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Certain movies every man should seesome he should know by heart.

These are the movies featured by the Proud Boy Movie Club. Some films are watched anew with virgin eyeballs. Others we’ve seen a dozen times. Either way we encourage you to watch or rewatch these films as they are clearly marked on the syllabus for the course you may or may not be aware that you’re taking: Compulsory Manhood 101. Expect to see them on the final! (Exam date TBA.)

This week’s movie: REVENGE OF THE NERDS

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jeff Kanew

Writers: Jeff Buhai, Tim Metcalfe, Miguel Tejada-Flores, Steve Zacharias

Theatrical Release Date: August 10, 1984

Runtime: 161 Minutes


Ever since cave-nerds had their lunch pebbles snatched by cave-bullies, the ancient battle between jocks and nerds has raged like a bonfire roasting a freshly killed woolly mammoth. Those who won’t leave others alone vs. those who want to be left alone—exactly like today’s politics.

In their freshman year at the fictional Adams College, a gang of nerds and misfits, led by Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards), are kicked out of their dormitories by the football fraternity Alpha Betas, who burnt their own place to the ground while partying. Coach Harris (John Goodman) then relegates the nerds to live in the gymnasium like disaster relief victims while they are summarily rejected by all the other fraternities on campus during its Rush Week.

Sick of their living situation, sick of being oppressed by the jocks, the nerds end up finding a house on their own and make steps toward forming a chapter of the fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda.

It’s a story of picking yourself back up after getting beat down. Underdogs à la max. Revenge of the Nerds is about deciding for yourself who you are, rather than letting people tell you who you are. Then: building some pride around that identity.

And they look good while doing it. It’s 1984. We’ve got short-shorts. We’ve got afros. “We’ve! Got! Bush!” (NSFW) We’ve got everybody from the studliest stud to the dweebiest dweeb lookin’ fly as hell. In the vein of Animal House, all the best elements of a classic college comedy are here: babes, togas, kegs, pot, pranks, y’know, the usj.

This movie runs on stereotypes like an old truck runs on diesel. It’s a totally political correctness-free zone with all races and orientations taking some healthy ribbing, from the Asian computer nerd to the gay black queen to the milky white milquetoasts. But they’re brothers first and first mostly. A major takeaway is the fact that political correctness hurts jokes which hurts the ability to be bros—and you can’t be bros without hurting each other just a little bit, bro.

The story aligns itself with our own Proud Boy fraternity if you watch it wearing your PBGs (Proud Boy Goggles). Like the Proud Boys, the nerds of Delta Delta Delta start a fraternity for two reasons: fun and as a reactionary defense. The predatory nature of ’80s jocks, and today’s Social Justice Warriors, makes fraternal organizations like theirs and ours the way to go. Back in the ’80s the bullies may have been athletic jocks while academic nerds were the victims. But now the bullies on campus are the SJWs, and conservatives are the new nerds under constant harassment. That doesn’t even include off-campus. How many jobs and friends and relationships and lives in general have been destroyed or soured by the virtue-signalling/crusading/pillaging Left?

To steal the idiotic phraseology of the Left in slogans like, WE ARE TRAYVON . . .  well, WE ARE NERDS!

At the end of the movie when Gilbert and Lewis steal the microphone from the jocks and declare in front of the entire student body that they’re nerds and proud of it, people trickle out of the woodwork and come down to join them in solidarity, proclaiming that they themselves are nerds, too. 

I’m a fag for this scene and will invariably shed a tear every time I watch it . . . like a big, fat nerd.

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