NICKED: Lucian's mugshot.

Persecution of conservative speakers continues with Lucian B. Wintrich arrest

The Gateway Pundit reporter was arrested for grabbing back property stolen from him by a protester

MORE and more conservative commentators are being harassed, attacked and hounded upon by groups of far-left agitators looking to censor events they disagree with. Last night is the latest example that lays bare how institutions are geared against right-wingers.

Journalist Lucian Wintrich has been arrested for grabbing back notes containing his speech that was stolen from him by a college professor.

The 29-year-old was speaking at UConn College Republicans event ‘It Is Ok To Be White’ when the lecture was interrupted by communists and social justice warriors.

A video shows a woman approaching the the Gateway Pundit reporter’s podium, grabbing a piece of paper and moving to leave. Lucian then followed the woman, grabbed her, trying to retrieve his property. Check it out below, and please ignore the SJW caption:

As a result, he was arrested and charged with a breach of the peace.

Mayhem ensued as the far-left/SJW students spun out of control, with Fox News reporting:

A commotion then ensues, involving Wintrich and numerous audience members. Campus police then quickly step in and take Wintrich to a nearby restroom.

According to the Chicago Tribune, windows in the area were shattered and UConn police were investigating a smoke bomb that was set off outside the lecture hall.

Approximately 100 students waited outside for Wintrich to be brought out by police. Instead, he was brought out through the back of the hall and placed into a police cruiser, with many students chased after it, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The fake news media and far-leftists on social media have already started spreading lies about the incident, claiming he “assaulted” a woman.

However, the evidence is all there on video for people across the US and Western world to see. We cannot stand for this treatment of right-wing commentators.

A more extensive report into the night can be found on Gateway Pundit’s website.


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