Poland just held Europe’s biggest ever patriot rally

More than 100,000 march for Polish identity and warn Europe to WAKE UP to Islamisation

FAMILIES turned out to march for their national identity in a period where Europe is suffering back-to-back terrorist attacks as a result of mass illegal migration from the Islamic world and Africa.

Poles waved their national flag, sang songs and held banners begging the rest of Europe to wake up from the massive threat Islamisation poses to the continent.

The event is understood to be the biggest patriot rally in Europe in recent history.

Historically, the Poles have been some of the most oppressed people, being taken over by higher powers, but always struggling through and maintaining their thousand-year history.

Now Poland has its independence, its people are celebrating their heritage and sending a warning to the rest of Europe, especially Western states suffering from mass Islamic migration.

We Proud Boys are VERY proud of our Poland, and we at the UK chapter very proud to have a Pole in our ranks.

Tommy Robinson of The Rebel Media was reporting from the ground and has published an excellent overview of the event.

"Do polskiego narodu należą spolszczeni Niemcy, Tatarzy, Ormianie, Cyganie jeśli żyją dla wspólnego ideału Polski (…) Murzyn lub czerwonoskóry może zostać prawdziwym Polakiem, jeśli przejmie dziedzictwo duchowe polskiego narodu (…) i jeśli ma niezłomną wolę przyczyniania się do rozwoju bytu narodowego Polaków.". z myśli Wincentego Lutosławskiego

Posted by Narodowcy RP on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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