White House reporters call for end to ‘rigged’ assigned seating #FreeTheSeats

Preferential Seating in the Press sparks debate

Journalists at the White House are demanding fair access to seats in the press briefing room, the Proud Boys Magazine can reveal.

Mike Cernovich is leading the charge against assigned seating, a policy that reserves seats for mainstream media outlets.

The restriction, he says, is a “rigged process” and that all media must be treated on “equal terms”.

The front row is graced with, from left to right, CNN, Reuters TV, ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, Fox News and NBC News.

Behind, mainstream newspapers the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and others sit in what appears to be an order to “importance”.

Even hard leftist platforms like BuzzFeed and wet liberal British newspaper the Guardian have a reserved seat for the regular briefings.

Others with White House press credentials, which ranges from newspapers, radio stations, TV networks, freelancers and alternative media are forced to stand.

Many of the alternative media outlets there are likely to have more readers than those officially seated.

On social media, Cernovich’s #FreeTheSeats hashtag is gathering some momentum.

He tweeted: “Why does WH press briefing room have assigned seating @realDonaldTrump? Let all media in on equal terms. #FreeTheSeats.”

The Washington bureau chief of The Rebel Media, Jack Posbiec, also blasted the assigned seating.

He commented: “I typically show up an hour or more early when the room is nearly empty, then get told “those seats aren’t for you.”

Social media users have chipped in and demanded all media are treated equally.

One said: “There are many honest, great reporters! The country would love if they were allowed to ask questions not just Lamestream media.”

Do you think the system is fair? Tweet your thoughts using #FreeTheSeats.


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