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    Portland Showdown in Photos

    Sunday, August 6, the Patriot Prayer group led by right wing blogger Joey Gibson of Vancouver, Washington, held a rally and march along Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Facebook event page read:

    “The more hatred we see the more we have to stand against it. The more threats that we get the more we have to come out to show no fear. The more people lie about us the more we have to show who we are.”

    Antifa showed up early and en masse, as was expected. And as they had promised in the many emails Gibson received (and shared publicly), they came with the intent to use violence. From the few physical encounters I personally witnessed they were the instigators, without a doubt. In fact today Gibson posted an email from Antifa after the march which read:

    “We’re done with the talk and yelling you saw us rush in and charge because we’re ready to stand tall We will crush you and your crew! John Beavers and David Fry already dropped out and many more will the only people sticking with you are the racists and bigots.”

    Curiously police were not in attendance, save for one van of riot officers a few hundred yards away and another one about 50 yards away with a walkie-talkie. Despite obvious assaults from the masked Antifa crowd, police never intervened until after the march, arresting one member of Antifa (I believe), and Tusitala “Tiny” Toese on disorderly conduct charges.

    The man with the sunglasses throwing the punch, and the other with the bandana on his face spent the majority of their time at the protest attempting to steal MAGA hats from people and then running away. In the first photo you see them trying to get the hat from a man with what I like to call “fuck you” arms. In the second photo you can see why I call them that.

    Antifa thugs pepper-spray a patriot unprovoked. The man gets up and confronts them.

    Patriot Prayer group leader Joey Gibson rallying people together to stress their anti-violence, only self-defense policy, while members of the Proud Boys give peace signs to the Antifa crowd screaming “nazi” at them.

    Proud Boys re-group at the front of the crowd in anticipation of Antifa, who are threatening to use pepper-spray again if they don’t leave. They didn’t leave.

    The megaphone, or as i like to call it “MAGAphone,” is wrapped in a plastic shopping bag which i can only assume is meant to prevent pepper-spray from getting inside. Antifa sure loves their pepper-spray.

    Somehow silly-string always comes out after the pepper-spray fails. A solid metaphor for how Antifa operates as a group: unorganized, ineffective, and straight-up silly.

    It never ceases to amaze me that something as simple as a man in a fresh-ass Fred Perry shirt standing silently in a public park can trigger 200 Portland kids simultaneously.

    After Tusitala “Tiny” Toese  was pepper-sprayed in an unprovoked attack, members of the Proud Boys retrieved an Antifa flag from one of the attackers, which was then left burning on the sidewalk as they marched on.

    Photos by Corey Kramer

    For more Corey follow CKpicturemakerofficial on Instagram

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    “You Want Bigots, Gavin???”: SPLC Rebuttal

    Some anonymous blogger at SPLC’s Hate Watch yelled at me from the shadows of the Internet. Is this how we discuss ideas in 2017? Someone yells at you in the dark and you have to defend yourself lest you end up on some ADL hate list that all but commands mentally ill antifa kids to stab you to death?

    OK, fine, I’ll bite. No, I do not want bigots in the Proud Boys. What’s your point? Your article lists a Jewish kid (you left that out) who got really into White Nationalism and anti-Semitism and left the group because we don’t support that. He’s moved on to whiter pastures but your point is we were a gateway drug? By what logic? Is the bus that takes him to these meetings also responsible for his journey? Skrewdriver were a White Power skinhead band that started as a punk band. Is punk now a gateway to Nazism? See? These are the kind of points you refute in high school but we’re forced to do it as adults because high school was too busy teaching you kids that Marxism rocks and America was built on hate. Your article even admits we disavow Nazis and expel them from rallies if they try to join. This is treated like a throwaway detail but the allegation is somehow also the backbone of your entire piece.

    I mentioned all this in the comments but SPLC deleted them because they’re not about free speech or truth or logic. They’re about shutting down the new Elk’s Lodge based on some random fear of a men’s club morphing into an evil army that murders everyone who isn’t like them. It’s a bizarre and paranoid hypothetical which seems like a real waste of time. There are plenty of real-life threats right before your eyes, SPLC. There is a race war going on in Southern California where Mexican gangs are MURDERING blacks based solely on the color of their skin. If you’re looking for racism, stick to real life victims such as Cheryl Green. If you’re looking for anti-Semitism, why not focus on the glorification of Sharia in modern liberalism? I was banned from DePaul because they thought I might be violent. Rasmea Odeh blew up two Israelis with a bomb and they held a fundraiser for her on campus.

    Your priorities are backwards. Fake alarmism may help donations in the short term but you’ve strayed so far from the truth, nobody takes you seriously anymore. You’re doomed and we’re the future. You’re about fear and deception and we’re about open, honest discussion. You’re about shame and we’re about pride. You’re anonymous and I’m Gavin McInnes.

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    Support Trump? See You in Hell!

    Did you know supporting Donald Trump is now considered a sin if you’re Catholic?

    Visions of mass destruction in biblical-proportions haunt the dreams of Pope Francis II as he stirs through the night in his gold-trimmed bed. At the center of it all is one man . . . the Big “D”: Donald Trump.

    An article published in the highly influential, Rome-based Jesuit Journal “La Civilà Cattolica” follows with suspicious foreboding a “strange form of surprising ecumenism . . . between Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists” developing in the United States in an effort to establish right-wing political influence.

    In the article, two of Pope Francis’ close colleagues accused religious leaders close to the POTUS’ administration of possessing a “Manichean vision”—a warlike philosophy that views the world as one giant eternal conflict between absolute good vs. absolute evil, and light vs. darkness.

    Yes, the POTUS may well be getting his ears filled with “Christian-Evangelical fundamentalist principles dating from the beginning of the 20th Century that have been gradually radicalized.” By God! The man probably thinks he is a crusader hell-bent on fighting the enemies of God by now . . .

    The foreboding tone throughout the article gives a sense that we’re being briefed for the rise of a heretical and dangerous and imminent neo-religious nationalism: “The panorama of threats to their understanding of the American way of life have included modernist spirits, the black civil rights movement, the hippy movement, communism, feminist movements and so on. And now in our day they are the migrants and the Muslims.

    Popin’ ain’t easy.

    They write that these religious zealots, these Manichean savages, apparently believe that “whatever pushes toward conflict is not off limits.”

    The article echoes the avowedly left-wing liberal policies and statements issued by Pope Francis II. Hilarious memes abounded during the 2016 Election cycle when the Pope issued statement after statement in support of ridiculous left-wing social policies.

    Slowly but surely the Pope ate the leaven of the left and gorged himself with the vanity of their virtue-signaling. The Pope’s public stance on nearly all major ‘moral’ social issues; abortion, immigration policy, Muslims, and LGBT rights, all decidedly fall on the leftist side of the political spectrum. Deal Hudson, former Catholic Outreach Director for the Republican National Committee, openly admitted that many in the Catholic Church “were pulling for Hillary Clinton.”

    The article, written by the Jesuit contributors of “La Civilà Cattolica” is a perfect window into the doctrinal mind of the leftist-establishment Catholic Papacy. They find ways to twist and mangle the narrative, always casting blame on Trump and conservative America, in typical CNN fashion. “The erosion of religious liberty is clearly a grave threat within a spreading secularism. But we must avoid its defense coming in the fundamentalist terms of a ‘religion in total freedom,’ perceived as a direct virtual challenge to the secularity of the state.” That’s the kind of language they use to defend against the open practice of religion by its leaders in America.

    It’s fascinating to see pro-Christian leaders like Bush, Reagan, and Trump, slandered by Jesuits in lieu of pseudo-historic facts and doctored doctrinal discourses. The document may well indeed be our first glimpse at the Catholic Church attempting to turn leftist-inspired anti-Trump rhetoric into theological language. And the allegiance of the left and the Vatican may well be a perfect match. The hypocrisy, the false virtue-signaling of moral authority, the witch hunts, the inquisitions—it all adds up too perfectly.


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    A feminist vegan café is trying to tackle ‘gender pay gap’ by charging men 18% more

    A VEGAN café in Melbourne has introduced a MAN TAX to close the “gender pay gap”.

    Women will also get priority over seating along with the 18 per cent hike on men’s tabs at Handsome Her.

    Run by feminist Alex O’Brien, she is aiming to highlight the sexist ‘gender pay gap’ by being sexist towards men.

    Owner Alex O’Brien told Broadsheet website: “I do want people to think about it, because we’ve had this (supposed pay discrepancy) for decades and decades and we’re bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds.

    “I like that it is making men stop and question their privilege a little bit.”

    What an idiot. This ridiculous gimmick is just the latest piece of idiocy from the privileged Western feminist camp.

    Using “gender-based hatred as a business model”, as one The Sun commenter described it, is not going to go well for them, and by charging men a “premium”, which we’ve always had to do anyway, in many ways, is just stupid.

    The only thing these feminists are doing is drawing attention to the fact that they are not very bright, by insulting half of their potential customer base, another commenter said.

    James Kent said: “Women choose less dangerous and lower paying jobs. Factoring that in, they are actually paid MORE than men. also have an on the job mortality 12 times LESS than men.”

    Another, Gavin Snyder, suggested: “The men that frequent the establishment (if there will be any left) should simply say they “identify” as female.  Let’s see what the cafe owner does with that.”

    Commenter GL7 posted: “Somebody over there should sue them – just imagine a man did this – the feminist outcry would be very loud…way too much attention they receive from media too. Discriminating men is totally accepted in today’s world.”

    Read more of this hilarity on The Sun’s website.

    A group has also started up to boycott the sexist eatery.



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    UPDATE: Employee Who Questioned Google’s Diversity Policy Fired

    The author of the controversial Google memo has just been fired. CEO Sundar Pichai stated: “Portions of the memo violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”
    Pichai’s statement is emblematic of the bigger issue: the left’s mission to end speech that they disagree with—under the now diluted, and therefore meaningless, umbrella term, hate speech. No matter how right somebody may be, it is the job of the Great Social Justice Machine to eliminate any little thing that gets in its warpath. Although the memo writer’s opinion was controversial for the left, it has received much praise from the right. To many on the right, the firing has been perceived as a strictly political move.
    This is bad press for the company and I predict that their stock may temporarily sink as a result. Bad press tends to have that effect, after all. Google is a company that markets itself as all-inclusive and a promoter of diversity. Their actions here do not accurately present that image.
    It now looks like Google deserves an award nomination for Cuck of the Week given their outstanding efforts in their fight to unintentionally ruin the private tech sector while running those with non-leftist opinions underground.
    For more from Charles visit frontrowreview.com and follow @realFrontRow
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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Ride Through Islamberg

    This was our trip to Islamberg:

    On July 15, Proud Boy Magazine went on a Ride for National Security, organized by Everything Patriot, which took us through Islamberg, a campground in Hancock, New York, alleged to have ties with the terrorist organization Jamaat al Fuqura. The group Muslims of American (MOA) has been fingered in FBI documents as a front for Jamaat al Fuqura, and lists Islamberg as its headquarters.

    One month before the ride a man with ties to Islamberg was arrested with a storage locker full of military-grade weapons, raising eyebrows and causing MOA to cancel their protest. This Ride for National Security was advertised as peaceful, and organizers reached out to MOA to join us. MOA would not comment and ordered the people in Islamberg not to speak with the press.

    The event went as planned and was undoubtedly peaceful. Segregation does not work in the United States and should be defied. Separation of Church and State is something this country has always stood for and helps make us who we are. “No-go zones,” like the ones that exist in Europe, need to be brought to the public’s attention.

    Extreme leftist publications like the Daily Beast and the Outline have slandered the July 15th ride, going so far as to ignore FBI documents linking Islamberg leaders to Jamaat al Fuqura. They’ve called concerned members of the public “terrorists” for daring to enter the no-go zone. Our endeavor was nothing but peaceful. Americans are allowed to have questions. Americans are allowed to use common sense, and disagreeing is the most American thing we can do. When you tell an American “this is a no-go zone”—we go there. And that’s what July 15, 2017, was all about.

    For more information on Islamberg go to The Clarion Project and Ryan Mauro.

    Follow Pawl on Twitter @PawLBaziLe

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    Google Employee Commits Thought Crime, Questions Diversity Policy

    The most recent cause of leftist hysteria was sparked by a memo written by a Google employee who sincerely tried to explain why there aren’t as many women in the tech industry as there are men. CNN’s report, however, did not give that impression—big surprise. Their video characterized the author as sexist and insisted that the memo is misaligned with the fight for equality.

    The fight for equality? Why is it one of the left’s big missions to socially engineer equality? What they don’t realize is that no matter how many curls Rosie the Riveter plows through she will always have a difficult time keeping up with men physically. An argument that the left avoids is that men take on more physically demanding and dangerous jobs. They never seem to complain that there aren’t enough women working in jobs like construction because of hiring bias.     

    Google employee takes nap, dreams of a more diverse world.

    Complaints are common in terms of hiring disparities between the sexes in white-collar jobs, in spite of research showing that sexism is not the issue. An Australian study found that “assigning a male name to a candidate made them 3.2 percent less likely to get a job interview. Adding a woman’s name to a CV made the candidate 2.9 percent more likely to get a foot in the door.”

    Restricting this idea to STEM jobs (science, tech, engineering, and mathematics), another research study found that women are twice as likely to be hired for tenure-track STEM university faculty positions. And to think the Democrats accuse the Republicans of being ‘anti-science’—now that’s the kicker!

    Instead of proving or disproving any points made by the memo’s author, CNN simply stated the need for diversity while vilifying the author. In actuality the writer of the memo wasn’t even ragging on diversity. He was just making the point that Google promotes diversity even when it interferes with company progress.

    The first line of the memo reads, “I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.” CNN completely ignores this, which, of course, allows them to perpetuate their virtue-signalling, fact-oblivious narrative. CNN’s segment is therefore just another piece of lefty propaganda. It provides a cheap excuse to press two hot-button leftist issues: sexism and diversity. Maybe—just maybe!—if they focused on being honest about the issues that Americans actually cared about, the Democrats might have a chance at winning an election in the future. But I don’t see the Vegas odds being in favor of them changing their approach.

    Naps, slides. Is this kindergarten?

    CNN took the memo’s writer out of context to spin him as sexist. I felt that the memo was well-worded, balanced, and, last but not least, NOT sexist. To look at it as some discouraging right-wing opinion is to look at it without any intellectual honesty. And it ultimately proves the memo writer’s point: that the effect of unmitigated left-wing bias is fact-blindness.

    The CNN host’s first point against the memo was, “You need diversity because, Hello? Equality. It’s 2017.” That’s not a very substantial point. But what do you expect from a fake news station that gets beaten out in ratings by a channel that plays reruns of Full House for two hours in a row. She then continued to assert that research shows a “more diverse team equals higher profits and better products.” What she failed to mention was the type of diversity. Did the studies look into sex? Ideology? Religion? Diversity can be a very broad term, and without the specifics there is no proper way of objectively analyzing the findings of those studies.

    To CNN’s credit, the guest responded by saying that, “You need diversity of mindset when it comes to engineers for building great products.” But again, the memo’s writer is not against diversity. He even stated that “neither side is 100% correct and both viewpoints are necessary for a functioning society or, in this case, company.” There: he clearly states that he is in support of a diversity of mindset.

    The left pushes the perception that women are treated and valued less than men in the workplace, but the Pew Research Center contradicts that finding. Pew found that 77% of people do not care if their coworkers are male or female. Of those that did, 16% preferred men, and 6% preferred women. If those numbers are an accurate representation of the opinions in the workforce, it does not really look like people care about the sex of their coworker. My guess is that people just want to work with people who they can get along with regardless of their sex. 

    Google’s VP of Diversity, Integrity and Governance (read: Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief) delivered a statement regarding the memo where he disavowed it because he “found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender” and that “it’s not a viewpoint that [he] or [Google] endorses, promotes or encourages.” He seems to be appeasing those who are the loudest for the sake of public relations.

    The market likes options. And people do not like having to fear that they or those that they follow will be censored, so there is definitely room for more social media sites to be developed. We could use more competition against the big wigs: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google. They uphold values that aren’t necessarily reflected by all their users. Maybe users should switch over to more pro-free speech social media sites like Gab who’ve actually been very generous to the Google employee who wrote the memo.  

    For more from Charles visit frontrowreview.com and follow @realFrontRow


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    PROUD BOY MOVIE CLUB: Revenge of the Nerds

    Certain movies every man should seesome he should know by heart.

    These are the movies featured by the Proud Boy Movie Club. Some films are watched anew with virgin eyeballs. Others we’ve seen a dozen times. Either way we encourage you to watch or rewatch these films as they are clearly marked on the syllabus for the course you may or may not be aware that you’re taking: Compulsory Manhood 101. Expect to see them on the final! (Exam date TBA.)

    This week’s movie: REVENGE OF THE NERDS

    Rating: R

    Genre: Comedy

    Director: Jeff Kanew

    Writers: Jeff Buhai, Tim Metcalfe, Miguel Tejada-Flores, Steve Zacharias

    Theatrical Release Date: August 10, 1984

    Runtime: 161 Minutes


    Ever since cave-nerds had their lunch pebbles snatched by cave-bullies, the ancient battle between jocks and nerds has raged like a bonfire roasting a freshly killed woolly mammoth. Those who won’t leave others alone vs. those who want to be left alone—exactly like today’s politics.

    In their freshman year at the fictional Adams College, a gang of nerds and misfits, led by Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards), are kicked out of their dormitories by the football fraternity Alpha Betas, who burnt their own place to the ground while partying. Coach Harris (John Goodman) then relegates the nerds to live in the gymnasium like disaster relief victims while they are summarily rejected by all the other fraternities on campus during its Rush Week.

    Sick of their living situation, sick of being oppressed by the jocks, the nerds end up finding a house on their own and make steps toward forming a chapter of the fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda.

    It’s a story of picking yourself back up after getting beat down. Underdogs à la max. Revenge of the Nerds is about deciding for yourself who you are, rather than letting people tell you who you are. Then: building some pride around that identity.

    And they look good while doing it. It’s 1984. We’ve got short-shorts. We’ve got afros. “We’ve! Got! Bush!” (NSFW) We’ve got everybody from the studliest stud to the dweebiest dweeb lookin’ fly as hell. In the vein of Animal House, all the best elements of a classic college comedy are here: babes, togas, kegs, pot, pranks, y’know, the usj.

    This movie runs on stereotypes like an old truck runs on diesel. It’s a totally political correctness-free zone with all races and orientations taking some healthy ribbing, from the Asian computer nerd to the gay black queen to the milky white milquetoasts. But they’re brothers first and first mostly. A major takeaway is the fact that political correctness hurts jokes which hurts the ability to be bros—and you can’t be bros without hurting each other just a little bit, bro.

    The story aligns itself with our own Proud Boy fraternity if you watch it wearing your PBGs (Proud Boy Goggles). Like the Proud Boys, the nerds of Delta Delta Delta start a fraternity for two reasons: fun and as a reactionary defense. The predatory nature of ’80s jocks, and today’s Social Justice Warriors, makes fraternal organizations like theirs and ours the way to go. Back in the ’80s the bullies may have been athletic jocks while academic nerds were the victims. But now the bullies on campus are the SJWs, and conservatives are the new nerds under constant being harassment. That doesn’t even include off-campus. How many jobs and friends and relationships and lives in general have been destroyed or soured by the virtue-signalling/crusading/pillaging Left?

    To steal the idiotic phraseology of the Left in slogans like, WE ARE TRAYVON . . .  well, WE ARE NERDS!

    At the end of the movie when Gilbert and Lewis steal the microphone from the jocks and declare in front of the entire student body that they’re nerds and proud of it, people trickle out of the woodwork and come down to join them in solidarity, proclaiming that they themselves are nerds, too. 

    I’m a fag for this scene and will invariably shed a tear every time I watch it . . . like a big, fat nerd.

    For proof of Greg’s nerdliness follow him on Twitter @realGregPike

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    Proud Boy of the Week: Ben Shapiro

    There are some things that you just shouldn’t do.

    If you’re a far-left Armenian Genocide denier whose name begins with a ‘C’—debating Ben Shapiro happens to be one of those things.

    But sometimes, like touching a hot stove, the best way to learn is to just do it. The host of the Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, did exactly that.

    During Politicon, a conference on all things politics, Cenk Uygur had an hour-long debate with Ben Shapiro.

    Going into the debate, Cenk almost seemed like Donald Trump in the way that he played the underdog, up against someone that everyone around him felt was going to win. But unlike Trump, Cenk failed miserably and made himself a laughing stock.

    If you haven’t seen the debate yet, you can watch it here (NO WANKS WARNING):

    Ben Shapiro absolutely annihilates Cenk.

    Cenk continually refuses to fully answer questions from Shapiro, while Shapiro continually tears through his weak arguments.

    If you haven’t seen the entire debate, be sure to watch it right away.

    This is my favourite point of the entire debate:

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