Cucked cops fed chips to illegal immigrant and post virtue signalling selfie

As America is busy mass deporting, our cops in Britain are buying dirty aliens chips

Look how pleased they are with themselves, posing with an alleged criminal.
Look how pleased they are with themselves, posing with an alleged criminal.

CRINGE-WORTHY cops in Britain have posted a grinning selfie with an illegal immigrant they picked up.

The Leicestershire Police officers seemed to take great delight feeding the starving African who they said had not eaten in days.

This is just another hideously cuckold moment for the British police – especially when you consider how President Trump is handling illegal aliens right now.

Also, Hungary just made it a criminal offence to help illegal immigrants not applicable to asylum.

The Telegraph reported: “Under the provisions of the new law, dubbed the “Stop Soros law”, it becomes a criminal offence to carry out “organisational activities” that assist immigrants not entitled to protection with asylum requests, and to help people “residing illegally in Hungary” to get a residence permit.”

And here we are in Britain…

Just look at them, with their little plastic forks. Isn’t it awful!?

Britain’s state is seriously afflicted with this ultra progressive bullshit, and includes regular measures like seminars promoting Islam and transgenderism in the police.

God-smacked members of the public have been savaging the police on social media for their recent progressive stunts.

Here’s some of the best tweets about the virtue signalling selfie.

Of the latest crap coming from the cops, this is probably the worst:



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