E5: Ruthie and Danielle discuss Mother’s Day, #CancelSarsour, craziness in foreign countries (including banging your cousin), the measles outbreak in Minnesota, and free speech legislation. At 45:08, we have our Proud Boy and Proud Boys’ Girl of the week, and we introduce Quickies, our new segment. Check us out at pbgpodcast.wordpress.com/

E4: Today, Danielle and Ruthie talk about #FireColbert, evil cis Boy Scouts, abortion pornography, and the regressive left. At 54:54 is the Proud Boys & Proud Boy’s Girls Spotlight!

E3: Danielle announces she recruited her first Proud Boy! Ruthie and Danielle dive into what Proud Boys and Proud Boys’ Girls are. At 4:25, they discuss topics from Target to Bill Nye to Islamophobic boars! At, 36:15, they talk about the new segment, PB/PBG Spotlight.

E2: First, we discuss PBG’s 14 Steps For Restoring American Masculinity. At 36:10, we begin exploring The Red Pill, a documentary about the men’s rights movement.

E1: For our first episode, we go over the 12 Steps to Restoring American Femininity.

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