The BBC: Being a paedophile is just like having ADHD

The BBC continues to humiliate itself with coverage into the sexually debauched and taboo — back with promoting paedophilia again

The BBC has continued its mission to normalise paedophilia in a recent video.

Victoria Derbyshire Live posted a snippet of what appears to be a wider news package looking into the “mental health disorder”.

It features some guy called Prof. Derek Perkins talking to a female interviewer comparing people sexually attracted to children to having ADHD.

They are keen to fit in that it is not the fault of the paedophile, insinuating that it is THEY who are the victims, not the scores of children raped and exploited for child pornography.

Whether or not it is the paedophile’s fault or not is irrelevant, we cannot become lenient on child predators, who should be hunted down and imprisoned for their sick urges. They are a huge risk to children across the world.

They even chose such a weird angle and setting to portray this guy in — it’s almost a masochist vibe to the BBC’s self-indulgence of sexually debauched news features.

The BBC peeks at the paedophile professor.

It is part of a wider story telling us how paedophiles can be good people (not that anyone should care) and that they should be pitied.

The BBC has been spending taxpayers’ and licence holders’ (yes, in the UK we have to pay a TV tax “licence) on promoting paedophiles as victims for a while now.

One can wonder if the BBC continues down this path of promoting paedophilia as an ordinary condition that should be accepted, which it has been on for a while, how many children will suffer as a result.

The normalisation of paedophilia seems to be one of the latest debauched pieces of sexual identity politics being pushed by the lunatic left.

Infuriatingly, this sentiment is now rife at the top of one of the world’s biggest broadcasters.

The corporation has also been promoting incest relationships. It devoted time and care into creating a documentary about a hot little British Pakistani chick who is considering cousin marriage, and portrays it as something to aspire to, something completely normal and even benevolent.

It is hardly a surprise high profile paedophiles like Jimmy Savile and the many other child rapists, molesters and general perverts, were able to thrive for decades in the BBC.

Thankfully, the good people of Twitter have responded to this absurd video.

Here’s a cure:

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