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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #3

    Recently I wrote The Proud Boys Guide to Throwing a Punch—for this week’s workout we’re going to put it into practice. Hopefully you all have access to a punching bag, or, like Rocky, you can go down to your local butcher shop and use a beef carcass. If you do not have access to either, shadowbox. Both of these options will give you a great workout, and using a heavy bag is a great way to build everyday strength.  

    We are going to do five rounds, each round will build off the previous one. Set a timer for three-minutes per round, with a one-minute break following each. I recommend downloading an interval timer, it will make this much easier. During that one-minute break, you will not just stand around. We will keep the muscles under tension, and your heart rate elevated with a static hold, alternating between a squat hold and a plank.

    Round one: Jab/cross.

    These are the basics of boxing. You should stagger your feet slightly, with your less dominant side forward. For righties, your left foot will be leading, and that will be your jab side. Southpaw is the opposite. Keep your elbows tight to your ribs and both hands up protecting your face. Turn your shoulders as you extend the jab, then pivot your entire body through the cross.

    One minute rest: Squat hold.

    Round two: Jab/cross/cross

    Adding just one punch to this combination is going to change how you approach it. Now after the first cross, you have to pivot back to your guard quickly so you can extend the second cross through with power. The first cross will be for speed, the second will be power. Always reset between punches!

    One minute rest: Plank.

    Round three: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook

    Midway point of the workout, this time through adding in the left hook. Bring the hooks into the body, taking the power out of the cross and using it for the hook instead. Turn your hips through to propel the hook, not stopping until your hips are lined up with the bag. The Jab/Cross/Cross should be rotated through quickly to set up the powerful left hook.

    One minute rest: Squat hold

    Round four: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook/Left Uppercut

    Again, this round we double up, this time on the left side. When doubling up on punches, I can’t reiterate enough, you have to reset back to the guard before throwing the following strike. The left hook and left uppercut this round are your power punches, give them everything you have. Last note, since most bags do not have a chin, take your uppercut right into the gut so you can really put something behind it, rather than swinging up through the air.

    One minute rest: Plank

    Final round: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook, Left Uppercut/Right Hook

    This is it, the final round. Run through this combination as fast, and as many times as you can in these final three minutes. The first three punches are for speed, the last three for power. Keep your shoulders loose and your punches tight, using your core and hips to propel the strikes, recruiting as many muscles as possible.

    For all of these strikes, squeeze your core like you are bracing for someone to hit you in the gut. That, plus keeping your elbows tucked into your sides will keep your abs activated and give you a powerful, functional core.

    For those who do not have access to a bag, shadowbox these combos for speed, constantly moving to keep your heart rate up. Stay light on your feet, still turning through the punches to work that core.

    Staying in good shape is critical for us as Proud Boys. We can’t stick to our tenets if we’re lazy slobs. These weekly workouts are great as stand-alone training, or as finishers after your normal gym routine. Keep pushing to be better than you were the day before.


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    PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #5

    Every Proud Boy is punk rock in spirit—whether they’ve never even listened to the Ramones or they used to panhandle for Colt 45s wearing a sleeveless Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt, a trihawk shaved into their head and a pet rat pooping on their shoulder. 

    A mix of brand new shit, slightly stale shit, and classic shit that’s evolved into magic mushroom-making manure, here are our top 10 tracks of the week from the wide world of punk. (Press pause when the Bandcamp ones finish unless you wanna hear the whole record.)

    JACKAL – Spent

    PROUD SCUM – I Am A Rabbit

    INSTITUTE – Powerstation

    THE BUZZ – Insanity

    NICE FACE – I Want Your Damage

    DEAD BOYS – Not Anymore

    GG KING – Another Dimension

    FLUX OF PINK INDIANS – Tube Disasters

    NARCOLEPTICS – Communication Paranoia

    ANAL CHINOOK – Foreskin


    We got Proud Boys t-shirts, sweatshirts, flags, flasks, and more, fer sale fer cheap in our merch shop.

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    Little Britain creator bows to political correctness

    One of the creators of hilarious sketch show Little Britain has caught the CANCER of political correctness.

    Matt Lucas, the small, fat and bald one, has told the Big Issue, should another series of the comedy show be made, he would no longer play transvestites or black people.

    In other words, he would drop some of his funniest TV acts, such as Emily and Florence, the middle aged men dressing up as women and, despite not being in Little Britain, characters like Precious Little from Come Fly With Me.

    Just in case you don’t know it, here’s a quick sample of the lols Little Britain provides (and there’s plenty more) that Lucas wants to stop. He would later be joining Emily as Florence, a fellow tranny:

    Lucas spat: “If I could go back and do Little Britain again, I wouldn’t make those jokes about transvestites. I wouldn’t play black characters.

    “Basically, I wouldn’t make that show now. It would upset people.

    “We made a more cruel kind of comedy than I’d do now. Society has moved on a lot since then and my own views have evolved. Now I think it’s lazy for white people to get a laugh just by playing black characters.”

    This is a tragic turn of events for what was an incredibly funny programme, simply because it is highly offensive, politically incorrect and ridiculous.

    Who would think those who sprung to fame and fortune from creating such beautiful comedy would turn their backs on it, because he says society as “moved on”.

    Unfortunately for Matt Lucas, society has not moved on, the cosmopolitan liberals are driving society backwards, backwards into a time where the freedom to do and say as one pleases is being torn apart.

    People like Matt Lucas live in a bubble, like America’s Hollywood elite, and know piss all about us disgusting working to middle class folks.

    Matt Lucas

    If he, and others who create funny shit, tone down their work to avoid causing offence, their programmes will fail, and the market will dictate and the show will flop.

    I have never met anyone who has been offended by Little Britain, yet Lucas has spent all his time in this original article explaining how it was offencive and upsetting.

    Matt Lucas, you are a cunt, and I hope you die in a fire for being a standard-bearer for political correctness — the movement of censorship, of destroying freedom of speech, and doing it all in the most miserable and unfunny way possible. FUCK YOU!!!!!

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    Canadian Proud Boys Get Their 4th Degrees

    After a Parliament Hill rally in Ottawa on September 30, the Proud Boys volunteered to walk some of the older participants back to their cars before heading home. At first, everything seemed to be going perfectly, as there was no sign of Antifa anywhere after we had left.

    With the women and elderly safely brought to their cars, we lowered our guard. We felt as if everything was going to be fine, and began singing Proud of your boy, O Canada, and The Maple Leaf Forever through the streets.

    It didn’t take long before it was time for our group of 15 boys to split, as we had parked in different locations around the downtown core. A few of our drivers offered to drive a few non-Proud Boy patriots home from the event.

    Then we were attacked.

    I can’t understand why Antifa chose to ambush us while they were outnumbered (4-on-6). A couple of non-Proud Boy patriots stood on the sidelines filming.

    I was standing closer to the front of our group as we walked down towards Queen Street carrying my Canadian flag, when I heard a bit of a commotion behind us. Four masked individuals, three men and one woman had begun by tossing eggs at us, and hitting one of our brothers directly in the back of his sweater with one.

    It didn’t take long before one of them ran up and smacked our brother (then 3rd Degree, Robert Jones) across his back with a stick, forcing him to turn around to face them.

    In those first few moments I struggled to grasp the severity of the situation. I basically had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until moments after Robert was hit that our boy Greg Bradford snuck up behind their biggest member, who seemed to be leading the charge and wielding a large wooden flagpole. Greg forced him into a powerful headlock from behind, disabling him almost instantly as they fell to the ground.

    Then reality kicked in. “These cowards are attacking us,” I thought to myself. I watched one of them attempt to jab Brandon Vaughn as he began to pound the unguarded chest of the commie that Greg had brought down. I knew in that moment that I needed to act to defend my brothers.

    In what felt like a split second, I utilized the thick, wooden Canadian flag pole with all the force I could muster to drive it square into the side of the Communist’s head, causing him to stumble backward and bring his much thinner flag pole up to defend his head from a second attack. My personal thought process had halted and the only thing I could think of in that very moment was to neutralize the threat to my brothers. So I lunged in for one final swipe, smashing my pole hard against his head once more, colliding with his own flag pole and snapping it in half as my pole collided with his head.

    As I saw him stumble back, I knew he was out of the fight and moments later, he ran away, disoriented.

    I then quickly turned toward the next Commie that was closest to me, who was armed with a shitty attempt at a thin flag pole.

    By this time, our brother Robert Jones had joined in on laying down some sweet doses of Western Justice upon the guy Greg was grappling with. The commie then tried to drive his fingers into the eye sockets of Greg, causing minor eye irritation and breaking his glasses. It didn’t take long for Robert Jones to respond, slamming his fists into the side of the face of the Antifa scum, causing his grip on Greg’s eyes to release itself.

    While this was going on, the second Antifa member I was facing had managed to wrestle my flag pole from me, making me panic for a second before I pounced on him, pinning him against the wall (seen in the video below). As I disarmed him, the flag dropped to the ground, and was almost instantly retrieved by First Degree Andre Hobson who made sure none of our belongings were stolen.

    The female Antifa member, now demasked and oddly enough resembling notorious Antifa whore ‘Moldy Locks’ had broken free from our brother’s restraint and proceeded to retrieve the broken remnant of her comrade’s flagpole (a thin, hard piece of wood) and began to attack a Proud Boy who had come to my aid.

    While this was taking place, I had felt the commie’s fingers start to run up my face and come ever-so close to my eyes. In a panic, I brought my own hands to the commie’s face and pressed my fingers deeply into his cheek and jaw before winding his head up and slamming it with a bit of force into the wall that I had pinned him up against. I repeated that one more time before he repositioned himself slightly and attempted to slam my own head into the wall, to very minimal success.

    Quickly after his attempt, I managed to bring him down to about chest height and lay a few blows into the top of his head, with around half of them missing. As the commie ducked to avoid my swings, I managed to pin his head against the wall, allowing our boy Brandon Vaughan who had ran over to assist me to let off 2-3 direct shots to the side of his face.

    It didn’t take much longer after that before I used what strength I had left to literally throw the commie into the open concrete (as seen in the previous video) before running up to him as he attempted to rise, hover over him and deliver 3 of the most powerful, winded up shots that I have ever made in my life, to the bare side his face.

    I’ll give him that, the commie rose quickly to stand in front of the disabled female Antifa member, who on camera after already being dealt with multiple times, attacked our boy once again with the broken stick before being dropped.

    At this time, we had a gentleman step out from the building and threaten to call security if we didn’t disperse. After shouting a few ‘FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT’s, we waited for the police to arrive before filing a full report.

    What a day. If you’d like to see the footage of our outnumbered brothers facing off against Antifa on Parliament Hill earlier that day, make sure to like Bates Media on Facebook!

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    Exposing the Media’s Agenda Against Disaster Responders

    Let’s say you’re in the mainstream media… I know, gross, but hold your nose and pretend with me.  You’re in the media and you have a living pushing your agenda.  Enter a group of people who disagree with you… enter the Proud Boys.  A politically incorrect men’s social club who thinks you’re full of shit.  You’re the media so you know what to do… attack!

    You take the Proud Boys and lump them in with all the worst of the worst: Nazis, White Nationalists, Homophobes, the KKK.  Make them one in the same to try to kill this “movement” of men refusing to accept your world view in it’s crib.  When they deny the allegations; say they’re lying, of course.  They’re a white supremacist organization who doesn’t want you to know they’re a white supremacist organization and will go so far as to have members of various background, creeds, nationalities, colors, and sexual proclivities….

    …those sneaky Petes.

    Then, those damn trickster Proud Boys do something really diabolical: During a national crisis involving a hurricane they organize themselves to help as many people as they can.

    Now what?  All the media has are words, but the people they are desperately grasping at the thinnest of straws to slander just won the pissing contest you started by ignoring your bullshit and speaking with our actions.

    You have several options: Ignore it.  Cover it fairly.  Admit perhaps jumping the gun on having such a harsh mis-characterization in our strained political climate.  Acknowledge what sets this group apart from insane fascist groups instead of trying in vain to link them.  Give credit to the Proud Boys for taking action to help suffering American regardless of political affiliation.

    …Or, double down and accuse the rescue workers of being white supremacists and focus solely on the “protecting areas from looters” aspect  while ignoring the search and rescue, clearing debris, resupplying communities, and cooperating with local authorities.

    Yeah, I guess you can do that too, as was the case with this ABC reporter:

    The man in this video handled that beautifully.  There he is, physically drained and emotionally exhausted and this bitch is licking her lips to push her agenda of the mysterious “white supremacists” whose “elders” commanded them to help.  Way to shut that pig down.  She’s standing with fucking heroes, in the middle of shear devastation and she wants to twist the story into her narrative so bad she can taste it.   It’s one of the most obvious examples of shameless divisiveness I’ve ever seen.  She wasn’t alone.

    Meet dickhead, Aaron Sankin.  Aaron wrote for the bathroom wall known as the Huffington Post and has since been demoted to the blog, the Reveal News.  Why doesn’t he just shout his column out a car window, more people would hear it.  In the past he’s written about Antifa referring to them only as “anti-fascist protestors” (doesn’t have the same ring to it as “domestic terrorist organization”) and judged a Berkeley organizers for putting antifa in the same category as “white supremacists”.

    Aaron Sankin wrote Proud Boy Magazine for comments on the Hurricane relief effort by the Proud Boys:

    “Reporter”.  Adorable.  You can already tell by the ham-handed mention of anti-looting “patrols” it’s clear that’s all he cares about about.  A quick google search of his past work confirms the set up.  However, we wanted to be polite and tactful:

    He replied:

    I’m hardly going to feed the Houston Proud Boys into an easy-to-read “hit piece”.

    …and I meant that too.  If he said “I think it’s dangerous you guys are down there, I’m against it, and want to hear your side of the story” it would have at least been fair.  We could have disagreed, but tell our side of it.

    And. Here. We. Go.

    Ahhhhh, Charlottesville.  He would have known how we felt about Unite the Right with the quickest of searches on this site.  An event we’ve eaten nothing but shit from the whiny butthurt “alt-right” for not going, and then correctly labeling it the disaster that it was.

    (more from Aaron)

    “Backlash” = People bitching on the internet.  I responded:

    Forgive my grammar, it’s an email typed with my thumbs.

    I know, I’m very fuzzy and vague.  Aaron must be saying “what’s this mystery man thinking”.  How much more cut and dry can we be, really?  I continued:

    That’s just it isn’t it?  In what, insane universe, does this indoctrinated Bay Area hipster toolbox write a piece with a remotely fair characterization?  Is he going to have a change of heart?  Is he going to learn things with new information??

    No evidence of this except this disingenuous blogger telling me.  (watch it not come up in his piece whatsoever, predictably)

    Blah, blah, blah…. blahblahblahblah.  Yeah, he’s real concerned with our safety.

    No matter what, he’s going to keep saying “alt right” and “proud boys”.

    I responded:


    Get your bullshit detectors on:

    Here’s the link with attached video.

    Some guy he wrote about broke up a crowd of Antifa… hardly acted as a human shield.  Let’s quote Aaron in that very article written by anonymous “Reveal Staff”…

    “The altercation was caught on video by Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer, who identified the aggressors as anti-fascist protesters, sometimes called antifa. He also said the man being beaten may have been a member of the alt-right.”

    Again, carefully labeling Antifa simply “anti-fascist protestor”, not pro-marxist, alt-left, extreme left, communists, anarchists, but doesn’t hesitate to speculate on the victim “may have been alt-right” (not simply “consersavtive” as he said when talking to me), almost excusing the attackers.  The story is more about how cool his friend is for disagreeing that a guy needed to be kicked to death  (all on camera of course).  The story was entirely about themselves.  Hardly the scathing expose I was thinking about.

    I didn’t reply and waited to witness the fair, even handed reporting of the story:

    Ummmmm…… this doesn’t seem like it has fuck all to do with the Proud Boys.  With good reason: It doesn’t.  Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, right guys?  I’m sure this dip shit knew not to lead with saying, I want your guys to be interviewed for “the Hate Report” it may have been a tad.. off putting.

    Cool.  So focusing totally on Charlottesville despite that fact that you were told point blank we have no interest in those groups and weren’t there.

    (*Hey, remember the part of his email where he was protecting the Proud Boys from the real Alt-Right guys.  Watch for that to go out the window.)

    Cute.  “European culture“.

    No.  Western culture, in other words American culture.  A culture of ideas.  We don’t give two shits for Sweden.  We celebrate a culture of ideas, not race or ethnicity.  But Aaron can’t write that, can he?  That sounds like something not too bad.  Maybe some of his readers will wonder “what’s the big deal?”.  But European, yes.  That implies white, and that implies racism…. which doesn’t have a place in the Proud Boys.  Fucking word weasel.

    …And look at that.  Focusing on the “anti-looting” (which was not a patrol).  Who fucking called it?  Be less transparent ass-head.

    Now is where I get to call him a liar.  Liar.

    He made no such request.  I just posted our email exchange, please point out where he “demanded proof” that we kicked out UTR attendees.  How about the fact that Jason Kessler was on TGMS the day after UTR where him not being a Proud Boy was referred to and Gavin went on to disavow anyone involved with Charlottsville in several mediums mediums.

    I wonder why no one trusts the media anymore, you fucking snake.  Liar.  Libel fucking liar.

    Good job  focus on the criticism, not the deed.

    Lying.  Liar.  Lies.  Way to mislead.  Such a self satisfied shit.  Pepper sprayed?  Did you mention this:

    Or this:

    or this:


    I’m sure Aaron was beside himself watching those.  Can’t wait to see all the hard hitting columns he does and what Antifa leaders he calls out.

    The internet isn’t short of examples of Antifa violence, but they best reference this “writer” has is maybe, possibly, allegedly some people who might or might not have been Proud Boys pepper sprayed a crowd around their car while being pelted with rocks.  Nice job having your fingers on the pulse.

    I guess that act of defense was shocking to him… never mind the countless examples of trademark organized Antifa violence, even by college faculty:

    Must have flown under Aaron’s radar.  How about Crowder exposing Antifa passing out weapons and talking about firearms they brought to a Ben Shapiro speech?  No story there:

    …the above video also exposes how the media, media like ABC, media like Reveal News, is supporting Antifa and their tactics by ignoring them, while trying to spin literally everything a group like the Proud Boys do into somehow being a nefarious act of cloaked sinister violence.

    I want people to see all the email exchanges and the resulting article because when it’s plainly in your face, it’s no question how dishonest the media is.  People like Aaron Sankin hear something good and charitable carried out by people they don’t care for politically, and almost break their necks trying to spin it into “the secret evil agenda” we must have.  Antifa can beat on a man in front of them (by his own admission, almost to death) and it’s handled in an even handed way which also implies the victim of the attack was provoking the “protesters” with his probable “alt-rightness”.  Disgusting.

    Start up the sue machine.


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    New Way to Burn Books: Social Media Censorship


    Nothing like sitting by the fire with a good book…

    (alt-right’s breathing intensifies)

    Not quite like that.

    Is there a more perfect symbol of censorship than a burning book? Ideas turning to ash in a cloud of black smoke with a crowd’s approval. The book is incidental—it’s the non-sanctioned ideas inside the book causing the problem. It’s about controlling the narrative. The people who keep the fire going usually have been the government: Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mao, Che all loved a good book burning. In the ancient world the Library at Alexandria was destroyed so many times over it became a symbol of “knowledge and culture lost.”  Today if you burned down every public library the biggest problem would be homeless people needing a new place to pee. Every book, speech, note, letter, script, and rant is part of our new Library of Alexandria: the Internet. Destroying it isn’t as visually dramatic as fire.

    Remember the election? Sure you do. Everyone thought Hillary was gonna win (spoiler alert) than she choked and Trump won. The media said Trump had no chance, the polls said he had no chance, late night hosts said he had no chance, the smug dick at your work said he had no chance. Then he won. Good times.

    Proud Boy Magazine was there to get it on video:

    ….and then we got one of these…

    Does that seem strange to you? The video is some New Yorkers celebrating the Trump victory against all odds yet they throw an age restriction on it. Then we find out that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter seem to be actively targeting anyone who knows how to light up a liberal in a debate.  Rebel Media, Jordan Peterson and Paul Joseph Watson YouTube subscribers have complained that randomly they are “unsubscribed” from those channels. Gaad Sad and Steven Crowder have noticed their videos get “age restrictions” and “content restrictions” despite never uttering a dirty word.

    Pam Geller was suspended from Facebook after she commented on the Orlando shooting. Actor Adam Baldwin pointed out an absolute fact that Conservative women are better looking… suspended. Most famously Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter after giving the feminist version of “Ghost Busters” a bad review.

    Milo explains in his 2017 book, Dangerous:

    “In the early years of Facebook, the idea of an editor deciding what information you most needed to see was laughable. Equally, there was no algorithm deciding who saw what posts, when, and where.  The system was simple: users followed other users, and saw a list of their posts, updated in real-time.  Beyond the block button, there was no filtering.  If your friend made a post at 6:15 PM, you saw it at 6:15 PM.  The present system, where Facebook chooses what you see, when you see it, and how you see it, is a radical departure from its early democratic ideals.”

    Okay… so Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are choosing how we get information we signed up for.  They have community guidelines which gets people suspended. C.E.O.’s like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are extremely left in their politics, but business is business right?  It’s not like their staff feels pressure to target people based on politics they disagree with…

    The first time I was suspended from Facebook was when Proud Boy Magazine made Mark Zuckerberg “Cuck of the Week”.

    Actually, I was suspended along with 2 other admins from the PBM Facebook page. We didn’t threaten him, just pointed out his nonsense: nothing graphic, libel, or illegal. So maybe it was some petty staffer snickering to himself. Fluke. We’ve had a plenty of content Zuck and his army of oversensitive censorship millennials might approve of: In fact, we had Theryn Meyer, an African born transsexual Canadian be our guest columnist. Boy, the alt-right didn’t like that (they could barely keep their hard-ons down).

    We defended Theryn and posted this:

    …and that was the 2nd time I was suspended.

    That’s right, that staff of Facebook, out of the goodness of their hearts, stepped in to protect this helpless Lady-Boy, from the forum posting her work. Smooth. Ok, so I guess there are anti-bullying lobbies, and maybe it was an honest oversight. We can’t expect a Facebook editor to understand nuance of a meme defending one of our own writers.

    By the way, did anyone tell the Social Media hall monitors that Theryn is conservative?

    That’s right, this past week Ms. Meyer has been permanently banned from Twitter.

    Theryn spoke to us and had this to say:

    “I wasn’t told exactly why my account was given the boot. When I tried to appeal my suspension, Twitter declined, and told me I had violated their rules regarding ‘targeted abuse’. The only circumstance I came close to anything that resembles abuse was when I once called a nasty rad-fem who dedicates her life to demeaning trans women, a ‘cunt’.

    Other than that, I occasionally posted screenshots of stupid things regressives like Riley J. Dennis said, with my own critique. Sure, I used ‘mean words’ like ‘retarded’, but if that counts as ‘abuse’, I’d say there are far larger and more egregious culprits than myself on Twitter.

    I don’t think I ever did anything that fell outside the norms established by Twitter. People are harsh, they’re opinionated, and they’re catty. And anyone who followed me could tell you that I was of the tamer users on the platform.

    From Twitter higher-ups’ perspective, I was at most deserved of a slap on the wrist by having my account locked for a few hours — nothing I said warranted anything close to outright termination.
    I spent years building my 13k following on Twitter. It’s small, but it means a lot to me as a smaller Youtuber.

    It was my primary way of connecting with my viewers and other Youtubers, and getting exposure outside of simply the ‘Recommendations’ sidebar on Youtube. Now, that is pretty much all I’m left with.

    I really think Youtube suspended my account because I’m a smaller twitter ‘provocateur’. They knew it wouldn’t get so much media traction that it would put their reputation at, but it would still serve to send a clear message to larger Twitter figures about who’s boss. I think it was a way of posturing their power.”

    This is a huge problem. An entrepreneur with a business that depends on building a following has to answer to anonymous people who ban and suspended accounts without any recourse. How is that not book burning?

    The point is to hamper ideas. They already control what you see, what’s trending, and now they are going to make sure you fear anything you might post if you have the wrong politics. How do you build a unique identity online if your identity has to be “approved”?  The worst crime is it encourages dishonesty for no reason other then to please an authority figure.

    It’s a bit shady to lull social media customers in with the promise of a platform for everything, then once a majority of the western world has their life set up on that platform decide “Now you’re only gonna say things we like or your out and you network is ruined.” Bait and switch.

    Do we know for sure that it’s one-sided? Maybe these social media sites are truly doing their best to minimize issues that may open them up to lawsuits. That would be reasonable, except:

    It never happens to anyone on the left. We know it doesn’t because if it did, they’d never stop whining about it. These snowflake “forever-victims” would feel so targeted they’d ejaculate.

    Convicted pedophile Anthony Wiener never had his Twitter suspended. Antifa is allowed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube even though they give away personal information of anyone they disagree with to encourage violence and harassment. Isis is allowed on social media for fuck’s sake. There is nothing too leftist to get you thrown off social media, but Anthony Cumia can’t make fun of a woman’s hair.

    Maybe Proud Boy Magazine can just share less polarizing things on Facebook, like a simple music playlist of mostly songs from decades ago:

    Absolutely not a hint of anything in that post attacking anyone for any reason but that got booted too! 

    In fact three Proud Boys I know of (not including myself) were suspended last week and have no idea why. Facebook is one of the few major companies without a customer service line, so we may never know. There is no recourse if something is removed or suspended. Zuckerberg personally promised to start “cracking down” on “hate groups” on his platform. Something tells me “hate group” might mean “anything Zuck doesn’t like.”  Another gut feeling tells me nothing on the left will ever be considered a hate group. #PunchaNazi can trend every day and they won’t ever bother seeing if the people getting punched are actually Nazis. I invite Facebook to deny this and reassure its right wing customer base—they certainly haven’t done it yet.

    There was a shooting last week. A guy grabbed a cops taser, was wrestled to the ground, wouldn’t drop it and the cop shot him. This was one man’s response:

    Qualify it all he wants, but is he encouraging people to “target jurors” and “judges” when you don’t like the results of an investigation? Basically telling every nut bothering to read his post they know the case better than everyone studying it and encouraging people to hurt them (by direct implication)…

    …Should I report him?

    Would Facebook do anything if I did?

    That’s just what they want, a community of rats. Secret police. Marxists love that shit.  In Cuba, 1 in 11 people was a secret informant. In the Soviet Union it was 1 in 3. A nation of tattletales reporting anything that might not be an approved idea of the status quo. Wrong-Think.

    • “Maybe there aren’t more than 2 genders”—WRONG-THINK!
    • “Maybe black people need to stop playing the victim card and take responsibility for their choices”—WRONG-THINK!
    • “Maybe the patriarchy isn’t holding down feminists, maybe they just suck at doing certain things”—WRONG-THINK

    Guess what? In Marxist regimes they always come for the musicians, artists, and journalists first so if your self expression isn’t complying wholly with what the “powers that be” think, you’re fucked.

    As a libertarian, I’ve always feared government overreach, but social media allows the Marxists to skip that part and go right to ruling the people by controlling information we’re “supposed” to see. All of us have been conditioned to “be careful what we post” or we might lose our social life, business connections and more. Talk about an unelected, ungoverned, appointed body of anonymous people unanswerable to no one, getting to judge which people stay and go based on language and ideas.

    The FCC is adorable compared to them. Sleep tight kids!

    I am under no illusion that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter “owe” me an account or that it’s my “right” to be on any forum. I’m a capitalist and understand the ideas of “opt in” or “opt out.” I get that free market solutions will arise, but the point of social media was that everyone was on it, and we can see what each other is thinking to compliment, debate, and learn from each other’s the remarks. In the mean time, how do we express the truth if forums are controlled by the whims of a few “limousine liberals” who hate our guts? I see no practical solution except to start discussing it.

    In the mean time, pick up a book that social media moguls don’t want you to read and curl up by a fire the American way.


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    Help, I Can’t Stop Hooking Up With Hillary Supporters

    When someone asks me about my worst hookups, I have plenty of stories. Believe me. I could talk about awkward, disgusting, annoying one-night stands all day. But I always end up repeating the same story. The one where I end up triggering some hippie broad, arguing with her on the way to the bedroom, and waking up devising a silent exit strategy out of her apartment in the morning. It’s not that I didn’t have fun fucking her. It’s just that her septum piercing and Subaru Forester (complete with a FEEL THE BERN bumper sticker) both had me nauseated.

    Most septum-pierced, Subaru-wheelin’ sluts I slayed were easier to deal with in the days before Trump’s glorious pussy-grabbing scandal. None of the political stuff really bothered me back then. Now that the election is over, and my ex-girlfriend refers to me simply as “that white supremacist she used to fuck,” things have gotten tedious. That ex, by the way, contends my only attraction to her was the “power” I had over her as a Hispanic woman. Not the fact that she had an ass sculpted by angels or anything. It’s easy to call bullshit on the power thing because I’m actually intimidated by Hispanic chicks. At least this one. She took a rock to my car and slashed my tires. Can’t say I’m surprised—she’s Puerto Rican.

    Since the end of that relationship, I’ve been trying to land a nice conservative girl with a brain. But I seem to only attract beautiful lefty zombies who eat brains for breakfast. It’s probably my long hair. I’ve never been one to do something for other people in that department, so I don’t cut it. Plus the fact crazy liberal chicks are often great lays.

    There’s nothing better than schooling a Hillary supporter as to why their candidate belongs in prison, ending up back at her place, banging, whispering in her ear, “That’s why we won,” during her inevitable climax, and then arguing your way into your clothing and out the door. It’s quite the experience.

    Next time you’re arguing with a girl about politics, just interrupt one of her long drawn-out rebuttals by asking, “Can we stop talking politics and just get to know each other?” My opinion: if she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t have talked to you in the first place. And If she doesn’t continue the conversation, she ain’t worth your time. Plus you’re probably dodging a bullet. If you can get to her place rather than yours, that’s better because it’s easier to leave. Just go right back into arguing about Trump’s ties with Russia, and get your ass out of there.

    Courting her like a gentleman and showing her a good time in the bedroom could spell disaster for you in the long run. Especially if you’re the one-night stand kind of guy. I’m not saying don’t do those things. Just be conscientious of your actions. Luckily, my Puerto Rican redneck friend from Upstate New York let me in on a secret that I’ll share with you proud fuckers:

    Only give’r half.

    Now I know that seems a bit much. But you can’t just go around willy-nilly throwing every lefty chick a solid full bang. If they’ve been sleeping with beta cucks all through college, they probably haven’t experienced an interesting evening—let alone an orgasm. Don’t be the guy who totally changes their life for them.

    Or go ahead, what do I care? You’re the one whose car is getting keyed. If you want the ride of your life… jump right in. Help yourself. Just make sure you have an exit strategy.

    Truth is, I’m not prejudice toward pussy. I love all women. The problem is that at least half of these beautiful creatures are brainwashed into believing Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. So I’ve decided that by showing them the ways of the wang, I can maybe help reverse years of indoctrination. I know it’s drastic, but I’m willing to try anything to help them see reality. This has proved harder than expected [Editor’s note: That’s what she said].

    And here I am, still banging Hillary supporters.

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    School Sucks: The Decline of American Universities

    I understand why some parents are reluctant to send their children to college. Even Dr. Jordan Peterson, professor at the University of Toronto, claims that universities do more harm than good, and that you’d be better off sending your children to trade school than to college.

    What has happened to American universities? Why should you go to college? The simplest answer: we go to university in order to transform ourselves into wiser people who know how to think analytically and express thoughts articulately. But young people are often overly concerned with changing the world. Before making effective change, however, they must first learn competency.

    It’s become clear that universities today are incompetent.

    Political correctness runs amok on university campuses. Once-great centers of research, learning, and culture, have now become ideology factories. Rather than teaching students how to improve themselves so they can be a force for good in the world, they’re instead taught how they must work to change other people in order to make the world a less threatening place. Safe spaces and free speech zones have popped up on campuses all over the country.

    Students are taught that microaggressions are a threat to their personal safety, and that they need a place to be shielded from words. Speakers with mainstream conservative views have been violently shut down, notably at UC Berkeley. Students no longer learn about history and how it’s the story of humanity, but rather that it’s entirely based on the oppression of marginalized people.

    Art history is no longer about learning the value of fine art and what it means, but rather the false historical narrative it portrays. Students are taught that they’re oppressed and there’s nothing they can do about it. They are taught to deconstruct all aspects of western society and culture so that it can no longer hurt anyone. If you’re not a member of an oppressed group, then you need to sit down, shut up, and stay out of the way. Just understand that your culture and history have done nothing but perpetuate evil in the world and that, no matter what: you will always be racist. Even if it’s only on some subconscious level you’re incapable of fully understanding.

    Another massive problem: debt. University administrators have essentially robbed their students’ future-selves. The price of tuition is increasing and students have to take out massive loans in order to pay them. More and more money is going to university administrators and the student debt is getting bigger and bigger. You cannot declare bankruptcy on these loans and they will compound against you in the future so that you’re essentially stuck paying them off for the rest of your life. In a way it’s basically a modern form of indentured servitude.

    So where can you get a real education without accumulating massive amounts of debt?

    Anyone can collaborate and discuss ideas online. If you want to learn something, you can probably find a video on YouTube about it. Just as journalists have utilized the internet to give rise to the alternative media, there are professors using the internet to revolutionize education. The unique thing about YouTube is that the people using it are genuinely interested in learning, and the content can be seen by millions of people from all over the globe. Gad Saad and Jordan Peterson are two professors that have had tremendous success on YouTube. Peterson began making videos of his lectures in 2013. Since then he has gained more than 300,000 followers, some of his videos have been viewed millions of times and he receives upwards of $50,000 a month on Patreon. It’s likely that other professors will begin to do this as well. The internet is revolutionizing education the same way it has with everything else.

    People are already turning to the internet for education the same way they are turning to it for the news. You don’t have to take out loans you’ll never be able to pay back, and you can learn about the things that are most important to you. Professors can reach a global audience and potentially make tens of thousands of dollars more than they would teaching at a regular university. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Everybody wins and nobody loses.

    So if you’re considering university either for yourself or your children, then you might be better off learning a practical job skill and pursuing an education online where you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars. Most important, you won’t have to sit in on lectures about social justice nonsense. 

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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #2

    Conditioning sucks. There’s no other way to put it. If you’re the type who actually likes to lace up the Nikes and hit the pavement for a few miles, I’m seriously concerned with what type of mental illness you suffer from. And when it comes right down to it, I’m glad your crazy ass is on my side.

    That said, conditioning is a crucial part of any good workout program. Like any type of strength training, conditioning requires progression. You don’t just get up and go run six miles on your first day. You’ll end up sore, hurt, and probably won’t be working out again for a long while.

    Science shows that with progressive strength training and shorter, more intense conditioning, the benefits far surpass traditional, low-intensity, steady-state cardio. Not only are you getting into shape, but you are metabolically conditioning your body to burn fat, even hours after you’re done working out. Side note: we are not old ladies, so we should not be training like them. We condition, we do not do cardio. No more speed-walking around the mall, gents!  

    I recently watched Zombieland, and they mention that the first rule of surviving the outbreak was cardio. (The word “cardio” is a pet peeve of mine.) It reminded me that I’d be screwed in that situation. I prefer picking up heavy shit over mindlessly jogging down the road. So to get my ass in gear, and get better conditioned in a way that brought back memories of my athletic training,  I recently added a conditioning day on my off days from strength training. This is inspired from Jim Wendler, who is a strength coach and has one “Viking Day” per week where he does badass conditioning with sleds and other implements. For this particular workout, all you need is a quarter mile track and something heavy to carry. On paper this workout looked like I’d breeze through it. But afterwards my lungs felt like they’d smoked two packs a day for the last 25 years.

    Each lap is a quarter mile. For those who do not have a track, measure it out on the street. Every lap you aren’t carrying an object, you should be pushing to increase the speed.

    1st lap – farmer’s carry

    2nd lap – ½ speed jog

    3rd lap – farmer’s carry

    4th lap – ¾ speed jog

    5th lap – farmer’s carry

    6th lap – full sprint

    After it is all said and done, you will have completed a mile and a half.

    For the “farmer’s carry” you have a few options. I like to carry my 92lb kettle bell since it’s awkward to hold especially when you’re tired. Another option I’ve used is a 5 gallon bucket and each time I complete a lap I’ll fill it up a little more with sand or water. If you have no access to heavy training implements, take a backpack, fill it full of books, bricks, rocks, anything for added weight, and get to walking. Whatever you use, I promise, your forearms will be bulging like Popeye the Sailor by the end.

    For you dedicated lifters, I recommend trying this workout as an active recovery day. The stress placed on your body should not affect the rest of your week’s workouts. If you’re not currently training, it’s time to ask yourself, “Why?” Time is not a good excuse. I have two kids. I teach classes at a start-up gym 10+ hours a day. And I still get my workouts in, even if it’s midnight. Time for a wake-up call—get on a regiment and see how you can optimize your body.

    Socrates said over 2,400 years ago, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

    Pick something physical you enjoy and go after it 100%. I recommend to people all the time, just buy a cheap punching bag, watch some YouTube videos, or hire a trainer for a couple sessions to learn the punches. Try boxing six three-minute rounds per day. You’d be surprised at the lean muscle you build and the stamina you develop. Whatever you do: kick ass, stay physically prepared for any challenge, and be consistent!  

    If you do complete this workout, give me a shout in the comments or on my Instagram page. Let me know the time it took you to finish, and what you thought.


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    5 Reasons Al Bundy Would’ve Been a Proud Boy

    Al Bundy: loving father, faithful husband, full-time employee—and for some reason, also the blithering buffoon of TV sitcom Married… with Children. Why are so many hard-working, bread-winning television fathers portrayed as incompetent idiots? Is there a deep-seated conspiracy among Hollywood elites to destroy the nuclear family? Maybe it’s because most lefties have daddy issues (see: 2016 US presidential election).

    In any case, Al loved Big ‘Uns Magazine, beer, sports, and his family. Although there’s no shortage of factors that would’ve led him to joining the Proud Boys, I’ve whittled them down to five.  


    NO MA’AM (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood) was a men’s only drinking club formed in reaction to rabid feminists shutting down their men’s bowling night. The Proud Boys are a men’s only beer drinking club created as a result of rapacious feminists shutting down any and all male-oriented fun. NO MA’AM would meet once or twice a month to discuss politics, drink beer and play sports. The Proud Boys meet once or twice a month to drink beer, talk politics and play sports.

    I’m starting to wonder if we are in danger of copyright infringement.

    To be initiated into NO MA’AM you have to recite a pledge. To gain your 1st degree in the Proud Boys you have to recite a pledge. After the pledge into NO MA’AM you will show loyalty by chugging beers until you puke. Proud Boys also chug beers until puking, but this is purely coincidental. The similarities are staggering. NO MA’AM even had a rival group FANG (Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys). Proud Boys have Antifa (sadly, FANG seems like a more worthy adversary).

    2 – FAMILY MAN

    His children were walking nightmares. His wife was an unemployed, lazy, unmotivated hole in his wallet. But heaven help you if you dared insult anyone in the Bundy clan. Al was the star quarterback at Polk High School, where he still holds the record for most touchdowns in a single game (4). That performance, in the State Championship no less, yielded plenty of colleges clammering to award him a full athletic scholarship. However, all of that was derailed after his high school sweetheart informed him that she was pregnant. He could’ve ran off to a different state and left Peggy to her own devices. But no—he didn’t hesitate to drop everything, get a job, and provide for his family. This is a recurring theme in Al’s life: his willingness to put aside his own joy for the betterment of his family. Opportunities to be unfaithful arose, but he never strayed. He understood the importance of the nuclear family, as do the Proud Boys.

    3 – BEER

    Now I know not all Proud Boys like to tip ’em back. Some are clean and sober. Al loved beer, and a large percentage of us PBs love PBRs. But like I mentioned, we do have some sober boys in the group. I’d hate to spend too much time describing a crisp, cool, refreshing Budweiser, and send someone off the wagon. Next thing you know they’re burying hookers in a field somewhere. So, I’ll move on.

    4 – SPORTS

    Who the hell doesn’t like sports? It speaks to our most animal instinct—wanting to hit things and proving we’re better than other people. Al lived in Chicago so he had da Bears, da Bulls, da Blackhawks, da Cubs, and da White Sox, to watch at any given time throughout the year. That’s the beauty of professional sports, really—they never end. There’s always something on to use as an excuse to avoid that thing the wife is nagging about.

    But he didn’t just sit on his ass and watch sports. He bowled, shot pool, played beer-league softball, and relished in the glories of his past high school football career.

    5 – THE NUDIE BAR  

    “Where the beer gives you gas, but the Bundy’s kick ass… at the nudie bar.”

    Some people might equate the nudie bar to porn… and porn leads to wanking… and there are pretty strict rules on that kind of think in the Proud Boys (wink, wink… wank, wank). But those people usually have never even been to a strip club.

    In my experience it’s usually just a group of friends having drinks with the added bonus of topless women dancing nearby. Al used it for something different entirely. He would go to ‘The Jiggly Room’ to get his libido all worked up so he could please his wife. Despite her not being terrible on the eyes, she could no longer pique Al’s interest in the bedroom due to her incessant complaining and general lack of interest in him other than when she’d been reading some romance novel.

    That’s Al Bundy in a nutshell. He enjoyed the simple pleasures every man enjoys: a cold beer, a game on the tube, and a night out with the boys. But he also realized that at the end of the day, it’s all about family and who you come home to. Nothing was more important to Al. Nothing is more important to the Proud Boys, as well.


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