Tommy Robinson Invades Newsroom and Confronts Lying Reporter Jack Pitts

WORKING class hero Tommy Robinson has stunned journalists when he entered their newsroom to pull up a reporter who called him “far-right” in an article, Proud Boys’ Juan Woods writes.

The Rebel Media reporter stormed into the Wales Online office with his microphone and cameraman and confronted millennial reporter Jack Pitts.


Taking the Swansea newsroom by surprise, staff looked on absolutely gobsmacked that he had turned up to ask for this justification from an incredibly nervous-looking Pitts.


Eventually, 34-year-old Tommy was forced to leave without anyone being able to provide him with a justification to being labelled far-right.

A video of the whole encounter was uploaded to The Rebel Media’s YouTube on April 27.


Tommy, entering the building, said: “What this online paper has done is classed me again as far-right. I haven’t challenged these allegations for years I should have been. There’s nothing far-right about me.


“It’s not about me, it’s about all the working class people like me who, when they try criticise or speak about their fears they’re put into a box, a box of far-right. ‘Oh, you must be far-right’, [when] many of these people have left-wing views.


“So, I am literally just going to walk into their office and tell them to justify the action they have made.”


On April 12, Pitts reported Tommy Robinson as “far-right” in his article covering an exchange he had with a Muslim on the streets of Swansea.


He penned:

“A humanitarian worker confronted the former leader of far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) just hours after returning from an aid mission to war-torn Iraq.”


Tired of being labelled something he not, Tommy entered the newsroom and began creating a complete fracas.


It was followed by cringe-worthy scenes of a office workers weirdly trying to block the camera with large brown envelopes, and a terrified-looking editor and swarm of staff attempting to usher the former English Defence League leader out of the office.


Clearly, awkward Pitts had never been confronted in such a way before, as he repeated “I won’t be doing interviews today” over and over, as if it were a regular request.


At the end of the video, Robinson added: “Not one person, how embarrassing for a newspaper. Not one person can just justify it. That’s all you need to do, justify it.”

Lying journalist Jack Pitts can be found on Twitter here and Tommy Robinson here.


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