Exposing Feminist Lies: Zero reported rapes on most US colleges in 2015

Claims that college campuses in America are bastions of rape culture and misogyny have been rubbished in latest statistics.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) published an analysis of data from the DOE showing 89% of colleges in the US reported no incidents of rape in 2015.

The report states: “Eighty-nine percent of college campuses disclosed zero reported incidences of rape in 2015. With about 11,000 campuses providing annual crime data, an overwhelming majority of schools certified that in 2015 they did not receive a single report of rape.”

According to reported incidents, 91% of campuses had no domestic violence; 90% had no dating violence and 87% had no stalking incidents.

Still, feminist campaigners claim more than one in five women are the victims of sex attacks in college campuses.

To contextualize, the number of women who have called a sexual violence helpline in England in Wales is 171,000 between 2015 and 2016. The combined population of England in Wales is 56,075,912 and let’s say women are 50% of that for argument’s sake, 28,037,956. So, that would mean 0.6% of women, less just over one in every 200 women have even called a helpline. And, 5% of those calls were men, too.

The danger of rape in US college campuses is apparently even worse than Botswana, where in 2009 4.9% of 1,244 women aged between 13 and 24 reported having being raped in their lifetimes.

The figure does match rape culture with displaced women in Colombia, which is reportedly one in five, a report says.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamic Law allows there to be no written law which specifically criminalizes rape or prescribes its punishment. The UN and observers have considerably investigated sex crimes in the country.

Even in 1988, before third wave feminism, is it understood men raped 2.19 per 100,000 population, according to Transnational and Comparative Criminology. That’s 0.02%, which does seem oddly low, though. One wonders why.

In India, there were 33,580 recorded rapes in 2013. Around 1.311 billion people live in India, let’s imagine half of these are women, at 655,500,000.

It is often thought that up to 66% of rapes go unreported. Let’s raise it higher, that 90% of rapes go unreported and times 33,580 by 10 and say there were 335,800 rapes in India in 2013. This would mean 0.05% of women were raped. This is a far cry from 20% of women being sexually assaulted in some way or another in college campuses in the UK.

Is anyone really going to believe the statistics feminist organizations come out with at these universities?

Even the US Department of Justice reported crimes, in the civilized, first world America, reports most campuses have zero reported rapes. What’s zero times 10? Yes, ZERO!

Anyway, the point is, the feminist and progressive sections of society like to fight for “equality” now, in order to gain influence, power, money, social status or whatever it is they seek.

It is important to point out the statistics they use to shame those with “institutional power” are actually lies.

Those white males they so dearly hate, with “institutional power”, have legislated across the Western world that rape is punishable with decades behind bars. They have made it one of the worst crimes a man can commit.

Across the world, we are the safest places for women to be, and because of it, women prosper and we have the most female world leaders and politicians.

Yet, a barrage of racism, sexism and class-ism is thrown at half of society because of fake statistics and power-hungry political and cultural figures of the left.

No one here is whining, but simply pointing out the hypocrisy in the progressive sectors’ pursuit of power and influence. They commit everything they purport to fight against.

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Written by John Woods

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