VIDEO: Antifa abuse black man as race traitor in hate-filled rant

The pair heckle the man.

A video of so-called anti-fascist protesters abusing a black man as a race traitor has been viewed more than 135,000 times.

At the UK Against Hate demonstration in Manchester on Sunday June 11, a crowd watched the woman hurl abuse at the man.

The abusive woman is a part of Antifa, who dress up in black uniform to demand censorship of conservative, libertarian, patriotic views and harmless politically incorrect language.

The unidentified man being subjected to abuse had been part of the demonstration and joined others like Mohan Singh from Sikh Awareness Society, authors Mohammed Fiaz and Shazia Hobbs, Tommy English of Gays Against Sharia and The Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson.

The multi-racial protest drew together local people, Muslims, former Muslims, Christians, the LGBT community but was physically attacked by members of Antifa.

The angry woman, whose identity is also unknown, blasted at the man, saying: “You’re a traitor to your own cause. To think they [UK Against Hate] is okay! How do you work that out?”

The man replies and sets off an impressive tirade of facts and logic against the incoherent, hysterical and crazed-looking woman. He outlines how he knows well what racism is but she tells him is a Nazi and the bigoted one. On the whole, the clip lasts just over four minutes and is worth a watch to see the extent radical left-wing activists are of growing intolerance to people with any differing views to them.

You can watch it here:

Antifa have been at the centre of violence across the USA in obstructing free speech rallies, pro-POTUS and generally right of centre gatherings.

Heavy in their rhetoric is a steely defence of radical Islam and Sharia Law, whose critics they brand as racist and Islamophobic.

The event was called to protest against Sharia Law, an extreme judicial system of Islam, known to radicalise followers.

Salman Abedi bombed a Manchester gig filled with tens of thousands of youngsters, murdering 22 and injuring a further 116. The mosque he had worshipped at has its own Sharia court and has a history of providing a platform to radical hate preachers.

There are more mental videos from the day’s events in Manchester, see below:





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