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    PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #4

    Every Proud Boy is punk rock in spirit—whether they’ve never even listened to the Ramones or they used to panhandle for Colt 45s wearing a sleeveless Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt, a trihawk shaved into their head and a pet rat pooping on their shoulder. 

    A mix of brand new shit, slightly stale shit, and classic shit that’s evolved into magic mushroom-making manure, here are our top 10 tracks of the week from the wide world of punk. (Press pause when the Bandcamp ones finish unless you wanna hear the whole record.)

    DAVID NANCE – Negative Boogie

    NEGATIVE APPROACH – Can’t Tell No One

    SLEEPIES – Barf Haus

    THE SHITLICKERS – The Leader (of the Fuckin’ Assholes)

    ESCØRT – Fuck Me Hard

    WRATH – Warlord

    GLUE – Hunger

    THE MOB – Witch Hunt

    ISS – The Gov’t Is After Me

    FRANTIX – My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic


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    Proud Boy in Hellas

    Being born and raised in Queens, New York is swell but does that alone makes you worldly? I mean yes it’s the biggest melting pot in the world as far as the variety of people packed in here, but does it matter? It doesn’t matter. You can eat all the Tikka Masala and Pad Thai you want but have you been to India or Thailand? Cuisine and language are a vital and necessary part of the package that makes culture. The problem is, culture is a precise recipe that has to be perfect. If not it wouldn’t be authentic nor would it work. Like any real good learning experience I got my hands dirty and started out young. My first real culture shock started at the age of 4 or 5 years old. I spent that summer abroad in Greece. I wasn’t in Athens, the capital and most populated city in Greece, I was in a tiny mountain village in Olympia, 4-5 hours away by car from Athens. I mean it when I say I got my hands dirty. I’m 32 years old and I’ve been back and forth almost as many times. Aside from a handful of funerals it’s all been in the name of vacation for me. To me it was normal, I’m American but at the same time a tiny piece of me could almost identify as being a Greek (National) also. It was either a hot & humid summer in & out of bodegas of the 5 boroughs or a hot & dry summer in the mountains of western Greece.

    St. George 2017

    I got to hold onto two different identities that rarely if ever collided. They rarely collided because it didn’t matter, growing up in America for me meant no division. We have always been equal here and I never felt different being different because of the welcome I have always felt in this country. Yes they made fun of my foreign name a bit but it was more my weight that got poked at. Racism wasn’t a taboo growing up, it was part of our humor as well. I spent a lot of time with a butt buddy who had a Colombian family, in fact I nearly went to Colombia if not for the violent Narco-Terrorism going on. We coexisted even though both of our cultures existed on different sides of both the equator and ocean.

    Western Greece

    I’m still in shock, the red pill is still digesting in my stomach, It’s been sitting in there since I ate it circa 2001. Not only does my heart ache over this but it also burns. “Saturday Night Live” opened my eyes up to the media narrative. I had no choice but to notice, trust me I hate politics. They constantly made fun of the president. At that time it was George W. Bush, like him or not, sketch comedy shows aren’t the place to make political judgements. He was the president of the United States which is kind of a big deal so I started paying attention a little bit, I started to notice the trend. I never saw anything Hollywood that promoted the right, not even close, they were always poking fun at the right instead. After a while it became clear to me – only a racist fool would actually be a republican. Up until recently in my life I could never really lean to one side. My ideas fell into both sides, democratic and republican . So any extreme side wasn’t for me. I always tried to play it neutral for safety.

    Hellas 2017

    Playing it cool is something I have always been good at. When I was younger, around 10 years ago I went to Mexico with a friend of mine. We went to Cancun for about a week, the first night there I realized that I have to get us off the tourist section for as much time as possible. I realized the hotel is great for the hangover and rejuvenation but as far as any real culture goes I wasn’t sitting in beautiful Mexico surrounded by corny tourists with sunblock on their noses. My friend didn’t speak much Spanish, good thing for me was I knew just the right amount. I wanted to eat real Mexican food and party with real Mexicans in a real neighborhood, something that most people try to stay away from. After some smooth word manipulation I convinced my friend to hop on the bus and leave the resort with me. We didn’t go that far, less than an hour but we might as well have been in the fucking Congo at that point. I believe we passed by the city of Cancun, El Centro is what the locals called it. We drove for another 30-45 minutes to a small town with basically zero sight of tourism. Concierge specifically told us to stay away from anything that wasn’t local or sanctioned by the resort. What I failed to mention to my travel buddy was the fact that Quintana-Roo (the state of Mexico I was in) was in a drug war. It didn’t phase me because I knew that Mexico is always in a fucking drug war, so what difference does it make? I might’ve been a little wrong. As we ate our holy Mole Poblano, cops were outside driving up and down the blocks in white pick-up trucks wearing black masks and holding assault rifles. My friend wasn’t thrilled with that. Cops hiding their faces is a good sign that your safety is beyond questionable. Nobody likes to see that shit. I calmed him down with more tequila and some good food. It went on to be a spotty but memorable night, especially since we didn’t die. We drank with really poor Mexicans, half the people didn’t even have shoes on but I’ll never ever forget that taste of real Mexico. Nor will I forget the insane amount of cocaine-free alcoholism I endured to suppress the logical fear brewing in my head. You know, the old school style of drinking, where you just drink and drink with zero help. I wasn’t just suppressing fear of my own demise, I was trying to distract my pal as well. He was coming up with his own bright ideas of whats going to happen to us as well. Mostly illustrating Pablo Escobar or Joaquin Guzman style executions followed by uncontrollable drunk laughter. I knew the resort wasn’t going to show me real Mexico but with my own two feet and cold hard cash I got as intimate as I could with Mexican culture for a couple nights. During my days I even trekked into the jungle and swam in cenotes.

    Pyrgos 2017

    The amount of time I spent in Mexico might as well have been seconds compared to my time in Greece. If you add up all the time in Greece it’s probably equivalent to few years, the difference was the condition of the two countries. On its worst day Greece is paradise compared to Mexico as far as crime goes. I don’t have any family in Mexico or else I might’ve been lucky enough to absorb some real Mexican culture like actually staying in a regular town nowhere near a beach resort. Next time I go I plan on staying with a local on his ranch. He told me there is a rifle by every door just incase. Now I feel much safer, not.

    Western Greece 2017

    To really see how another civilization/culture gets by and how they function takes time. For example, If you pay attention to sanitation schedules. You wonder about the size of the trucks they use and what time of the day they work. All the “small” things add up. Culture is surely affected by government, especially in such an old place like Greece, the fargin birthplace of western civilization. These things are a part of a city’s lifeline that contributes to one common goal and that is keeping a city running healthy. A healthy city produces a healthy culture. My point from before, time, you need a lot of it to start noticing things like that. What about basic taxes on physical items and services? What items are being taxed and why? These questions won’t answer themselves, especially if you’re only in town for 5 days.

    Western Greece 2017

    Compared to Mexico, in Greece I had a lot of downtime, enough real time to really be engulfed in their culture. Enough time to not only be comfortable with my environment but to live it like it’s normal. Generally in pretty much every home kitchen I’ve seen, women leave the food out all day rather than refrigerate it. You’d all think that this means food poisoning but aside from one or two stomach aches that could’ve been caused by 100 variables, I never had a problem with this. I’ve eaten food cooked by indigenous Mexicans in the Yucatan Jungle so that wasn’t going to phase me.

    Western Greece 2017

    The supermarket was a 45 minute drive down the mountain which wasn’t too far but then again the townspeople are currently too poor to constantly be taking shopping trips. Filling up carts at Costco doesn’t exist, its mostly the bare necessities, not to mention the price of gas is about $8 per gallon. To say the least the option to order Chinese food is out. People here are living paycheck to paycheck, for most there is no extra money to throw around. That means paying attention to every Euro spent.

    Western Greece 2017

    Try not to pay attention as to why and pay more attention to what. There are many factors involving the Greek meltdown, you can blame the people, you can blame the government or you could blame the European Union. I’m not an expert on that, I’m more focused American culture vs the rest of the world or in this case Greece.

    Kafenio, Western Greece 2017

    Even their weird sleeping patterns are something to be closely examined. Oddly enough, it coincides with their sporadic eating habits as well. For the most part their food is healthy, especially in small doses, but it isn’t that simple. They’ll eat a light breakfast, work then lunch right before they take a nap into the late afternoon. I kid you not they even close their businesses while they sleep. After the late nap it usually turns into a late dinner before falling asleep again. Now maybe this isn’t every citizens lifestyle but I assure you it is the majority. Could you imagine a business closing down for a month because everyone went on vacation? That’s not very business oriented. Life comes first in Greece. They truly work to live, they don’t live to work like us. I understand why but at the same time I also see how limiting that can be to growth and prosperity.

    Western Greece 2017

    The majority of the village, made up of barely 100 people, gets income from either olives, animal feed, meat, milk, grapes or other produce. As hard as farming and working the land can be it also provides a lot of down time which brings us to Greek table habits. While we complain everyday that we are bored and can’t figure out what activity to tackle, those people sip on coffee or an ouzo and gossip about whatever minimal drama that might be going on in the small village. The lifestyle is so far from New York City that it might as well be Mars. The speed of life is 2 full steps back. When all the news is old, when all jokes are told and all the laughs have dried up with the water. Living in such a rural area can really stir up your wonder. It makes you more curious about the details you never considered big and small, important or irrelevant. I really think that this curiosity, pondering how and why we live so differently at the same point in time is the reason I still exist. I love the USA even more because of this drastic difference in lifestyle. Every time I leave I’m reminded of my home, my privilege, my American privilege. I love Greece but without the USA to show me why, I don’t think I would know how to love.

    Dairy Equipment, Western Greece 2017

    I believe that a culture can be preserved perfectly down to the very last detail when left in its country of origin. The problem I believe is once you take the culture away from it’s origin it slowly starts to bleed. It slowly starts to die. If a new population whatever size doesn’t actively practice language, cuisine and traditions, it’s original culture would definetly die. The great thing about the United States of America is that fact that although we all naturally assimilate we also still get to keep our culture. All neighborhoods change eventually, people spread out to different places and usually a culture will decay in most cases. In the United States there are never any roadblocks in preserving culture, assimilaton might dilute it a bit but the culture will still thrive. We have always been accepting of all cultures and I personally never saw otherwise. Only in the recent decade has the media set up the story of racism in America. It’s totally a crock of shit.

    Zakynthos 2017
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    YouTube’s Five Best Red-Pillers

    Them youngsters these days sure get a lot of their news from social media and YouTube. As the mainstream media shrivels closer to death every day, YouTubers only increase in popularity. Some individual YouTubers have more viewers than entire traditional mainstream media outlets. These YouTubers are perhaps the most vital part of the conservative movement in America, and they have successfully red-pilled a lot of people.

    Here are five of YouTube’s best red-pilled content creators whose videos will keep you sharp and informed.


    Jordan Peterson, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Toronto, began making videos of his lectures three years ago. In November 2016 he became famous for his ferocious opposition to Canada’s Bill C-16, which would require professors to use the preferred, even made-up, pronouns upon a student’s request. Since then hundreds of videos have emerged of him lecturing on Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism.

    Few men understand the origins and thought processes of leftists better than Jordan Peterson. He is currently the number one requested podcast guest of all time. He has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast thrice, including once with Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein—all of which I highly recommend. Peterson is an excellent speaker, and he does an excellent job of outlining and explaining the philosophical and psychological forces behind the Alt-Left. Google once disconnected his account for violating its terms and conditions. And he won it back, which is a pretty solid indicator that he’s fighting the good fight and can’t be stopped. He is number one on this list for a damn good reason. If you’re a fan of Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, or if you just want to understand some more about the general history and philosophy of the far-left, then Jordan Peterson is your man.


    You’ve probably never heard anyone speak with an accent quite as unique as Stefan Molyneux’s. He spent a lot of time all over the former British Colonies, and his mouth is bizarre combination of Irish, English, Canadian, South African, and American. Despite his odd tongue, the man is a phenomenal speaker and one of the most profound philosophical voices on the right. His podcast Freedomain Radio discusses everything from politics to more personal issues. When it comes to debating the left, Molynuex is happier than a pig in shit.

    His book The Art of the Argument is a great learning tool for those of us that love Western Civilization and want to make solid arguments against the left. His philosophical thought process is enmeshed with logic, and he articulates his thoughts so well that he absolutely annihilates his opponents in debate. If you want to improve your understanding of your own political ideology, as well as your debating skills, then you need to subscribe to his channel.



    Having had his videos put into a limited state, been kicked off of Twitter, and been highly censored on Facebook, Sargon of Akkad may be the most censored YouTuber identifying as a center-left classical liberal. Despite that, he is highly critical of the Alt-Left and dedicates entire videos toward exposing the lunacy behind their movement.

    Sargon, a political commentator from the UK, discusses details of current events that the mainstream media usually fails to bring up. He also has a podcast called The Thinkery where he interviews people about politics and current events. When it comes to current events, Sargon does his homework and is highly analytical. He exposed BAMN for the cult they are and he has a wonderful show called This Week in Stupid where he discusses current ridiculousnesses, redonkulousities, and general jibber-jabberries, espoused by the radical left.

    When Sargon says he is a classical liberal, he means it—standing by all the fundamental rights of Western Civilization and the values of Western Culture. Sargon is not only well-informed, but also outrageously funny. His videos are characterized with a lovely sense of British humor. So if you’re ever in the mood to watch something funny and intelligent, then Sargon of Akkad is probably your best bet.


    Matt Christiansen is perhaps the least well-known YouTuber on this list. Unlike the previous YouTubers, which all have well over 300,000 subscribers, Christiansen has only about 84,000 (which is still a lot, relatively speaking). He does a live weekly podcast every Sunday night where he discusses the week’s affairs. He also makes videos in which he talks about individual incidents pertaining to politics and culture.

    Christiansen has an incredible gift for condensing complex situations into simple terms. Most of his videos are under 15 minutes, making them quick and easy to watch. Like Sargon, Christiansen’s videos are both informative and funny at times, and he does a phenomenal job of calling out leftist hypocrisy and dishonesty. One of the best things about him is that he is accessible to viewers. If you want to say something to him you can just send a tweet his way and he will likely respond. I highly recommend Matt Christiansen if you like informative and concise videos about current issues, and if you want to help support a little guy on his way to the top.


    If you’re like me and you spend a lot of time watching YouTubers to keep up with current events, then sometimes you may feel like you’ve run out of videos to watch. This is never the case with Styxhexenhammer666. Styx looks like a straight-up metalhead. He has long hair and wears a black leather jacket with no shirt on underneath. Don’t let his appearance fool you though, the man is brilliant. He doesn’t really need to edit his videos because he’s able to just rattle off whatever is going through his mind without even stopping to take a breath.

    Styx uploads multiple videos everyday discussing breaking news. He’s an excellent alternative to the mainstream media because he doesn’t try to twist the story at all—he simply sticks to the facts and relevant details. He’s extraordinarily thorough in his political analyses, and explains the implications of events transpiring in the political world with a fully contextualized understanding. You can find him on virtually every social media platform, including BitChute, Gab, and Minds. If you’re the kind of person who really loves keeping up with current events, and you want to know exactly what’s going today, then Styx is your guy.

    There are far too many fantastic YouTubers working in the alternative media to be included on this short list. So here are some honorable mentions: David Rubin, Glink, Lauren Southern, the Red Elephants, Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, Atheism-is-unstoppable, and philosophyinsights.

    Follow James on Twitter @JamesCMcilnay

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    VIDEO: African MPs attack each other with chairs in parliament melee

    A HILARIOUS mass brawl has broken out two days in a row in the Ugandan Parliament — over a squabble to remove the presidential age limit.

    Opposing sides of the house seem to disagree as the current president is 73-years-old.

    It would be great if this happened more often in our Western democracies. It’s sheer entertainment. In-house fighting would add a whole new dimension to politics.

    Behold, the chaos ensuing in the heart of this beautiful African democracy.


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    PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK – NFL’s Alejandro Villanueva

    By now you’ve probably heard of Pittsburgh Steelers starting left tackle Alejandro Villanueva, who found himself smack dab in the middle of America’s latest politically correct debacle. Last Sunday, he refused to stay in the locker room with the rest of his team during the national anthem and instead chose to honor the United States.  

    Villanueva became an overnight celebrity as masses of NFL fans are becoming increasingly disgusted with the prevalence of anthem-kneeling. Admiration for him grew as people learned of his incredible military career, having served three tours in Afghanistan, earning numerous commendations—including a Bronze Star and promotions up the ranks to company executive officer.

    Villanueva’s accomplishments in his journey to the NFL are impressive as his service on the battlefield. Alejandro’s father, Ignacia, was a Spanish Navy officer working for NATO. Alejandro was born in Mississippi, but spent time in Rhode Island, Spain, and eventually went to SHAPE, a high school for American military children in Belgium. It was there that he played football for the first time.

    His 6’9” stature helped him get noticed by college football recruiters. But it was actually one of Villanueva’s friends from his days at SHAPE who ended up telling Army Black Knights coaches of his giant friend. As word spread, Villanueva decided to enroll at West Point to play tight end for the Black Knights. In his sophomore year he was moved to defensive end and played mostly as a backup. Coaches again moved Alejandro during his junior year, this time to offensive tackle where he started all 12 games. The next season, coaches asked Villanueva to switch positions AGAIN—this time to wide receiver. He finished the season leading the team in catches, yards, and touchdowns.

    In 2010 Alejandro earned a try-out for the Cincinnati Bengals, but was ultimately cut from the team. He responded by serving two tours in Afghanistan as a rifle platoon leader. In 2012 Villanueva was invited to try out for the Chicago Bears, but again he was cut. And again he went to Afghanistan to serve another tour.   

    In March 2014, Villanueva attended a series of NFL combines and once again signed an offer to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles as a defensive end. Although Alejandro was ultimately cut by the Eagles, he was noticed by Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during a preseason game and shortly thereafter he was signed to the Pittsburgh practice squad.

    Ironically, Tomlin first noticed Villanueva as he was honoring the US national anthem: “I looked across the field during the anthem and there’s a guy standing over there about a head taller than everybody else and saluting during the anthem. It kind of got my attention. I wanted to know about this enormous human being over there saluting.”

    Not long after Villanueva signed with the Steelers, the decision was made to convert him back to tackle. Although Alejandro played some tackle in college, playing offensive line in the pros is a whole different world. And the left tackle position is usually filled by the biggest and best offensive linemen.

    Alejandro spent the year developing his blocking skills and gaining weight, which allowed him to move up the depth charts to second team. On October 18, 2015, Steelers starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum blew out his ACL and was subsequently done for the year. Villanueva replaced Beachum and retained the job for the last 12 games of the season, but was rated fairly low overall among NFL tackles.   

    In 2016, Kelvin Beachum left the Steelers in free agency and Villanueva beat out 10-year veteran Ryan Harris for the starting left tackle position. Alejandro started the season with some struggles but by the end of the season was rated very highly among his peers in the league. Despite starting most of 2015 and all of 2016, Villanueva’s salary for those years was the league minimum. In 2017 Alejandro signed a four-year $24 million-dollar extension to his contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    The rest is history. Despite anthem protesting, Trump tweets, and the overwhelmingly leftist sports media, Alejandro Villanueva is just a guy trying to live out his dream as a football player. Villanueva has obviously given more to his country than any of his fellow NFL brethren. But because of the chaotic and divisive times that we live in, Alejandro was forced to apologize for doing what he thought was right. I can’t blame him. This man has climbed to the top of the NFL mountain and has had to overcome every possible obstacle in his way.  

    Now that he has finally made it, his success has been jeopardized by the absurd circumstances of today’s America. Though, one thing is for sure: In a time when the NFL has brought Americans so much shame, Alejandro Villanueva is proud as hell. And for that, we award him Proud Boy of the Week.

    For more sports talk follow Darrel on Twitter @DarrelArnold

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    Why Does the Left Fight Made-Up Enemies?

    On June 6, 1944, over 160-thousand Allied troops landed along roughly 50 miles of heavily fortified and defended coastline, engaging German forces in Normandy, France. The unified effort from the Allied forces fought a battle-seasoned and readily apparent enemy. I must emphasize the word “apparent.” It seems like something that should normally go unstated. Any enemy SHOULD be apparent in order to fight it. For reasons beyond my comprehension, however, the left continually abstains from this requirement. They don’t need to know who their enemy is, they simply fabricate villains to fuel their insatiable animosity.

    Every argument or cause or rally on the left is for some ideological movement against something that doesn’t exist. “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Of course they do. You are screaming obvious things, while holding signs that read obvious things. And I’m lost. As Ben Shapiro said in a debate with Black Lives Matter back in August 2015, “I want to find the people alongside you who think black lives don’t matter. I’m still looking for those people.” The enemy is one that just doesn’t exist on any real level.

    Are there backwoods assholes that are racist in this day and age? Absolutely—although quite rare. Do they fuck their sisters?  Absolutely—supposedly it’s quite common. But that isn’t who the BLM folks are after. They want to go after police officers. They want to go after storefront windows. Tell me, who the FUCK is the actual enemy?

    Take a look at Antifa. Would anyone argue that they are NOT a leftist organization? I agree, it’s obvious. Now, who do they claim as their enemy? Fascists.

    Well I’ll be damned. It looks like we agree with Antifa. We also have a great distaste for fascism.  

    Wish we could support you, though, because it looks as though your organization (despite the name) doesn’t have any idea what fascism actually is. In most sizable cities across the country, your basement-dwelling troops imply that the U.S. is being led by a fascist dictator, Donald Trump. Ironically, you do this on a public street, with dozens (if not hundreds) of protesters surrounding you, yelling through a megaphone.

    If instead of President Trump, we had Prime Minister Mussolini, do you think you’d even be able to protest that way? Don’t you think Mussolini would have the authorities halt the dissent? Not only that, but he would probably make a gruesome example of you and your friends, in order to dissuade people in the future from making the same mistake. Can you even be serious and call President Trump a “fascist dictator,” when you have the freedom to express that opinion through a megaphone?

    Get a hold of yourselves, you fucking nancies. It’s called “entitlement.” You and your friends have it oozing out your ears. Antifa and all of its members are increasingly and gapingly butt-hurt, probably because they were raised to believe that their feelings actually mean something significant in the real world. They believe that fascism is afoot, and that anything that hurts their feelings is fascist.

    The enemy that they say exists, doesn’t. There is quite literally no reason for their organization to exist. It’s just noise without a purpose.

    This also carries over for Antifa’s claims of “Nazis” being a prominent issue in today’s society. It just isn’t true. Are there a small handful of racist shitbags that exist somewhere in the backwoods? Sure as shit there are. Do they fuck their cousins? Likely. We pointed those facts out earlier. So if they aren’t after the tiny number of “Nazis” living in the woods somewhere, who are they after? They are after the proverbial Nazi that you encounter every day in your lives. The Nazi in the subway, the Nazi in front of you at the ATM, the Nazi who handed you your Junior Bacon Cheese Burger through the window at Wendy’s. That’s who they’re after.

    Oh, what’s that? You have never seen any of those Nazis? That’s because they don’t exist. They just don’t. Antifa wants them to exist, so that they can make themselves the victims. But because they don’t exist, Antifa wantonly decides who’s a Nazi. Once someone is labeled a Nazi, Antifa feels they no longer have the right to speech or safety any longer. 

    Feminism is another example of a cause that claims to be noble. It claims to fight the injustices of inequality and so on, and yet it doesn’t seem like it’s about equality anymore. The enemies of feminism include: companies paying women 77 cents on the dollar that men earn, housewives, and also: biology itself.

    Spoiler alert: the main gist of feminism is to shit on men. That’s pretty much it. Whether it is to blur the lines between men and women, or to constantly feel like they need to compete with men in things like military combat, it is all a complete fucking waste of time. For starters, the pay gap doesn’t exist, and has been shown time and again to simply be the result of looking at one statistic, rather than the collective. This article in Forbes Magazine by Karin Agness Lips explains quite well why the pay gap is a myth.

    They also seem to have beef with men who work while their wives stay at home with the kids. I happen to be one of these men. I can tell you from my own experience, that my wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way, not to mention that the support that my boys get from their mother is wonderful. I am not oppressing her. She is not “trapped.” That is retarded nonsense, and just isn’t the case. Now while I can’t speak for ALL stay-at-home moms, I can only presume given human history that the majority of them feel the same way about the situation as my wife does. They wouldn’t have it any other way.  

    Finally: biology. Men and women are different. This is not new news, and this is easily verifiable using basic biology. Yet if you say this to a feminist, you are a bigoted and sexist piece of shit. Hell, you might even be a Nazi. All joking aside, this is quite literally a sidestep on part of the feminist movement, around common sense and simple logic. It is sheer lunacy.  

    The left has no legitimate or tangible enemy besides their feelings themselves. And if they aren’t completely satisfied with their current situation, or what you are saying, or what you are wearing, or who you voted for, they are entitled to feel violated. And if they feel violated, even by words or your vote, well, then they consider themselves assaulted. If you have “assaulted” them, then of course they have the right to defend themselves. If that means hitting you in the head with a bike lock while you are “assaulting” their ears with your words, then so be it. What are they SUPPOSED to do? Are they just supposed to just stand there and listen like a rational adult, and then formulate an opinion and move on?  

    Yes. That’s what normal people do.

    Willie is the president of the Charlotte, NC Proud Boys Chapter. Follow him on Twitter @ammonswr

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    VIDEO Proud Boy Movie Club: The Kingsmen

    Certain Movies every man should see, some he should know by heart.  These are the movies we’ll be featuring in the Proud Boy Movie Club.  Some films will be new to some of us, some we’ve seen a dozen times.  Either way you’re encouraged to watch or take the opportunity to re-watch these films every man should know.  All Proud Boys can follow the films week to week here and discus and post thoughts, questions and comments in the Proud Boys Magazine Facebook Group.

    This week’s Movie Club: The Kingsmen

    Follow Martina Markota on Twitter @MartinaMarkota

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    Brexit has made J. K. Rowling ‘depressed’ — HAHAHAHA!

    The irritating billionaire author of Harry Potter has announced to the world she is now depressed because of Britain’s upcoming departure from the European Union.

    After you have stopped laughing, you may continue with the article.

    J. K. Rowling also credited the official Labour Party opposition for turning into a Jeremy Corbyn (their leader) personality cult for causing her to descend into melancholy.

    The vote last June and the aftermath has just been too much for the creator of Dumbledore, who has worked herself into a frenzy over Brexit and Donald Trump in the last year.

    At least our bootless British Prime Minister Theresa May has ONE achievement since taking office, in crushing J. K. Rowling into despair.

    However, all is not lost, because J. K. has asked for her followers on Twitter to send her pictures of otters to cure her depression.

    Several thousand otters later, it might be that tragic J. K. has overcome her state of melancholy.

    Could it be, the rich liberal elite can be cured of their ailments by animated GIFs of otters?

    Despite the deluge of sycophantic responses, a few sensible comments have been left under her confession of depression.


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    CHALLENGE: Try and laugh ONCE at the trailer for Pitch Perfect 3

    Understandably, these films aren’t usually the sort of thing we’d be drawn to.

    However, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and it popped up as a post from The Sun, promoting the new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3.

    It’s about some fat bitch and her friends meeting some younger slaggy looking hens for a bitchy stand off thing. Either way, the fact is, a trailer for a comedy should be FUNNY.

    So, having seen Gavin McInnes on his former TGMS go off on long tangents about how crap most movies are nowadays I thought I would at least try the trailer.

    This is clearly one of those films filled with women trying to be funny, so I set myself a challenge: try and laugh ONCE. Surely, in a two minute teaser, it could provoke just one “hah-“.

    Needless to say, I FAILED so hard and this was my face:

    NOW YOUR TURN! Without further TO DO, here is the trailer:

    So, how did you do?

    Even if it is for children, children’s TV can have some of the most hilarious shit in it.

    This is just a reel of cringe-worthy, boring “jokes” by an ugly fat bitch and her dull friends.

    The most out there it gets is saying “get your tits on, bitches”.

    There are a lot of attempts to make people laugh, but they had no effect.

    Maybe women will find this funny. Will they? Are their minds that easily entertained? I doubt it.

    It is said that the Office (UK) can cure people of depression and has, apparently, brought one man from the brink of suicide, because of how funny it is.

    David Brent saved me from suicide… FACT

    The complete opposite is probably true for this creation. I genuinely think this could increase depression and anxiety, if the film is as bad as the trailer.

    You can tell the social justice undertones, too, to be as un-offensive as possible.

    The main group seems to have a token Mexican, black woman, fat bitch and Chinese woman, as does the second group of younger performers group one is meeting with.

    You’ll notice they try to maintain a balanced framing of races in the trailer pictures, too.

    And surprise, surprise, it is directed by a Trump-hating woman director, Trish Sie, and this is her second ever movie.

    ANNNND, it is written by another Trump-hating biatch, Kay Cannon. She wrote the first two Pitch Perfects, too, whose trailers I will NOT be watching.

    Non-liberals and non-leftists need to start making movies because when we do, they will be massive success stories, if this is the CRAP being churned out under the guise of “comedy”.

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    Proud Boys Guide to Throwing a Punch

    Throwing a punch is an essential skill along your journey to manhood. I see far too many men who come to train with me fight like Napoleon Dynamite. We need to have confidence in our abilities to end an altercation, not run away to our safe spaces!

    The movie Friday had a perfect line about how men handle fights now: Mr. Jones tells Craig after finding his gun, Oh, no, son. That’s not the way it is. You kids have been nothin’ but punks. Sissified. So quick to pick up a gun. Too scared to take an ass-whipping. [Raises his fists] This is what makes you a man. When I was growing up, this was all the protection we needed. You win some, you lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day!”

    Men are built to fight. It is in our genes. Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) fights. In the past he even flew out to fight a pro boxer, and when asked why he would risk harm like that, his response was, “because I am a tough guy.” That’s what the Proud Boys are all about, being strong men again.

    Throughout history, boys have started training in the martial arts as young as 5 or 6 years-old. One prominent example is the Spartans, our ultimate example of a warrior society.  Around the age of 7, Spartan boys were sent to the Agoge to learn how to fight, among other things. They were encouraged to fight to see who was the toughest, and if they did not pass the Agoge by age 30, they were not allowed to be full citizens of Sparta. Imagine if they had cried for safe spaces when they got hit in the face!   

    Today fighting is viewed as barbaric. Masculinity is labeled as toxic. I am not an advocate for walking up to someone and cold-cocking them. But I am an advocate for men settling their differences by walking outside, duking it out, then going to get a beer together.  

    Sadly, the art of fighting has been lost. It is time to change that. Here are a few general rules on how to throw a proper punch.  


    This is the most important thing to remember. If you take one thing away from this article, make it this: proper stance is critical!  You want to have a shoulder-width stance, and keep balanced. If you are right-handed, the left foot should be slightly forward. Conversely, southpaws have the right forward. 

    Lean too far forward and you are asking to eat a hook, too far back and you are going to be backpedaling all day, never getting power out of your punches. Stay light on your feet, float like a butterfly so when it is time you can sting like a bee.


    Keep at least one hand up at your face no matter what!  As cool as Chuck Liddell is, none of us are him. No shooting from the hip with your punches. It is slower, less powerful, and ineffective overall to try to throw punches with your hands down. Hands up, and punch straight towards your target. Also, in order to throw a punch, you’ve got to be conscious. One blow to your temple and you will be face-down for a long nap. So make sure you always have one hand up in defense!


    If you have ever seen a fight in public, most people just flail their arms around and hope to land something. True, sometimes they get lucky and land a blow to the back of the head, but to throw a true knockout punch, the arms are merely the link between the hips and the hands. I grew up in the Tyson era, and if you watch his fights, even as a shorter heavyweight, he would bully inside and torque his hips to propel the uppercut that ended most of his early fights. Your hips are where you get true power, so relax your shoulders and don’t try to strong-arm the punch. Just turn your hips.

    Side tip: every morning, wake up and stretch. Most of us have tight hip flexors, so taking 5 minutes to stretch every morning will keep you loose for any potential scraps.  


    Urban Dictionary defines a knuckle sandwich as “administering a mouthful of fist.” That’s fucking awesome. Use your middle knuckle to guide your punch. Some say to aim for their throat, so when your opponent tries to tuck their chin, it will land flush on the bridge of the nose. Do not stop once you make contact! Punch through. Like in Mortal Combat: FINISH HIM!


    Now, Proud Boys, how can we use this information in the meantime, since we do not go out looking for fights? Other than perfecting the art of punching with heavy bag drills or shadowboxing, we can apply it directly to our second degree prospects. Take a nice, shoulder-width stance. We are in a big group, so friendly fire is likely. Keep your hands up and protect yourself. We do not aim for the face or below the belt, so no need aiming for the throat. Pick your spot and make sure to use your hips to power through the punches. We are not looking to knockout or hurt our brother, but throwing punches like Charlie Z cheats them out of a defining moment in their evolution as a Proud Boy.  

    Now give ’em hell, tell them you are proud of your fucking boy, and buy that man a beer!  

    There you go, men. Hopefully I helped you along your journey towards becoming better dudes. I advise any able-bodied man to find a local boxing gym. Not only is it a hell of a workout, it’s one of the best things you can do to better yourself and build confidence.  


    Follow Cam on Instagram @moderncaveman.55

    Get your Proud Boys t-shirts, sweatshirts, flags, flasks, and more, at our merch shop.

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