Whitehall: British Cops Swoop on Islamic Terrorist Armed with Kitchen Knives

Climate Change Strikes Again!!

A MUSLIM being watched by security services was arrested today as he made his way to the heart of Britain’s government.
The bearded young man was being monitored before Scotland Yard cops swooped in to search him, in Whitehall. They found multiple kitchen knives.
The man, whose name the police have not released, was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon and planning acts of terrorism.
While police have not released any information, anyone with a brain can work out, probably with a 99% accuracy, that the man is likely an Islamic extremist.
This alleged terrorist was just yards away from Parliament Square, where crazed ISIS maniac Khalid Masood was slain by police after he murdered multiple civilians and a police officer.
There is a lack of excitement when an attack is thwarted, usually. But this time, more people on social media seem to be giving a fuck. Probably due to the importance of the location.
However, the images of civilians fleeing for their lives amid chaotic gunfire, explosions and smoke have become far too familiar to us all now.
We know very well how this attack, from our enemy within, would have turned out.
Just imagine what savagery he could have committed, armed with giant Michael Myres-style kitchen knives against tourists, commuters, dotting politicians or children.
The people of the West will be thankful that the police snared this lunatic before he was able to, like so many others, spill the blood of innocent women, children and men.
We are all tired of hearing the same lines in the aftermath of incidents, that these terrorists have “nothing to do with Islam”. Even worse, when you argue with those who blindly accept this is “nothing to do with Islam”.
It is true that a degree of this current bout of Islamic terrorism is down to foreign policy of Britain, America and our NATO pals.
We have entered their lands and moderately increased the chaos and created a power vacuum, and I think we all wish our governments had handled the situation better.
But now we face the reality of the situation, that we are under attack more than ever before in modern times from Islam.
Even if some of this is our making, we should be striking down with an iron fist upon these evil cells of radical Islam which insist on slaughtering our innocent people.
It seems the self-hatred of Europe is willing to allow this invasion and death to occur. To what purpose? To teach ourselves a lesson? So some snotty-nosed liberal can sit back and say “well, we deserve it after all our wars!”, “we want diversity!”.
That seems to be the direction we are going, and the cries of the right are branded racist as we ask for tighter security with immigration and accepting refugees from Islamic terror heartlands.
But you have to wonder about the incident stopped today. He was apparently being monitored by security services and police as he made his way through the city.
Did they allow him to enter Whitehall in a bid to make this incident more comprehend-able, more easy to imagine, more threatening? All too often, no one gives a crap about thwarted terror attacks.
But because this one was in the heart of government, near to the attack last month, it thrusts it up the news agenda and gives the potential attack much more potency in our imaginations.
It could be a Machiavellian PR stunt by police, and I applaud them if so.
Either way, the war continues. Thankfully, this time, no one died and the police have captured alive the jihadi. Let us hope they can draw from him more information about the shadowy networks of Islam plotting our demise.
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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @juanwoods11.

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