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    A couple weekends ago, over 150 Proud Boys from all North America saw fit to meet up in Las Vegas and party hard for the weekend. From Los Angeles to Ottawa, from North Carolina to New York, Proud Boys of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations, came face-to-face with each other, and completely ran the city of Las Vegas for two days. This came to be known as WestFest.

    From the gratuitous amounts of alcohol and cocaine, to the immortalization of “Room 5710” in the Trump International Hotel, to the river of black and yellow Fred Perrys floating down the Las Vegas strip, the Proud Boys made themselves well-known that weekend. Even though most of us were not from Las Vegas (with the exception of the Las Vegas Chapter), we all felt like we belonged there.

    There was a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. We were meant to be there. The camaraderie was palpable, and guys we had never met before were instantly recognized as brothers. Though, the conversations weren’t always the most well-versed political rhetoric. 

    “What chapter are you from?”

    “Los Angeles, how about you?”

    “North Carolina, pleasure to meet you brother”

    “Same here man, you like blow?”

    “Don’t mind if I do!”

    Normal pleasantries fell to the wayside, because even though we hadn’t all met before, we all knew each other on a fundamental level. We knew that we were going to be good friends through the weekend, because we are part of the same fraternity. We all were proud Western chauvinists, and we were not going to apologize for creating the modern world.  

    Jesus, what a fucking beautiful thing.  

    Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) was far ahead of his time in creating this organization, and he has given so many men across the country a sense of belonging. This was evident in Las Vegas, and it will continue to be evident at meet-ups across the country. Gavin is one of many heroes in the war against liberalism, and I speak for everyone when I say, “Thanks, Gavin. We won’t fuck it up.”

    While WestFest was an absolute rollercoaster of new people, new substances, and new experiences, it was also a huge occasion for the Proud Boys. Never before in our organization had so many gentlemen of a similar mindset gathered together in unison to celebrate both Western chauvinism and America itself, the greatest country in the world. Although it was amazing, it isn’t over. Throughout the country, Proud Boys are meeting up, building chapters, and recruiting new gentlemen who are just as tired of this liberal disease as the rest of us.  

    WestFest was the refresher that was needed to reinvigorate the organization. We have already been through so much, and have come out clean on the other side. Through all of the bigotry that pours out of the left, and through all of the accusations of racism, sexism, and Nazism that have been thrown on our backs, we shook it off. We persevered, and we are a stronger organization as a direct result.  

    Do we troll the left? Yes. But are we TRYING to upset them? Well . . . um . . . yes. But still, fuck ‘em.

    They control almost all of the media, almost all of academia, and almost every “new” social construct that is shoved down our throats on a weekly basis. If they get to make up science and say that there are 68 genders, then we can gather and talk about what complete idiots they are.

    Someone has to stand up for common sense. Proud Boys is exactly that someone.

    We know who we are, and we know what we stand for. We stand against liberal injustices. We stand against those who stifle free speech. We stand against those who would guide this country by any other means than the Constitution of the United States. We are Western chauvinists, and we refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.   

    We are the Proud Boys. We’re proud, and we fucking know it.


    Willie is the president of the Charlotte, NC Proud Boys Chapter. Follow him on Twitter @ammonswr

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    Interracial Couple Booted from Bar for Bigotry

    If that click-bait title forces you to do a double-take, don’t trip. It only proves that you are a rational human being that hasn’t yet succumbed to the Alt-Left’s group-think indoctrination techniques.
    Last Saturday, September 16, a bar on Dundas West in Toronto, ON, aptly named Unlovable, kicked out a small group of Toronto Proud Boys and friends because one of them was wearing a Jack Daniels version of a Proud Boys t-shirt. Two of those kicked out are actually an interracial couple, and yet were still accused of bigotry.

    Goldie Saljoughi, Unlovable (and possibly unlovable) employee, returned the Proud Boy patrons’ money and asked them to leave, claiming, “We don’t believe that in here.” Then when asked for further comment on what that was, specifically, she replied “I don’t have to tell you anything,” and “my job is to keep everyone here safe.”
    Goldie Saljoughi, bartender at Toronto’s Unlovable.
    Of course, she doesn’t know what that was, and the Proud Boys and friends that got kicked out were never any threat to anyone at the bar that night. They may be a threat to the group-think echo chamber that Saljoughi and all leftists buy into without any checks against their cognitive biases, but they were most certainly no kind of physical threat.
    Peter Doyle, one of the Proud Boys there, commented, “they believed that we are something we are not and kicked us out. The only people that weren’t white in that bar were with us.”
    We have seen this time and time again. The classic, but illogical and childish, justification for stomping on someone’s rights. Or having the outcasts of society removed because they’re too unsightly for the eyes of classists.
    Here are some of the vile and factually unfounded comments from Unlovable’s Facebook page in regards to the event:

    How an interracial couple are considered bigots is beyond comprehension.
    After politely leaving the bar when asked to, and without incident, Saljoughi followed the Proud Boys outside and proceeded to inform the bouncers and several men how violated she was by a simple t-shirt. “Don’t let them back in here!” she apparently cackled like an old crow at the bouncers.
    Having them removed was apparently not enough for Saljoughi. In these seemingly small cases, I often wonder, where would she have stopped if she had any REAL, unchecked, political power? Isn’t this precisely how authoritarian despots are made? After all, the path to hell is paved with leftists’ intentions. Good and bad.
    Proud of Your Boy.
    Follow Nicolas on Twitter @bennettnicolas

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    Proud Boys Won’t Be at Desperate Alt-Right’s Rally

    You know what I hate? Dumb people who think they’re pulling a fast one. Especially when they are really bad at it and don’t know it. Is there anything worse than watching someone try to be clever when everyone is on to them? Enter: the Alt-Right . . .

    Gee, that looks vaguely familiar (pictured above). Block letters.  Catchy black-and-yellow graphics. “The West is the Best” tag line. I can’t put my finger on it . . .

    Oh yeah . . .  usProud Boy Magazine, and West is the Best Magazine (which are both Proud Boy-run). So what’s that flyer?  A cool new Proud Boy event I’m unaware of? Let’s see . . .


    Really? Torch Rally? Again with this shit?? “Provocative Speakers” . . . huh?  I guess, if you’re trying to provoke a new civil war.

    What better group to speak at a rally than Vanguard, the group that brought us this guy:

    Richard Spencer, of course. The guy who felt so horrible about Virginia having to declare a State of Emergency—which involved the death of one civilian and two cops (remember?)—that he decided to main event the sequel. At this point Richard would talk at a spank booth if you asked nice.

    And Augustus Invictus . . . a guy who actually had some hope. Augustus is smart, charismatic, pleasant and he backed the wrong horse (who lost and was shot on the track and he’s still there thinking “maybe he’ll get up and win”). Poor bastard is doubling down. I’m worried guys like him will get so alienated they’ll just keep drifting further. Anyone who’s speaking at this event or even goes to it needs their head examined. Absolutely poison.

    So what’s the deal with this flyer? Why does it look all “Proud Boy”? We mentioned this before HERE. The Alt-Right is incredibly butt-hurt that we didn’t “get their back” after Charlottesville. We disavowed it before, and we shit on it after. Looks like we’re the chick who rejected them, so they’re going to get us back by telling everyone they fucked us anyway and what a slut we were. Sources are leaking like a sinking ship in their little group-messenger-circle-jerks after Charlottesville about how they were gonna “get us back” and “take us down with them.” Tactics included, but were not limited to:

    • Wearing Black and Yellow Fred Perry’s to Rallys
    • Going to Proud Boy meet-ups to “recruit”
    • Denying they’re Alt-Right and not leaving the Proud Boys when asked to
    • Telling the Media they are Proud Boys when they aren’t

    Their hope seems to be if the media doesn’t look too far into it (and they never do) so the Proud Boys will get heat along with all of them forcing us to either “join” the Alt-Right or just create cracks in our foundation. (NB: Special shout-out to all the members of the media I’ll be sharing this link with AFTER the event asking me if we were there.) The fact is, the media is just dumb enough to fall for it . . .

    Elizabeth Preza, you stupid lazy bitch. Is she feeling ok?  She goes on to write this:

    Hey dumb fuck, we’re not hard to get a hold of. That goes for the rest of you media dumb fucks, too. Writing garbage like that only reveals you as someone who didn’t even go to our website… or if they did, they ignored what they saw and are willfully lying. Not one actual source or reference in Raw Story’s article in particular. Just some lazy broad farting in her own hand and smearing it on a computer screen. Why have references when you can just label and make shit up? They don’t get to define us. We’re not white nationalists, never were. We weren’t at Charlottesville. We’re not Alt-Right.  Their writing is false and libel.

    She has the coherence of a robot who got asked a riddle.  See the logic they use? It can’t be that the Proud Boys aren’t racists . . .  they must just be racists trying to distance themselves from being called Alt-Right. Nailed it. It’s like they’re trying to explain the plot of a movie that they never saw.  The Alt-Left media, like the Raw Story and Elizabeth Preza (who probably terminated a pregnancy she doesn’t like people knowing about, maybe, probably, who knows?) know that the Proud Boys are a greater threat than the Alt-Right-White-Nationalist-Nazi-Klan could even hope to be. The Alt-Right knows it, too. It’s because they are miserable, and the Proud Boys are fun. We’re fun, and their numbers are shrinking.

    Not us. Not the Proud Boys. We weren’t at the last one, we won’t be at the next fiasco. We don’t march with the Klan. Fuck that shit. John Gotti once said,

    “I never lie because I don’t fear anyone.
    You only lie when you’re afraid.”

    The entire left are afraid of us. The Alt-Right, White Nationalists are afraid of us. That’s why they’re all lying. They’re afraid cause they’re all losing. They’re afraid that we’re actually right when we say “No” to white nationalism and Richard Spencer. They’re afraid because what “the West is the Best” actually means is that this was the first nation not founded because of who the people were ethnically, or religiously, but that we are a nation build on ideas. Ideas—not race, not your bullshit identity politics, left or right.

    Alt-Right rallies tried to co-opt  “Free Speech,” but we all know that means their speech to bore everyone to tears about the so called “Jewish problem.” They tried to use the term “Unite the Right” to trick people into thinking they speak for the right as a whole. They don’t and the only ones who played along were the Alt-Left media like the Raw Story. Now they’re trying to use “March Against Communism.” Man, I HATE communism. It’s like having the “Rally for Free Ribs” and when you show up David Duke is sitting their licking barbecue sauce off his fingers.

    We didn’t become Proud Boys to just have rallies. It’s vaguely annoying the Alt-Right is trying to make people believe they’re us (mostly because their brand is so tainted, it’s scary). It’s also annoying that they think they’re slick because “technically, TECHNICALLY” they didn’t “SAY” Proud Boys. They just used our colors, fonts, and slogans. I bet they have the same creepy self satisfied smirk on their faces that they did when they explained “We said HAIL Trump, not HEIL Trump.”  Like we’re all supposed to marvel at how clever they are and just say “You got us.”

    They’re not clever. They’re not fooling anyone. We know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work. No, the Proud Boys won’t be at their dumb rally, they can have all the dumb rallies they want. It’s a free country, and we’re free to not go. We distanced ourselves from the Alt-Right a long time ago. No quarter for mentally ill cosplayers.

    The Proud Boys are not, were not, and will never be Alt-Right.

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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #1

    We live in a society that tells you to be happy with what you see in the mirror. Doctors who say you need to lose weight are really just fat-shaming—body positivity is the most important thing . . . 


    Let me assert my thin privilege for a second and tell you some truth. We need to workout today because our culture is too soft. No matter what these perpetual victims tell you, we live in the easiest era in all of history. We workout an hour a day (or less) to try to be half the calibre of man our grandfathers were. Workouts are the perfect analogy to how you are going to handle difficult situations in life. When it gets hard are you going to quit? Or will you push through and reap the mental and physical benefits. Struggle truly makes the man.

    So Proud Boys, this is a call to arms. You can choose to be a soft, weak, useless male. Or you can embrace the struggle and make yourself mentally and physically tough.

    Without further ado, here is your first in a series of weekly workouts.

    WEEK 1

    7 rounds:

    • 7 pull-ups
    • 14 push-ups
    • 21 squats.

    Looks simple, right? Let’s breakdown each movement.


    Pull-ups are an essential movement for life. Ask yourself this: in an emergency, hanging from a ledge, do you have enough strength to pull yourself up to safety? You may laugh about this comparison, but I would be willing to bet my life savings that at least 40% of all adult males would not be able to successfully do one dead hang pull-up.

    Modifications for this one:

    Building up to pull-ups: jump up and do a flexed hang if you can, then slowly lower yourself back to the ground, repeating for the remaining reps.

    Want to be a badass? L-sit pull-ups will take this to the next level. Make sure you are going slow and controlled with this pace. Good form is a must.


    First thing I think of is an awesome Rocky montage where he is switching one-arm push-ups while Mickey is yelling at him. Push-ups are the ultimate old school machismo exercise. Simple. Effective. Brutal. Keep a 4/1/4 pace. 4 seconds down, pause a second, 4 seconds up.

    Modifications for push-ups:

    Beginners: Try different elevations. The higher up, the easier. Wall push-ups, bench push-ups, and so forth until you can do a standard one. Knee push-ups are for old ladies and don’t do shit. Avoid them like the plague.

    Show offs: Be like rocky, go to one-arm push-ups. Focus on a good width with your feet, this is mostly about body control. If you are off-balanced it will be nearly impossible. Another option will be explosive clapping push-ups, another Rocky favorite. Get as many claps in before you drop.


    The squat is king for a reason, it will focus on the largest muscle group of the body, but also activate the most muscles and make the body stronger overall. The squat is an anabolic movement, meaning by utilizing it, you will be building more muscle overall. Lastly, it’s going to help your “unit” rise to the occasion when it’s time to venerate your housewife. Squats boost testosterone and your libido. The benefits of squats can go on and on, bottom line, never miss leg day.


    Trouble with squats? Place a stool, chair or something else you can squat to, and drop it like it’s hot. That’ll give you a target and you can adjust the heights as you go.

    Want a challenge? Time to jump to do pistol squats (one-legged squats). This is a difficult movement, but the benefits are incredible.

    So, there you have it, boys. Try it out this week. For those regular lifters try this on an active recovery day or as cardio one day. The rest of you, incorporate it at least once in your week. Time yourself, write it down so you can see how you progress over time.  

    It’s time to go conquer your inner bitch.


    Follow Cam on Instagram @moderncaveman.55

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    5 Reasons Hunter S. Thompson Would’ve Been a Proud Boy

    Hunter S. Thompson—aka Mr. Gonzo, Dr. Gonzo, Raoul Duke—call the man what you will . . . but you’d have to call him a man.

    From his love of guns, partying, women, living off the land, undying patriotism, and an utter disdain for establishment elites, he was in every sense of the term: our guy. Hunter was a freelance journalist for magazines like Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone, and with their recent decline into the depths of liberal insanity there’s no doubt they would’ve turned their backs on him for the very beliefs that made him such a revolutionary figure. With that in mind, here are five reasons Hunter would’ve driven liberals insane by joining the Proud Boys.

    1 – GUNS, GUNS, GUNS

    Hunter’s love of firearms was never a secret. While the total number of guns he owned is hard to pin down, his farm in Woody Creek Co. contained .44 Magnums, 12-gauge shotguns, black snub-nosed Colt Pythons with beveled cylinders and .22 calibre mounted machine guns, just to name a few. Though the Proud Boys don’t have an official political party, many tend to lean right, which means the 2nd amendment is kind of a big deal. Given the left’s animosity towards law-abiding citizens wanting to own firearms, this would be a big selling point getting Hunter on our side.  


    As with the 2nd, the 1st amendment is near-and-dear to the hearts of both Hunter and the Proud Boys. While the left claims to be the party of freedom and expression of ideas, a quick peek at Antifa, and the liberal mainstream media’s reluctance to disavow them, is more than enough proof to the contrary. The late Larry Flynt had a great quote about free speech: “Freedom of speech doesn’t protect the speech you like; it protects the speech you hate.” With modern-day political hacks condemning any opposing view as either racist for the left or anti-American for the right, open discourse has never been more important.


    While you may have been hard-pressed to get Hunter to swap out his beloved Wild Turkey for a bottle of Maker’s Mark (the Proud Boys’ whiskey of choice) it wouldn’t have been nearly as difficult to convince him to hop in a convertible and head out to Vegas for a weekend of drinking with the boys. The only problem there would’ve been with having Hunter at WestFest would be trying to keep him from overdosing or tearing a hotel room to pieces. This might’ve been the Proud Boys’ biggest allure for the late great Mr. Thompson—our willingness to tip back a bottle and ride that liquid runaway train into the night.


    “Richard Nixon was a criminally insane monster—Bill Clinton is a black-hearted swine of a friend.” With quotes like these it isn’t a stretch to say Hunter didn’t give a fuck about either party. People who knew Hunter said that he always rooted for the underdog, and the establishment elite are far from that. Given his desire for government to stay the fuck out of people’s lives I’d say that the old guard wouldn’t stand a chance gaining Hunter’s vote. With Gary Johnson embarrassing the Libertarian party on a daily basis in the most recent election, that really only leaves one candidate who could win the “Gonzo” vote.


    What do you do if you wanna piss off your teachers, piss off your parents, piss off your friends, be ejected from polite society, and in all other ways be thought of as an untouchable miscreant? Vote for Donald Trump,” said Milo, at Louisiana State University, explaining why supporting Trump is the most punk rock thing you can do.

    Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame said Trump was “a political sex pistol,” “a joy to behold,” and even “a possible friend” when interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Those limey Brits . . . always a step ahead of us on what is truly counter-cultural.

    Trump was a brick in the window of the political elite, which I believe was the driving force to the formation of his base. That’s what a lot of Proud Boys love about him, and what Hunter surely would’ve loved about him as well. If you read Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, it seemed, at times, that Hunter got more enjoyment out of seeing political normies of the day squirm than he did out of seeing his own candidate gain ground on the increasingly worried elite. Well, what candidate made both parties more uncomfortable in recent memory than The Donald? There are plenty of Google search results out there that would try to convince you how much Hunter would have despised Trump, and in turn, hated the Proud Boys. But just like all the other fake news out there, if you have any knowledge of the subject at hand, their lies become increasingly funny and embarrassing at the same time.


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    PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #3

    Every Proud Boy is punk rock in spirit—whether they’ve never even listened to the Ramones or they used to panhandle for Colt 45s wearing a sleeveless Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt, a trihawk shaved into their head and a pet rat pooping on their shoulder. 

    A mix of brand new shit, slightly stale shit, and classic shit that’s evolved into magic mushroom-making manure, here are our top 10 tracks of the week from the wide world of punk. (Press pause when the Bandcamp ones finish unless you wanna hear the whole record.)

    LIQUIDS – Dumb As Fuck

    GG ALLIN – Don’t Talk To Me

    FATIGUE – Tunnel Vision

    CHAIN AND THE GANG – Deathbed Confession

    PEACH KELLI POP – Red Leather

    MESS FOLK – If I Don’t Get Out

    TONALS – Dreaming For Two

    VENOM – Red Light Fever

    THE COWBOYS – I Hope She’s OK



    PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #2

    PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #1


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    PROUD OF YOUR GIRL: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    If I were to tell you that one of Western Civilization’s most intelligent and outspoken advocates was a migrant from Africa, and a feminist, you probably would not believe me. Despite all the ridiculousness and cultish mentality of third-wave feminism and Islam, there are some birds of that feather whose feathers are too bright for them to be caged.

    I give you: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an immigrant from Africa who now lives in the US.

    Just like many other revered feminists; Hirsi Ali broke many rules and defied the accepted norms of her culture. She left her religion and embraced western culture with an open heart and open mind, and became a tremendous success as a writer and an outspoken politician and activist. She is the kind of immigrant that makes Western Civilization so great. Her story is one of unfathomable strife and is a testament to just how far staunch determination and ferocious iron will can take you in life. I don’t care how tough or how big you think you are—in comparison with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, you are a pussy.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia in 1967. Her father was an important political figure in Somalia who participated in the Somali revolution. During her earliest years her father was in prison and when she was five years old her genitalia was mutilated in the name of Muslim tradition. In 1977 her father escaped from prison and their family fled the country. They traveled around from Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia before finally settling in Kenya. During her time in Kenya she attended an English language school for Muslim girls. She often read and studied English literature growing up but was still highly invested in her religion.

    In 1992 Hirsi Ali fled to the Netherlands while visiting family in Germany in order to escape an arranged marriage. She was granted asylum and worked a number of short-term low wage jobs such as house cleaning and filing posts. Her thorough linguistic knowledge of six languages (English, Somali, Arabic, Swahili, Amharic and Dutch) soon landed her a job at a refugee center where she worked as a translator. She had always been an avid reader and she soon discovered Sigmund Freud who introduced her to the concept of morality without religion. Noticing the stark contrast between her native culture and that of the Netherlands, she set out to educate herself as to what made Dutch society so efficient and so great. She later graduated with a degree in political science from Lieder University.

    In 2002, just after September 11th attacks, Hirsi Ali renounced her faith in Islam. Soon she became an outspoken critic of Islam and made several appearances on radio and TV shows. Despite receiving countless death threats she refused to back down. She joined the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy; the Dutch Center-Right party. During her political campaign she spoke out against the Dutch welfare state’s complicity in turning a blind eye toward the abuse of Muslim women and girls in their society and in 2003 she won her seat in parliament. She later testified against her parents for genital mutilation despite knowing full well that they would be obligated to honor kill her afterwards. In 2007 she moved to the US and became a citizen where she could bestow the blessings of her knowledge upon us.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity in order to be who she is today. For this reason she is a staunch adversary of the “victim culture” in the west. She asserts that people that struggle against adversity in their lives come out as a strong survivors, not victims. She stated in an interview with David Rubin: “I happen to be black. I happen to be woman. I happen to be a minority in the United States and I happen to be an apostate… But none of that defines who I am. I am more than all of that and I most certainly don’t see myself as a victim.” On many occasions, before fleeing to the Netherlands, she was told that she would not be able to survive outside of her family and that she would become a whore on the streets. However; she flourished in society and became a respected author and public representative.

    Even though she is an apostate, a crime punishable by death in many Islamist nations, she is not anti-Muslim by any means. In a video by Prager University she claimed that she believed reform for her former religion is needed and possible with the right leadership. Unlike many third-wave feminists who turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against women in Islamist nations, Hirsi Ali has dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of these women that truly do face horrendous systematic oppression in their culture. She speaks out against the Universities that perpetuate the myths that western culture is dangerous, oppressive, and evil. She believes in the defunding of programs that teach these ideas.

    Having come from one of the least stable African nations in the world, she speaks out against the idea that universities teaching plays by Shakespeare, and books by authors like Mark Twain, is in some way dangerous. It’s not dangerous, and to think so is absolutely absurd. In her opinion academic institutions should have more classes that teach about Western Civilization and how it compares to other cultures in the world, as well as classes that teach individualism and the Constitution.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali came from a land rife with poverty and oppression but through her astounding intellect she learned how to speak six languages and saw past the lies of her family, friends and religion. She took it upon herself to learn about western philosophy, politics and culture and embraced them with an open heart and mind. She took full advantage of her right to freedom of expression granted to her and spoke out against the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Her words have been labeled as hate speech by many so-called progressives and they certainly merit her a death sentence in the Muslim world. Despite all of this she still has the guts to stand up for what she believes and is a phenomenal role model to both women and men all over the world.

    I think we can all agree in saying: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we are Proud of Your Girl!

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    Cultural Appropriation is Cool with Appropriated Cultures

    When I visited Morocco in April 2016 the primary goal of salesmen and street vendors was to get us to appropriate as much of their culture as possible. They were so relentless that at times I found myself yelling at them to go away because I had already appropriated enough woven sweaters, scarfs, knives, incense, colorful pants and everything else.

    Mexico is similar. All over Baja California in the city centers there are tourist shops eager to sell tourists whatever stereotypical aspect of the culture they want. Whether it’s a sombrero, a poncho, a sarape, Aztec carving, flag or whatever else. Mexicans are some of the friendliest people in the world and don’t have a problem at all with people adorning themselves with their cultural artifacts.

    People who get offended by cultural appropriation are just plain wrong.

    You may have heard discussions about cultural appropriation from various news sources like Vice or Buzzfeed. You may be familiar with some of the outrageous claims made by SJWs. You may have seen the videos about which Halloween costumes are offensive, how white people with dreadlocks or hoop earrings are stealing African culture, or that conservatives shouldn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo because it’s not their holiday.

    No matter what harmless thing they take issue with, the response is always guaranteed to be extremely petty and annoying. Not to mention outright fucking stupid. The fact that those offended claim to be advocates of multiculturalism is so ironic that it’s actually painful. It’s so ridiculous that it’s tempting to believe that they are a part of a conservative conspiracy to make people hate the left.

    There is something crucial that the offended and accused leave out of their arguments entirely and that is how other people of other cultures actually feel about cultural appropriation. I travel a lot, it is truly one of my greatest passions in life. I have been to 13 countries so far and plan on going to more. I can at least say that if other cultures did not want people to “appropriate” their clothing, hairstyle, jewelry or whatever then they probably would not put so much work into selling those things to tourists.

    People in other cultures are rarely—if ever—offended by people that want to appropriate their culture. If anything they are flattered that you are willing to dress up in their attire or do things their way. It’s not offensive to them even in the slightest. So why are there people in America that get so upset about it? I don’t have an answer for that. The only thing that I can think of is that these people are just ignorant of other cultures and people’s attitudes toward them.

    Cultural appropriation really is not appropriation at all. It’s really more like sharing aspects of culture. And it is something that should be celebrated, not frowned upon.

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    10 Suit Stereotypes Types to Avoid

    Looking great in a suit is about simplicity and honesty. Your shoes should match your belt. Black suits are only for weddings and funerals. And the rest is mostly confidence.
    The trend right now (if that matters) is slim, clean, single-breasted suits with thin lapels, skinny ties (tie width = lapel width), and patterns on patterns. Avoid pleats, brown shoes are more stylish than black, and you should own at least one sport coat. Also, pull your fucking pants up, guy. 
    Your suit reflects you and your values. Here are 10 types of guy you see in a suit store that you might want to avoid becoming.
    1 – THE TENT
    If your suit resembles a tarp, has Arsenio Hall shoulder pads, or the coat comes down to your knees, it means you’re old, generally speaking. A lot of guys who peaked in the 80s insist on this look.
    This is what a metrosexual fashion magazine will tell you is in right now. They will tell you to wear your suit skin-tight, short pants to show off your fancy socks or no socks at all. (How does that smell at the end of the day, Hansel?) The micro-point collar will accompany some kind of pink neon bow tie with yellow suspenders. Think: Pee-Wee Herman.
    NB: If you’re an eccentric multimillionaire—or on the way to becoming one—you can pull this off.
    There are rules. If the rules are not followed to the letter, then society will fall apart. Moms, wives, brides-to-be, and (strangely) guy friends often fall into this category. They were brought suit shopping as a second opinion (or a first opinion). They learned from their dad 15 years ago that yellow ties only go with blue shirts. They are brand-loyal. They need this chance to taste authority and no Suit Guy is going to take it away. Fashion is an art more than a science and as long as your belt matches your shoes, the rest is confidence.
    He is having fun, so you can fuck right off. He might be wearing a blue coat and black pants with running shoes, a crooked and very wide tie and bifocal sunglasses. He’s posted up at the buffet table and you’re not getting the last crab cake. I have no problem with this guy. He needs to impress exactly zero people.
    I learned a bit of swing dancing. I get it. Manhattan pinstripes (big, wide ones) look cool in the movies and the wallet-chain is totally practical and totally badass. The fedora probably doesn’t match the fucking huge suit. It’s a costume. These guys do rock pretty sweet shoes, though.
    These guys are like zoot-suit guys but they get laid more—and their suits fit. They combine the wallet chain, love of pinstripes and white shirts with black ties, and added: cocaine, hair gel, and obnoxious jewelry. Think: Jersey Shore or Growing Up Gotti.
    7 – THE KEN DOLL
    He is merely an extension of his woman’s will. A mindless blank canvas for her to express herself. A bride gets a pass on this one when dressing her groom because she’s the visual star of that particular show. But when you’re putting together a wardrobe to celebrate your promotion or you’ve been married for ten years, you should be able to decide if you like red or blue, and know what your pants size is. No one’s asking you to buy a subscription to GQ. But it’s demoralizing when you need your mom to pick out your shoes, or she scolds you because “you don’t like checked shirts, dummy.”
    I know, bro. I tried it too. We all do. It even looks OK sometimes. The problem is: you’re not Johnny Cash.
    His collection of exactly four stain-resistant suits (two navy, one grey, one brown) fit pretty well, he knows the difference between wool and viscose blends, he has backup suspenders in his trunk and he keeps his shoes polished. None of this is any fun for him.
    He’s actually got great suit game buried somewhere deep down inside but he kinda just doesn’t really care anymore because he hasn’t gotten a blowjob in four years, three months and seventeen days—and Linda’s pissed because he forgot to buy cilantro on the way home.
    10 – KIDS
    Normal well-adjusted adult men tend to avoid: red leather suits, Dumb and Dumber-orange tuxedos, all-camouflage suits (camouflage trim is ok), and any kind of casual clothing with a tie painted on. I once saw a student in his twenties wear a one-piece jumper tuxedo to a gallery opening. The gross middle-aged libs and kooky-cucky academics thought it was brilliant and fawned over him. I wanted to break his glasses and fuck his girlfriend.

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    PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK: Clark Camp Helps Victim of Hawaii Shooting

    When violence suddenly erupted in the world-renowned Waikiki area of Honolulu early Saturday morning, it was a Proud Boy who was first on the scene to help.

    Clark Camp, 28, of the Honolulu Proud Boys chapter was drinking in the Club Alley Cat bar when, according to witnesses, a man with a rifle fired 10 to 15 rounds into a crowd gathered outside the door. The gunman then fled in a large black SUV, leaving three wounded on the ground. As the crowd fled, Camp responded by applying pressure to the gunshot wound of the most seriously injured victim, 22-year-old Maleko Remlinger. For several minutes until paramedics arrived Camp kept Remlinger responsive and calm.

    Camp said, “I was out with another Proud Boy all night after our Friday meeting since he had to catch a flight early the next morning. He’d just left when the shooting started. The woman who was working the door of the establishment ran in yelling, ‘Shooting! Shooting!’”

    “The first thing I see is people screaming and scattering, just running each way. I actually heard some of the shots. It sounded like a small caliber. There was a guy face down in the bushes screaming in agony. I didn’t know if the shooter was still around but I helped the guy out of the bushes and on to his back.”

    Camp opened the victim’s shirt and saw he’d been hit below the ribs.

    Camp continued,

    “He was freaking out, but he wasn’t bleeding too badly so I thought he would be ok. We had a bystander call 911. I have no idea how long it took for the EMTs to show up but it felt like forever. I did my best to comfort him and make sure enough pressure was put on his gunshot wound. I went home and got a few hours of sleep and when I woke up I heard on the news that he had passed away in the hospital. That was a shock. It was rough knowing that the guy I was just with a few hours before was gone.”

    Remlinger was pronounced dead in the hospital. The other two victims are alive and at least one is expected to make a full recovery. Several people that knew Remlinger have said that they do not believe he knew his attacker. Witnesses report the shooter fired randomly and did not focus on one target.

    Clark Camp grew up on Maui and now resides on the island of Oahu. He is a proud Western chauvinist.

    On Sunday 18-year-old Jordan Smith was arrested in an apartment in the nearby McCully Street neighborhood connection with the slaying. He has since been charged with murder.

    Also arrested Sunday was 30-year-old Isaiah McCoy and Justin Purvis, 29 on unrelated warrants. All three men were apprehended by police in front of Club Alley Cat two days before the shooting for assaulting a woman on the street and attacking an Uber driver that intervened in that beating. Only Smith was arrested and was on supervised release when a man matching his description opened fire into a crowd gathered in the same place where he was recently arrested. Police describe the suspect in both crimes as having dark skin, being around 5’7, and having dreadlocks.

    Isaiah McCoy was a recent death row inmate in Delaware until his murder conviction was overturned for misconduct by the prosecution. A retrial resulted in an acquittal, after which McCoy moved to Hawaii.

    Smith had been in Hawaii less than a week before the violence in Waikiki. McCoy claims to have invited him as a way of setting him on the right path after getting in trouble in Delaware. In a statement to local news McCoy said he took away Smith’s video games and made him cut his hair as punishment for the assault arrest and that he is innocent of murder. When asked if Smith was at the scene of the crime McCoy would not deny Smith’s presence, instead only saying “Jordan Smith did not commit a murder in Hawaii.”

    McCoy continued, “The only thing that matters to them is sending another black man up the river, so to speak,” referring to the minority white Honolulu Police Department.

    Jordan Smith has plead not guilty to murder.

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