What Getting Your Face Slashed Feels Like

Partying with a MAGA hat incurs violence from intolerant liberals

Jovanni Valle and Dr. Joseph Pober (photo by J.C. Rice)

Our pal, Jovi Val, got his face slashed for partying with a red MAGA hat at a launch for Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book “Dangerous.”

On July 7, around 3:30 a.m at the Bulgarian bar Mehanata on NYC’s Lower East Side, Jovanni Valle, aka “Jovi Val,” an uninsured 26-year-old, apparently dropped his hat while dancing and a woman identified as Emma Rodriguez proceeded to stomp on it. After trying to retrieve the hat her boyfriend, Leonardo Heinert, allegedly slashed his face wide open with a beer bottle and Rodriguez struck his head with another bottle.

We spoke with him to see what it feels like to have your face severely lacerated.

Cellphone shot immediately following the attack.

Proud Boy Magazine: What was going though your mind as you were getting attacked?

Jovi Val: Pain and confusion. I was being pummeled and I couldn’t help but think this might be my last day on earth. After being cut with a bottle and hit in the back of my head with another one I felt like someone grabbed me from my shoulders and threw me to the ground. I’d endured more than I could handle at that point. My body just shutdown. And they kept stomping on me repeatedly.

What happened after that?

I was rushed to a hospital where some lib quack doctor gave me a botched stitching. He had asked me what year it was and who was president of the U.S. I was bleeding all over the place. I said proudly “Donald Trump!” I guess politics proceed professionalism for Democrats. There was negligence with my care from most of these doctors. It wasn’t until the story received a little spark that it caught the attention of a great facial and cosmetic surgeon in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When he spoke to me and saw how polite and outspoken I was, I guess it gave him the heart to help me. He found us through a scope Laura Loomer put out of me showing the damage done, reaching out for any doctors willing to help someone without healthcare.

What kind of procedures did they put you through?

The surgeon redid my stitching and I haven’t even felt anything but pain since that dreadful day. I received 15 stitches on my left cheek. I had been sliced through two facial arteries and received a nasal fracture. I will need to go back for two more surgeries, as my nose and face heal. I will have a procedure done on my nose in three months and in about six months to a year I’ll have my cheek sliced and restricted.

Valle’s face will likely undergo over a year’s worth of medical treatment.

Chicks dig scars. Will this help your game?

Regardless of chicks digging scars, no one is getting slashed on purpose. But women do like to know there’s a man out there fighting for their country. So dig me—not the scars. Although it’s a rugged look, it’s not my look.

How have people around you reacted?

Many of my friends know me as this outspoken guy. So when they saw one whole side of my face nearly paralyzed they were in disbelief. As for my family, most of them remember seeing me before that night and how different my face was from before this disfigurement. I can care less what they did to me but seeing my mother cry was really upsetting. Right now I’ve been raising funds any way I can so I don’t have to pay out-of-pocket what I shouldn’t have to be wasting money on in the first place. But for some people, it’s in their best interest to try and expose the fake no matter how real someone may be. So random people are questioning all I’ve been through since they’re not as fortunate to have their nose broken and face sliced open to receive some funding. But they can question me all they want. They know deep down this is an unfortunate thing to happen for anybody.

What would you say or do to your assailants if they walked into the room right now?

I’d stare at them and say, “I don’t hate you but I am disappointed in our generation for not having the strength to overcome liberal indoctrination, which many of us broke through with ‘redpills.'” But what you did is the reason why we need to work even harder to Make America Great Again. So, thank you for that! Just next time make sure you know who someone is before you assume and decide that they’re a racist, bigot, white supremacist and sexist.”

You can show your support for Jovi Val tomorrow, July 30, in New York City at 725 5th Avenue, Trump Tower, from 11AM-4PM. UHURU!

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