Brexit has made J. K. Rowling ‘depressed’ — HAHAHAHA!

It’s been too much for the Harry Potter creator but she might just be cured now by pictures of OTTERS!

The irritating billionaire author of Harry Potter has announced to the world she is now depressed because of Britain’s upcoming departure from the European Union.

After you have stopped laughing, you may continue with the article.

J. K. Rowling also credited the official Labour Party opposition for turning into a Jeremy Corbyn (their leader) personality cult for causing her to descend into melancholy.

The vote last June and the aftermath has just been too much for the creator of Dumbledore, who has worked herself into a frenzy over Brexit and Donald Trump in the last year.

At least our bootless British Prime Minister Theresa May has ONE achievement since taking office, in crushing J. K. Rowling into despair.

However, all is not lost, because J. K. has asked for her followers on Twitter to send her pictures of otters to cure her depression.

Several thousand otters later, it might be that tragic J. K. has overcome her state of melancholy.

Could it be, the rich liberal elite can be cured of their ailments by animated GIFs of otters?

Despite the deluge of sycophantic responses, a few sensible comments have been left under her confession of depression.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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