Katie Hopkins triggers thousands with ‘Dear White People’ joke

P.C. Britian Looses Mind

HILARIOUS Katie Hopkins has triggered thousands of snowflakes with one of her latest jokes about the new Netflix show, Dear White People.
The TV and radio personality tweeted the cover of the show and commented: “Dear black people. If your lives matter why do you stab and shoot each other so much.”
As usual, her gag was taken literally by a swathe of SJWs who thrive on “hate speech”. Yet another Change.org petition has been created, demanding Hopkins be removed from her position at LBC radio.
Scores of liberals who disagree with her conservative views have taken to the comments section to demand she is censored from the public.
The irony of the gag about Dear White People is clearly lost on Joanna Hanson from London, who said: “I’m black and have never shot or stabbed anyone. Stop generalising races!!!”
It follows criticism of the new show, that it shows the double standards of political correctness. Many have taken to Twitter to discuss this apparent hypocrisy with the left, with one guy saying:
The petition against Katie, which has had little success, states in hyperbolic language: “This is unacceptable and vile. Yes, freedom of speech is important but her tweet was an unfounded and deeply hurtful racist remark.”
Sadly, Katie – who does like to fly very close to the sun with her triggerings – did delete the tweet, but thankfully a lot of screenshots remain for the masses to enjoy.
The over-reaction is Katie’s latest prodding of the politically correct leftist social media horde. Sadly for them, this is why LBC employs her, for her firebrand views and statements.
Once, she purposely got fat in order to prove it’s easy to lose weight if you really want to, just to piss off body positivism feminists.
Some of Katie’s popular comments can be found here.
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