State-funded Muslim school caught promoting marital rape and domestic violence in library books

Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham is to be taken over by the UK Government after a damning report

A MUSLIM secondary school in England is to be taken over by the government after books promoting marital rape and domestic abuse were found in the library.

Independent inspectors published a damning report into Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, which British taxpayers have been funding since 2001.

The plethora of failures included the death of a child following an allergic reaction, pro-rape/domestic violence books, clueless staff, a lack of background checks on staff, doting management, disruptive and disrespectful pupils and poor quality teaching.

There are many more, too, at the school with more than 750 pupils.

The books stated that a husband can beat his wife and insist on having sex with her, according to the Times.

UK Government ministers confirmed to the Daily Mail that the controversial school is to become an academy and the Department of Education will appoint new management.

The school has been under fire and locked in legal battles over its stance in segregating boys and girls, of which it has wasted tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money.

Damned Al-Hijrah perfectly exposes the failings of multiculturalism in Britain.

Those using schools like this have little to no intention of integrating or assimilating into the United Kingdom — but can we blame them?

Our governments have wantonly opened our borders and allowed millions of people to enter the UK in recent decades, flooding our towns and cities with people from these uncivilized and deeply fanatic countries in Islamic world.

Waseem Yaqub, the former Chair of the Governers at Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham

Systematically, Western societies are being eroded by this third world idiocy like in the case of Al-Hijrah School, where masses of Muslims are indoctrinated further into Islam in what is clearly a haphazard operation run by miscreants.

The fact politicians allowed an Islamic school to be formed and funded by the taxpayer in the first place is an absolute outrage.

It is a sad indictment of what is to come, schools with books teaching children it’s cool to rape your wife and batter her if you feel the need.

Who knows what else is going on in our Islamic communities, if even their schools are this deprived?




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