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Scottish campaign to teach children it’s okay to change sex gathers momentum

(Proud Boys of Glasgow)


A campaign in Scotland looking to educate children about “gender identity” in schools is gathering support from left-leaning politicians and politically correct sections of Scottish society.


The TIE campaign (Time for Inclusive Education) has become popular to align with among Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), MPs, journalists and activists.\


Just this week a members’ business “debate” was held in the Scottish Parliament about the TIE campaign and its objectives. When I say debate, I mean a stream of 100% pro-TIE MSPs virtue signalling about how tolerant they are. Essentially, a PR event in the chamber.

So popular among the progressive train of thought TIE has become, even the Scottish Government has agreed to work with it.

The objective of the main man Jordan Daly behind the TIE campaign is to bring into the curriculum lessons about issues facing gay and transsexual people, and there has been a prime focus on gender identity and gay bullying throughout the campaign’s few-year existence.

The gender identity lessons would make teachers by law tell children in the classroom they can become a girl if they are a boy, and live life as a woman if they so wish.

This is clearly dangerous, as it puts into children’s minds that it is perfectly normal, if not something to be aspired towards, to change their sex.

They could even learn about the multitude of “genders” now advertised by these trans activists, and all this new trend of “non-binary” or “gender fluid”, where you can be multiple genders in the space of a day.


Ultimately, this could lead many children and teenagers down a path where they end up having life-changing surgery to remove their genitals.

All too often, it is encouraged by a delusional parent.

One famous case in Scotland is local government politician Councillor Rosa Zambonini of the Scottish National Party, who put her 11-year-old son in a video talking about how he is transitioning to become a woman, which was picked up by national press. This drew fierce criticism towards the SNP politician, who recently announced she intends to stand for in the General Election, likely thanks to her newfound profile.

We have to ask, is it right to imbue this transgender process into the minds of very young children?

The simple fact is, there are only two genders. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere to prove otherwise.

Parents should be rightly terrified.

But who is behind this? A young gay man in his early twenties called Jordan Daly, from Cumbernauld, just outside Glasgow and his friend Liam Stevenson.

Jordan Daly has been successful in lobbying support from politicians in Scotland, with many posting pictures of them supporting the campaign in the last few years.

A majority of MSPs have signed a “pledge” to support TIE and its motives. They do this out of the burning desire to appear politically correct, and is a lot to do with their genuine lack of depth.

This could pose major problems should it manifest into policy and enter our classrooms, though.


Daly has been doing school tours, where he enters classrooms and assembly halls to teach children and young people about homosexuality and transgender “issues”.

He is literally collecting them as friends, contacts and fans as he does this. Impressionable teenagers, likely mentally ill, seeking solace.

Something is definitely not right about an adult going into schools to tell children about a path that leads to the actual mutilation of their organs.

Now, to even question this process, or “transition”, would have you called a bigot, or what has become a new trendy word for the politically correct to throw around: “trans-phobic”.

Even in schools, children are being taught not to offend trannies, and to stop using words like boy.


There is a large social justice following to this, as is with most sexuality-related causes.

Sickeningly, there is even a will among these left-leaning PC people to treat paedophiles as victims, but that is a whole other article.

Jordan Daly and the TIE campaign are doing nothing short of creating monsters of young people.

He is actively encouraging young people to enter a lifestyle where cosmetic surgery is at its core.

They may claim only very few numbers actually undergo surgery, but they all fill themselves with puberty-stopping or altering drugs with a long-term goal of slicing their penis into pieces to form a vagina.

The construct they end up with is nothing like a vagina, and never will be. The surgical hacking, stitching and sewing to fit together some sort of blood-ridden, oozing axe-wound they have the cheek to call a “vagina”. This is the sick lie being fed to young people.

There is a popular animation of this, and it could turn the strongest of stomachs. But don’t grimace… That would make you transphobic, and that is intolerant and bigoted, apparently. They even want to make it a crime.


Thankfully, in Scotland, we have a bulwark against this move, called the Catholic Church. Due to Catholic education being incredibly popular in Scotland, the church has a lot of clout in influencing the curriculum and can essentially veto this move. Thank God.


What the TIE campaign also wants to do is stop “hate speech” and anti-gay bullying in school. Yes, that’s correct not support people being bullied for being poor, fat, ugly, disabled or whatever, but for being gay. There are a plethora of reasons people are bullied, and they don’t merit legislation.


This ambition to stop “gay bullying” in schools through legislation is another attempt by censorship-obsessed social justice advocates. I fail to see how any law will stop a very natural process in a teenager’s life: being a little cunt.


We have all been there and look back, and think “wow, I was a dick”. Some might not, but many will.


The facts are, being gay is different. There are very few gay people in comparison to straight people, so when young people see this, they are rightly confused. Some, even may be confused because they are gay themselves, and some just because they find it weird.


It’s bizarre and out of the ordinary, and I say that as a man attracted to hot men. It’s easy to consider why people would find it fucked up and unnatural.


What Jordan Daly wants to do is stop youngsters from being youngsters.

Again, it is this desire to control the minds of our children by filling their mind with left-wing, social justice dogma.


It’s typical of the left, always wanting to control.

The campaign has created all sorts of insane statistics, based on a tiny sample of 200 or 300, saying 27% of LGBT people have tried to kill themselves. That is clearly not true.

Like all social justice warriors, Daly is just trying to impress others and seem more virtuous. He laps up the attention from these politicians, a quick look at his Facebook can tell you.

This is what is happening with the politicians supporting the TIE campaign. They are desperate to appear tolerant, accepting and anything but “hateful” of minorities. They are just so desperate to look different than the right-wing Tory Party, who are “racist” and “xenophobic” for various outlandish and exaggerated reasons.


One can wonder if politicians like Christina McKelvie MSP or Tom McArthur MSP have put any thought at all into what teaching children to cut their dicks off and live as girls could really do to these impressionable youngsters?


After a sex change operation, many trannies get depressed and many kill themselves.

Natural selection kicks in, evolution, Darwinism if you will, and gets rid of them.

This could easily happen to the child of Rosa Zambonini, if she allows her “daughter” to transition into a man, at the age of 11. Who knows what the strength of this indoctrination and delusion would be in, say, seven years time?


The human race was not built by idiots who are so deranged they slice their own dicks off. Mother Nature does us all a favour by inducing this natural reaction, to become morbidly depressed and end it all. It’s one broken human gotten rid of, that won’t infect a further generation and lead to the ruin of the tribe.


That sounds harsh, but anyone who is stupid enough to cut their dick off does not deserve to live on and influence the world around them. It’s actually better they kill themselves.


In Scotland, the TIE campaign may grow in strength. Empowering minorities is the trendy thing right now.

But thankfully, the Church can stop this for now. I hope dearly that common sense prevails.


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