French Government Reported to Have Blocked 4Chan

Possible Big Brother backlash to leaks surrounding Macron

The French government has apparently blocked 4Chan after major leaks from presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron were dumped via /pol/.

The latest leaks reveal emails from Macron and staff, as well as documents and spreadsheets dating back “decades,” according to Jack Posobiec of The Rebel Media.

On Infowars, Posobiec told presenters that the French media claims the leaked documents are “fake news.” He said he is being sued by the French government for talking about the leaks online.

Posobiec believes pro-Le Pen forces have been waiting to release this before the election, saying, “They’re doing everything they can to get rid of her, and the people on the other side are fighting back.”

He commented that citizens of France could be fined for sharing links to /pol/ and said there is a media blackout on the story.

It is understood that the leaks are not hacked but passed out by someone with access to the sensitive documents.

On May 4, a small batch of documents were released by an anonymous source through 4Chan, followed by the giant leak today.

Disobedient Media reported:

“Files from the release are reported to have been sent to members at Chicago Hacking Conference THOTCON, who have verified their authenticity. Analysts who examined portions of the release say that the owners of the email accounts were practicing very poor security and appeared to have been targeted by a number of hacking methods, including spearphishing and bruteforce attacks. Staff members whose emails are contained in the leak include Quentin Lafay, Alain Torret and Pierre Person, among others. The cache of documents appears to be incredibly large and contains emails spanning back to over a decade ago. The original leaker of the emails is currently unknown.”

The cache is currently exploding on social media and, depending on the outcome, could significantly impact Macron’s share of the vote on Sunday’s presidential election.

Neither Macron nor Marine Le Pen, the National Front candidate for president, have responded to the breaking news. There does not appear to be any coverage in mainstream media outlets at the moment.

This story is developing.

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