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    Hey girl don’t you realize The money invested in you Hey girl you just got to find Someone who’ll really pull your family throughUp and up she goes Our Amanda Jones–The Rolling Stones Everyone wants to date a model—until they date a model. This is a cautionary tale of sorts. One that showcases both strength […] More

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    8 Times Liberalism Got People Killed

    Progressives have no shortage of terrible ideas. Can you be so dumb it kills you? Of course you can, and there’s no end to the number of new and imaginative ways it can happen. The Darwin Awards are dedicated to people who speed up evolution along by taking themselves out of the gene pool. However, […] More

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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #9

    Thanksgiving is here. And accordingly we must prepare our bodies to inhale an estimated average of 4,500 calories in a single day! Most gain 1-2 pounds during this holiday. Don’t let your fitness and health goals go to hell. Preparation is key, gentlemen. And by doing this kettlebell workout you will boost your metabolic rate […] More

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    10 Ways Orwell’s 1984 is a Progressive Utopia

    “You wanted a good time; “They,” meaning the Party, wanted to stop you having it; you broke the rules as best you could.” If you haven’t read George Orwell’s master piece 1984, run, do not walk, to itunes, or a book store or Amazon and get busy.  The book was written in 1948 so the […] More

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    Drinking cow piss!? Some cultures are better than others

    This Guy Swapped Medicine For Cow Piss

    Bottoms up... 🐮🍺

    Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    Some cultures are just better than others.Some cultures are just better than others. “THAT’Z RAYSIST!” No, they just are. “NAAAAAAAAAAZSIIIIIIIIIIEEEE!” Let me prove it to you. Here’s a man in India who fanatically drinks cow piss. This Guy Swapped Medicine For Cow Piss Bottoms up… 🐮🍺 Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 Apparently, […] More

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    BBC bans white people from applying for job

    The BBC has banned white people from applying for a vacancy in broadcast journalism in London. The corporation is looking for a trainee broadcast journalist to get stuck into current affairs. White people, however, are not welcomed to apply. Only blacks, Asians or anyone that is not white. The advert on w4mp.org states: “This internship […] More

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    Why People Hate Thanksgiving

    It’s that time of year again, the magical time where the leaves have fallen, the air gets brisk, and your facebook is bombarded with “woke” friends posting the phrase “more like Thanks-TAKING!”. In America, the 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving.  The tradition goes, the Massachusetts settlers in Plymouth were able to survive some a […] More

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    Women wondering whether they’ve found Mr. Right are often told, “If you want to see how a man is going to treat you, look at how he treats his mother.” I’ll confirm that. I hate my mother more than any other human on Earth. This article is about my own personal taboo—the one subject I […] More

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    This Thanksgiving as you stuff your face with roasted turkey and cranberry sauce, know this: Your holiday perpetuates the glorification of the death of, like, a billion Native Americans. Oh, and your country is a lie and your existence is rape! Just kidding. For my follow-up “man on the street” segment for Get Off My […] More

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    Poland just held Europe’s biggest ever patriot rally

    "Do polskiego narodu należą spolszczeni Niemcy, Tatarzy, Ormianie, Cyganie jeśli żyją dla wspólnego ideału Polski (...) Murzyn lub czerwonoskóry może zostać prawdziwym Polakiem, jeśli przejmie dziedzictwo duchowe polskiego narodu (...) i jeśli ma niezłomną wolę przyczyniania się do rozwoju bytu narodowego Polaków.". z myśli Wincentego Lutosławskiego

    Posted by Narodowcy RP on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    FAMILIES turned out to march for their national identity in a period where Europe is suffering back-to-back terrorist attacks as a result of mass illegal migration from the Islamic world and Africa. Poles waved their national flag, sang songs and held banners begging the rest of Europe to wake up from the massive threat Islamisation […] More

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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #8

    Ancient strength feats fascinate me. The folkloric strongmen of yore make our modern men look shriveled and weak. We can learn a lot from those strongmen. They weren’t pumping out reps on the curl bar at the local Planet Fitness. They didn’t worry about over-training, and they sure as hell didn’t have all the supplements […] More

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    Trans-racial weirdo SAVAGED by Paul Joseph Watson

    Fellow Proud Boys and our dear friends, this is SO fucking funny. This crackpot fat guy with pink hair thinks he’s a Filipino woman. He’s put NO effort into it, and this could possibly be a troll. But, it seems to be real so far. Paul Joseph Watson has just realised a HILARIOUS video ripping […] More

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