The truth about the Tommy Robinson fight video — self-defence

The misleading footage was clipped from a longer recording showing what actually happened in what is considered a deliberate smear

A MISLEADING video of Tommy Robinson in a brawl fails to show a man provoking him and preventing him from entering his coach to leave an event.

Tommy was with his wife and pals leaving the Royal Ascot on the weekend — a fancy horse raising event where even The Queen attends — when he was being followed and harassed as a “racist” and “bigot”.

An unidentified man followed The Rebel Media reporter and for around five minutes it is understood he blocked him from entering his coach before Robinson removed him himself.

The whole incident was captured on the camera inside the coach but the video clip that surfaces shows only the brief physical encounter at the end — a deliberate attempt to smear Robinson.

In a Rebel Media video on Sunday, he appealed to readers and asked “what would you do?”, before listing countless incidents where he has been attacked following media smearing him as a racist Nazi bigot.

“Now, there has to be a line. There has to be a line. Picture this, any man watching this, any woman watching this, picture this: if you’re out with your wife or out with your husband and this is happening to you. I’m being followed, I’m being harassed, I’m being targeted — I’m about to be physically attacked. I know exactly where this is going, I’ve been here numerous times. Numerous times. I can foresee it,” he explained in the video.

A clip is then played showing the bus driver admit Tommy asked the pursuer to leave him alone and let him inside the vehicle four times.

He continued: “I’m standing there for five minutes saying leave me alone, go… None of that’s been shown, okay? Just a little snippet which doesn’t really paint the true reflection of what happened there. It doesn’t show what happened.”

Despite the video being a smear, Tommy does look cool as hell fighting in his suit.

Emphasising the media smears on him he told how journalists have built him up to be a “hate figure” and directly blamed them for the constant attacks on him.

“When I had a blood clot here [in my head] because five students attacked me in Hitchin, I went and found those five students and I knocked all of their doors, and I spoke to them.

“Do you know what? The misconception of why they hated me, they didn’t hate me for anything I’ve said. I asked, what have I said, what have I done?

They hated me because they had me built up as a Nazi, as an extremist, as a racist. But, when I went through what I believe I actually found out that we didn’t disagree on too much.

“Exactly the same with this gentleman from yesterday [Saturday].

“I’ve actually spoke to him, I’ve spoken to him today. He seems like a sound lad. I don’t actually blame a lot of people like this, who dislike me and hate me, because they’ve been lied to.

“Clearly, there’s a video of my throwing punches – what I want you to ask yourself is, why?”

Tommy Robinson has not been charged by the police following the event.

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