EU to sue Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic for refusing to take refugees

Legal proceedings have begun that could see the three nations face heavy financial penalties

UNELECTED European Union bureaucrats are targeting Poland, Hungry and Czech Republic after the countries refused to allow in thousands of asylum-seekers from the Islamic world.

The EU Commission — made up of appointments from each Member State and considered the executive of the EU — is now taking legal action against the three eastern European nations.

In September 2015, interior ministers of the EU Member States approved a controversial plot to relocate a further 120,000 migrants across the continent within two years, adding onto the 40,000 agreed in May of the same year.

However, Romania along with  the Hungarians, Czechs and Poles voted against the unusual decision, that would over ride the sovereignty of Member States. The vote passed and by EU law they would be obliged to accept the result.

Hungary built a fierce razor wire fence to keep out hordes of violent third world Muslim men. (AFP)

It follows the visible effects mass migration from the Islamic world on Germany and Sweden, where sexual crimes have skyrocketed, along with assaults, robberies and antisocial behaviour, from non-German and non-Swedish residents.

At the same time, Islamic terrorism is rocking Europe and savvy Eastern Europeans are wanting to avoid the same fate happening to them. Hungary has even erected an impressive and foreboding border fence to keep out hordes of Muslims entering Europe.

The mass migration is mostly African and Asian migrants from impoverished countries seeking a bountiful yet illegal existence in Europe. Some are also those fleeing the civil war in Syria. Most have arrived via rafts from Africa and the Levant.

The EU Commission’s Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the three countries had ignored “repeated calls” from the EU’s executive to take their share.

“I regret to see that despite our repeated calls to pledge to relocate, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland have not yet taken the necessary action,” Mr Avramopoulos, told journalists.

The Polish government has point-blank refused to take in the said quota – despite agreeing to in 2015 before a change in government.

Rafal Bochenek, Polish government spokesman, said: “Each decision to relocate groups of migrants encourages thousands or millions more at the borders of Europe, to come to Europe, to get on boats and pontoons and risk their lives to reach the European continent.”

The European Commission is made up of commissioners appointed by each 27 Member States.

The Czechs and Hugarians also told they were not going to play ball with the EU on this one.

Due to stiff resistance, the EU Commission is beginning infringement proceedings against the three Member States, it announced in a statement.

A spokesman said: “The Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for breaching their legal obligations and their commitments with regards to Greece, Italy and other Member States.”

The first stage of the infringement proceeding will see the EU Commission send letters of formal notice inviting the disobedient countries to submit their observations within two months.

These observations will then be responded to by the Commission, which will let the Member States know if they have persuaded them to change their mind on the matter.

The Member States then get a chance to accept the ruling of the Commission once again within two months before being taken to the European Court of Justice – which is basically the Supreme Court for the EU – whose judgement is apparently binding.

If they fail to adhere to what the ECJ orders they will likely face a fine of some sort.

The whole saga will not sit well with the former Soviet satelite states who have become very sceptical of the EU in recent years.



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