Wheelchair-bound Muslim murders aid worker helping him

The Spanish Red Cross physio was shot down in cold blood in northern Afghanistan

A CRAZED wheelchair-bound Muslim has shot down and killed a Spanish aid worker tasked with helping him.

Lorena Enebral Perez was working for the Red Cross in northern Afghanistan when she was murdered by the shooter, aged 21.

Ms Perez, 38, who was known to be “energetic and full of laughter” died at a NATO base where she was treated for her wounds.

The murderer opened fire on the woman as she entered the consultation, and while police claim they do not know the motive, anyone with half a brain could guess.

A foreign aid centre in Afghanistan.

It would appear his incapacited state did not stop the zealot from carrying out his obligation to the Koran, to “kill them wherever you find them” (Koran 2:191, 4:89, 9:5).

The shooter rolled up to the rehabilitation centre regularly, according to the police.

He used a hidden pistol to gun down the Spanish aid worker.

While the motives of the Spanish aid worker are indeed benevolent, this lays bear the dangers of venturing deep into the Islamic world to provide aid.

The brutality of radical Islam—a fanatical and Medieval calling—knows no bounds, and tragic Lorena Perez is just the latest in a long line of kind, well-intentioned Westerners to feel the cold, brutal touch of pure Islam.

It’s not the first time a wheelchairified terrorist has made an appearance in Islamic terrorism. A propaganda video by Islamic State showed a wheelchair terrorist crucifying a “spy” in Libya.


Wheelchair terrorist
Libya: A spy is executed by a terrorist in a wheelchair.
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