Mom explodes at ‘sexist’ child’s sweater

Debbie Dee from Scotland’s post went viral and sparked a furious debate about gender

A SCOTTISH mother has lost the plot over an item of child’s clothing saying “boys will be boys”, Juan Woods reports.

Crackpot Debbie Dee was visited ASDA supermarket in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, in the north east of Scotland, when she made the shocking discovery.

Outraged, she took a picture and uploaded it to Facebook in a bid to attract public support, on May 15. Sadly, she has since deleted the viral post — but not before screenshots and comments were saved.

The rant was seen by thousands on Facebook.

She fumed: “Quite literally gobsmacked and raging to see this in Asda Huntly! This is so damaging and we cannot possibly still be spouting this nonsense to our children.”

Ms Dee then posted links into the comment section explaining why “boys will be boys” printed on the garment made her explode with rage.

Debbie Dee found the item in a supermarket in Scotland.

She then called on social media users to email the supermarket’s customer services to complain.

The bizarre outburst has attracted the attention of thousands, garnering more than 4,000 reactions and 6,000 shares and 100 comments.

However, it seems to have had the opposite effect, with most of the reactions being laughing faces.

Shocked Lorri Oxton commented: “More than sexist, its potentially dangerous mindset for both men and women. Not what our kids should be taught as acceptable or our youngsters. Well done debs for catching this, I’m quite disgusted!”

Friend Adele Hosie was equally distraught.

She posted: “You should share this on some of the pages that post links to the articles you have linked Debbie – get as big an audience as possible.”

The slogan was called ‘DANGEROUS’

Mum Shona Singer was just confused.

She asked: “I saw this shared on a mums page so just wanted to ask what the problem was with the jumper – out of genuine curiosity, not being a troll! I’m against gender stereotyping/sexism/discrimination of any kind… but I worry that getting upset about things like this muddy the water and then mean that real sexism is treated as more hysteria. Would love to understand the reasons behind being offended by the phrase.”

Farn Moldaschl responded, and said “boys will be boys” could cause her children to grow up as rapists.

She said: “My neighbour excused her four boys surrounding my 6-year-old daughter and trying to force her to kiss them as ‘boys being boys’. If they hear that, have it given to them to wear as a badge of honour, almost, then it’s easy to see how it breeds entitlement and feeds into rape culture.”

Shona hit back with some common sense, and said: “I appreciate the correlation between the phrase and some unwanted behaviour, but by that logic would you be upset by every t-shirt branding a little girl ‘Princess’ and the negative connotations that go along with it?

“I’d be more upset by the fact you’re getting two jumpers for £6 and they’re probably being sewn together by people working under horrendous conditions in Bangladesh.”

Feminist Carrie Pants Paterson insisted “boys will be boys” leads to men sexually abusing and raping women by the age of 18.

Donna Massie criticised her outlandish view, and said: “Carrie Pants Paterson you really have a distorted view of the male species, I don’t know what’s happened to you in your life, but every boy and man in my life would never hurt or abuse a woman because that’s the way they have been raised.”

The comments were gold and shows there is a large bastion of women challenging the feminist world view, who judge men through a prism of rape culture.

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