#ThanksHazel: Undercover ‘exposure’ of new British ‘far right’ backfires

Undercover: Inside Britain’s New Far Right sparked laughs across social media and created the new hashtag #ThanksHazel, who was one of the undercover reporters

JOURNALISTS have spent nine months undercover in Britain’s “far right” only to leave with no smoking gun.

The ITV documentary Undercover: Inside Britain’s New Far Right, which aired last night (November 9), saw three chicks infiltrate the UK’s Generation Identity, Anne Marie Waters’ UKIP leadership campaign and Britain First.

Infiltrators secretly recorded Waters, Tommy Robinson, former Proud Boy Jack Buckby, GI leader in the UK Jordan Diamond and many others, but left with mundane discussions about activism, Islam, politics and the state of Europe.

Despite devoting huge amounts of resources to embed and secretly record activists, the documentary has been welcomed across social media by the groups it infiltrated.

The programme featured interviews with far-left group HOPE Not Hate members, attempting to condemn and berate those organisations they were trying to portray negatively.

Clearly, to the far-left, what they showed would not be taken well, but to a broad, open-minded audience, it does not seem like anything too unreasonable.

For example, they showed a rally where marchers were chanting “death to Muslim paedophiles”, to show how bigoted they were, but it is a message most Brits actually agree with.

Anne Marie Waters
Buckby recorded secretly.

There were other examples, like Ann Marie Waters vowing to stand up for women and girls against the Islamic rape gangs plaguing Britain.

They sought to portray her actions as motivated by bigotry, racism and hate, but it was painfully clear what her intentions were, given the scale of the problem in the UK.

The documentary showed Generation Identity, and attempted to link them to “white supremacy”, because they recognise the links between race and European culture.

It is highly recommended that one watches this documentary, as it shows how patriotic, devoted and fearless a lot of these activists are.

The hashtag on Twitter #ThanksHazel has been trending. Hazel was the fake name given to one of the undercover millennial-aged female reporters.

The general reaction on Twitter has been thrilling for the so-called “far-right”.







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