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    “Fake News” will now be decided by Facebook

    Facebook is taking new, bold steps in how it’s users will be seeing the news on it’s platform. Noted Hillary supporter, Facebook C.E.O  Mark Zuckerberg assured the users of his platform in stepping up Facebook’s role in removing what some might consider to be “fake news” from all of our Facebook feeds. Facebook’s users will […] More

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    The UHURU Bar Reviews – Proud of Your Bourbon!

    “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” – Raymond Chandler Welcome to Uhuru Bar! The place where the booze flows freely. The place where we celebrate and embrace diversity of drink. We do not judge based upon your country of origin or skin tone, but rather […] More

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    A Self-Defense Primer

    OK, Proud Boys, today we’re going to talk about how to get away with killing a man. In the firearms community, there’s an endless amount of ink spilled over the latest guns and accessories. We treat our guns like Barbie dolls, always swapping out one part for another in the search for the “perfect” configuration, […] More

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    The German Connection to Anarcho-Communism

    An anarcho-communist powers on their Macbook, a gift from parents for attending such an esteemed college as Temple. But of course, they pay for that too. He logs into an email made for students to contact him about racist events on campus. Seeing a new email with a link, he opens it without thinking – […] More

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    Anti-Fa brings Violence to Inauguration Celebration

    A man  was hospitalized last night at the hands of a protestor in New York City. The protestor appeared to be  a member of the fascist neo-leftist group who call themselves “Anti-Fa“. The well attended  event was hosted by conservative personality Mike Cernovich in Hell’s Kitchen, and was dubbed  “A Night for Freedom” event taking […] More

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    Jordan Peterson wins Britain by obliterating feminist MSM Anchor

    Over here in the United Kingdom, Jordan B Peterson’s new book has shot right up the charts. This is following an interview where Dr Peterson runs rings around an oblivious and agenda-ridden Channel 4 news anchor, Cathy Newman. Newman is one of these snobby progressives who “takes on” issues like gender equality, feminism, transphobia and […] More

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    ARTICLES OF FAITH – Bad Attitude POISON IDEA – Pure Hate SS BLOCK – Power of Green DEMO ’17 by SS/BLOCK AIR – Sexy Boy BROTHA LYNCH – Return of Da Baby Killa FLIPPER – Love Canal FIST CITY – Buried Buried b/w Cryptic Transmissions (EP, 2012) by FIST CITY RUDIMENTARY PENI – The Cloud […] More

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    Why should I pretend I likeTo roam from door to doorI guess that I’ll just kill myselfI just don’t care no moreI’m not satisfiedEverything I triedI don’t like the wayLife has been abusing me (Frank Zappa, “I’m Not Satisfied”) I want to make the following case: there would be less suicides and suicide attempts if […] More

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    The History Of Heavy Metal

    AC/DC might’ve been considered Hard Rock or at best proto-metal but on February 19th, 1980 Bon Scott croaked and like the loss of Tony Iommi’s fingertips, something very metal happened. His death, caused by “misadventure”, which means he drank himself to death. Talk about the life of the party. Within the same year in 1980, […] More

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    I’m constantly told how lucky I am to be both white and male by my millennial peers, but I’ve never felt lucky in that way at any point in my life. What exactly does my skin color get me? Does it earn me generational wealth? Can it raise me out of poverty? Make me immune […] More

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    The History of Heavy Metal continued

    The 1980’s begin… Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States in 1980. From 1981-89 he sparked a nuclear arms race with his rollback policy and survived an assassination attempt. A conservative republican, Reagan slammed the door on the 1970’s and started a “war on drugs”,  Just say no was born just as crack-cocaine […] More

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    I’ll admit I’m stuck in the past when it comes to music and I’m happy to reside there. Where in the past precisely? Fifty years ago, to be exact. In my iTunes I always notice a disproportionate number of albums from 1968, a Renaissance-year in music. So to celebrate some of the many records I […] More

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