We Spoke to Street Artist Sabo Who Made Headlines Mocking Google

“Leftists are closed-minded as fuck.”

Sabo became a household name a couple years ago when his tattooed Ted Cruz artwork exploded across social media. He made headlines again on Friday for mocking Google’s recent firing of an employee who dared to write a memo misaligned with the company’s hard-lined politically correct biases. The memo may have been politically incorrect but it was factually-based. So, Sabo took the piss right outta them by throwing up posters around their Los Angeles offices. 

Proud Boy Magazine: When do you go out and put up your art?

Sabo: I don’t usually go into specifics because the last thing I need is a judge using it as evidence against me. But I’ll usually go out around 3AM because everyone’s in bed. Bars have cleared. And the only people who are up at 3AM are up to no good. As far as the Google thing goes, it’s Orwellian. People are starting to see that and that’s why everyone’s pushing back.

You’ve said Republicans are the new punk. But it seems every punk band I like nowadays is leftist. Why don’t more artists gravitate towards the Right? 

I think when people are young and they’re leaving the house for the first time, they’re just ripe for the picking. In terms of politicians, people on the Left know that kids are hellraisers and that they naturally want to to rebel. And the Left is there to just pick them up. The Right is definitely not known for anarchy and hell-raising, and they fall right into the hands of the Left.

A kid goes, “Alright I wanna be an artist . . . so I guess I’m a Democrat.” When I was growing up people wanted to be individuals. Today these young kids embrace the collective, they embrace commune living. They think being called an ‘individual’ is a bad word. I’m a bit depressed in terms of what I’m seeing in the art community. It sucks. There’s really nothing that’s biting. 

I think the Left has lost their minds. I think they’re just getting militant as hell. I think they’re getting used to throwing on masks and getting violent. I’ll be sitting at a bar having a beer and some jackass next to me has to go on about some Democrat bullshit. Next thing you know I’m having an argument and all I wanted to to do was sit down for a quiet beer. And then I’m the one getting thrown out because the bartender’s a leftist, too. It’s like that here at least. I’m not sure about where you live.

You’re in Los Angeles. I’m in the L.A. of Canada, Vancouver. I get that. 

I’ve always wondered why the fuck don’t conservatives or right-leaning people have cool cities. Y’know, if you want to leave in a place where you can go grab a bagel and some lox it always has to be some Democrat-run shithole. I’ve never understood that. I used to live in Louisiana. You wanna go fishing? Great! But here in LA, I can go to the Hammer Museum, I can go to the Getty museum, I can go the beach . . . I can do all kinds of shit. But I’ve got to sacrifice by living in a liberal area. The thing is, there are a lot of conservatives here but a lot of them just stay quiet. They keep their head down.

When I’m around a group of people in a liberal city often some asshole will just assume every single person there is also anti-Trump.

They’re almost doing you a favor because if it turns out they want to discard you for the fact you support Trump, you’re basically losing all the friends you should lose because they’re really not your friends. They’re just close-minded people that you put up with. And what winds up happening when you speak out is you end up finding your real friends. People that you probably really get along with. I was fortunate in that way because doing what I do I’ve managed to meet some of the coolest people around.

I just got a message from that Joy Villa chick, the one that was wearing that Trump dress at the Grammy’s. She’s like, “Hey this is Joy. Let’s hang out, here’s my phone number.” That wouldn’t have happened if I kept my mouth shut and stayed in a hole and kept my politics to myself. I wouldn’t meet people like her or anyone else. I met Joe Biggs the other day. Roger Stone. I could keep going down the list. After the Google [street art] hit, I didn’t even publish the first photo online and already Adam Sandler’s crew in New York fired me off a message asking, “Did you do this?” I had just got back to my place and someone in a car had snapped a photograph.

What’s that, 12 hours, and it’s already going back and forth?

No. More like four hours. Maybe five.The funny thing is, the guy who took the photos from his car, he put it on his Twitter, and he’s not even right-leaning. He’s just a regular businessman. He made a comment, “Oh, looks like someone’s not happy with Google.” Then he had thousands of likes and retweets on that one image. And then later on in the day he goes, “Hey man I’m cancelling my account for the time being. I’m getting so much hate from this photo I put out. People are calling me a Nazi.” He totally turned off his fucking account. I’m like, dude, welcome to my world.

So basically you don’t really even have to self-promote?

No not all. I don’t even have a PR guy. I mean the only thing I would push and extend myself to do would probably be the Joe Rogan show because I could see myself smoking a joint, drinking a beer, and talking shit for three hours.  

I first became open to the idea of doing interviews when I was attacked by this Leftist a long time after doing the Ted Cruz tattoo thing. He wouldn’t allow me to respond. And everyone that did respond in a positive way, he deleted. I saw that happening and decided that that’s not going to the only thing online that’s got my name on it. I’m going to start doing interviews.

I notice a pattern with the Left and their inability to take criticism, Stalinistically revising comment boards and that kind of stuff. 

That was really fatal to them in the last election. If there was one thing that Breitbart really understood it’s that there’s a lot of gold in how people respond to a story. On the Right we’re very quick to answer questions and take the heat. That’s how you get strong. That’s how you hone your argument. That’s when you learn if you’re right or wrong yourself. You’re able to look at something and say, “Oh fuck, well that sounds fucking stupid.” And then you move on to the next thing. Leftists are closed-minded as fuck.

Speaking of closed-minded, what’re you thoughts on Antifa?

They run around calling everyone that doesn’t think like them fascists. The irony is that if you were to actually ask one of them what they think they probably couldn’t tell you what a fascist is. They want to get you fired, they want to beat you up. These are the people that if I, say, ass-raped a five-year-old kid and then cut their head off and ate their heart, and wound up in jail on death row, they’d protest because they don’t believe in the death penalty. These people are full of shit. And they’ve been showing their asses for awhile. And God bless ‘em, let them keep resisting because if anything they’re just going to keep losing power.

As far as Antifa goes, they’re just a bunch of dumb kids. A lot of them are just homeless kids that people pay to hold signs and if they club someone over the head they’ll give them an extra hundred bucks. If they get thrown in jail, they tell them they’ll bail them out. That’s all they are. College students that bought into the whole communism bullshit that their professors were spoon-feeding them. They’re not serious players. I like that they’re being outed for what they are because they’re not going to be anyone’s employees. They suck in every way a person can suck. They’ll be wards of the state their whole fucking lives. Reliant on government funding, welfare, food stamps. That, or they’ll just be living on the street after their parents throw them out.

Where do you predict all this political fighting between the Left and Right ending up?

I think it’s going to be crazy. It’s already crazy and we’re only eight months in to Trump’s presidency. The Left has already weaponized every institution that they have a grasp on. Look at what Google’s doing. Look at what YouTube’s doing. Look at how militant the universities are becoming. They’re not even allowing right-wing speakers to speak. And once again, the leftists are showing their asses. 2018 is going to be a bellwether in terms of the country’s pulse. And 2020 is going to be a fucking zoo. High times for me in terms of what I do. It’s gonna get weird. Probably violent. And the Left is going to regret their decision to distance themselves from firearms because we’re the ones who’re gonna have all the bullets and all the guns.

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