Islamic Terror: When an innocent car crash causes mass hysteria

The incident at the National History Museum was thought to be a terrorist attack at the time

Police have since released the driver.

A relative of mine was caught up in a frenzy in London on Sunday when a car ploughed into people outside the National History Museum.

My cousin, aged 25, explained to me how she was in a restaurant and a police cordon being extended outside of the premises.

Watching from inside, more than 40 cops in balaclavas and armed with machine guns spilled into the streets and began extending the cordon.

Shit went down, with mass fear that it was the latest in a string of terrorist attacks in the capital that have used vehicles to target pedestrians.

“Run, RUN!” cops yelled at crowds of pedestrians who RAN LIKE FUCK!

Police have since released the driver.

“Everyone freaked the fuck out and started sprinting left, right and centre. We were still in the restaurant at this point and the staff were like ‘LOCK THE DOORS, EVERYONE GET DOWNSTAIRS!’,” my cousin told me earlier this week.

“My friend and I darted out of the door and started sprinting away. All we can hear are sirens coming from all directions and helicopters above us. It was so messed up — we genuinely thought there were gunman terrorists loose.”

The police had totally lost control of the situation, she explained to me.

“I was so close to filming when the police were charging at us. I had my phone open. But, then I thought, I don’t want to be that idiot who dies ’cause they are filming — so I just ran.”

Looking back, she remarked: “Luckily, now we know it wasn’t a terrorist attack, but the police must have thought there was something going down in order to terrify pedestrians like that.”

Cops flooded the scene

This is common in Britain now — sheer terror and anarchy at what was an innocent car crash.

At the time, the police treated it as they would, a terrorist attack. And even though it wasn’t an attack, it served the same purpose, and the terror was still experienced. My dear cousin, and all of those other people, will never forget that moment.

This is despite the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, insisting Londoners will not bow to terror.

They already have, and in their hundreds, they were terrified and thought they were close to being murdered by Islamic State fanatics.

People in Britain are becoming fed up of the constant fear radical Islam causes.

Authorities respond well to attacks when they happen, but on the whole, they do not wish to tackle the problem in any lasting way, it feels.

For example, a convicted, jailed and released jihadist has been given a top local government job in Britain.

This rightly pissed everyone off but no one can really say it is surprising.

We have become so used to radical Islamists getting away with murder, literally, in our communities.

The police have done a tremendous job in tackling terrorism, would-be terrorism and handling suspected terrorist incidents.

However, the politicians in charge of the cops seems to be more concerned with tracking down those who say nasty things on the Internet.

Sometimes the police themselves appear to be more concerned with disposing of cultural icons like the British Bobby helmet transgender police officers.

On the whole, it is a depressing picture and shows little  sign of actually changing.

The terror, the apathy and the downright ridiculous way jihadists can get into our institutions looks set to continue. One day, mark my words, the European people will wake up and sort this shit out. It won’t be pretty.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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