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    Disavowing: Violence from the left comes without Apology

    Today a United States Congressman Steve Scalise was shot along with 3 others on a baseball field in Virgina.  We don't shoot politicians we disagree with on either side of the isle, in this country.  This is a tragedy and our hearts go out to his family.  We want the safety of ALL elected officials [...]
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    CALL TO ARMS: Stop SJWs destroying a young conservative entrepreneur

    A horde of social justice warriors are trying to destroy a Cleveland woman's business — because she expressed conservative views online. Cleveland Antifascist Network has posted all of her details including phone number, email, address and social media accounts in a bid for Antifa to smear them. The sickening dox was made via It's Going [...]
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    EU to sue Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic for refusing to take refugees

    UNELECTED European Union bureaucrats are targeting Poland, Hungry and Czech Republic after the countries refused to allow in thousands of asylum-seekers from the Islamic world. The EU Commission — made up of appointments from each Member State and considered the executive of the EU — is now taking legal action against the three eastern European [...]
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    I Suck At Being a Nazi

    I, as well as all Proud Boys, get routinely called "Nazi" "fascist" "white supremacist" and whatever else fits in with those main three. As I mentioned in a previous article, anyone can be labeled a Nazi when the goalpost is frequently moved to fit a narrative. We get that in the minds of the contemporary [...]
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    Why All Able-Bodied Men Should Lift Weights

    All men, no matter their age, no matter their height, no matter their ethnicity or religion, all have one thing in common…they are, generally, stronger than their female counterparts.  As much as feminazis everywhere hate to admit it, the male human body is naturally stronger and more durable than the female’s.  On average, the male [...]
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    Proud Boy of the Week: Nick Robinson

    During the March Against Sharia Law in Seattle this past Saturday, things got heated. When a group of Proud Boys clad with Fred Perry's walked toward the event area a group of Antifa thugs decided to make their presence known. As they were surrounding a group of Proud Boys and blowing whistles, deploying tactical silly [...]