‘Environmentalist’ Glastonbury Festival goers leave 500,000 sacks of litter

Double standards of the leftist festival revealed as army of litter pickers descend on site for SIX WEEK clean-up

SNOBBY Glastonbury Festival goers, all too often concerned with the environment, have left behind a bio-hazard at the event’s gigantic site in Somerset, England.

The clean-up operation is predicted to last six weeks, cost £785,000 and amass an army of 800 litter pickers to somehow sort out.

The festival is an annual pilgrimage for urban liberal, middle class, social justice concerned, annoying millennial, green-fingered, vegetarian, recycling toss-pots and media-hungry z-list celebrities.

This is the same class of people who enforce political correctness upon millions of people, whether in their social circles or for the more high profile ones, via their public influence.

And what is infuriating about it is these people will return to their daily lives and soon begin pontificating to the masses about political and cultural matters, such as environmentalism.

Without a hint of irony, NME columnist Leonie Cooper wrote after the festival, as images of the aftermath dominated the media: “Glastonbury has always been a political festival, championing environmental issues, left wing activism and pushing for peace via the Greenpeace Field and Left Field, but 2017 was even more passionate than usual.

You couldn’t make it up.

Welcomed like the messiah, Jeremy Corbyn and his grand apostle John McDonnell MP entered, and became the first opposition party leader to deliver a speech at Glastonbury.

BBC Radio 1 even tweeted that Corbyn “aced” it, before it was swiftly deleted, with the broadcaster being accused of creating “left-wing propaganda” at the festival.

These same wankers will hysterically criticise “The Tories” for signing a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, who are “CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS”, while nursing their hangovers from days of destroying the British countryside at “Glasto!”.

They capitalise off de-legitimising and demonising the people who criticise mainstream environmental ideas — all for their own crappy media careers or social media presence.

It is raw and rank hypocrisy, and ordinary people will be sickened at this decadence, which is representative of the double standards of British liberals, obsessed with virtue signalling and political correct views.

The scenes at Glastonbury match up to many other liberal and pro-environmental marches and events where attendees have left a complete and utter mess behind.

For example the aftermath of Houston Pride Parade left the streets strewn with bottles, pizza boxes, cups, straws, cans and a whole load of plastics and environmentally-unkind materials.

Or, the world wide “Women’s March” which left the environment soiled with litter.

They are a disgrace, these people. They sit upon their high horses, talk down to ordinary people and masquerade as superior beings with higher moral fibre than the rest of us.

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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @realJohnWoods.

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