wear flip-flops no matter how hot it is outside.

We’ll be announcing more details soon!






Written by Greg Pike

Greg Pike

Greg Pike is Canadian Proud Boy who has written for VICE, Thought Catalog, Noisey, Street Carnage, Cult MTL, and others. He covered the Canadian Grammy’s high on acid and once pierced fish hooks into his chest which were then pulled by a rope, all in the name of journalism.

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