VIDEO: African MPs attack each other with chairs in parliament melee

The video shows Ugandan politicians clashing over political differences

A HILARIOUS mass brawl has broken out two days in a row in the Ugandan Parliament — over a squabble to remove the presidential age limit.

Opposing sides of the house seem to disagree as the current president is 73-years-old.

It would be great if this happened more often in our Western democracies. It’s sheer entertainment. In-house fighting would add a whole new dimension to politics.

Behold, the chaos ensuing in the heart of this beautiful African democracy.

Fistfights in the Ugandan parliament for two days running

For two days running, Ugandan MPs have been physically fighting over a proposal to remove the presidential age limit.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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John Woods

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