English police force ditches helmets in hopes of recruiting more transgender people

That thing protecting your head may also hurt your feelings.

British policing’s iconic symbol is getting ditched by a force in England—in hopes of recruiting more transgender people.

Northamptonshire Police is planning on replacing the “gender-based” custodian helmet with baseball caps in June.

A spokesman from the force told the Daily Mail: “Engagement has also shown that having to choose gender-based headgear is a barrier to the non-binary transgender community joining the police service.”

The Metropolitan Police began using the custodian helmet in 1863, which was based on the spiked helmet wore by the Prussian army.


This politically correct move will confine the world-famous symbol of British bobbies to the history books and museums, and has already been carried out by two other English police forces. They also claim it will be more practical for officers.

Not far away, in Wales, Dyfed Powys Police have confirmed it is following a similar path in its setting up of a ‘Gender Identity Working Group,’ to make the force more transgender-friendly. Some recommendations include making cells “gender-neutral,” and barring the use of gendered terms like policeman and policewoman.

The Mail also reports call handlers will be given language training so they do not offend people on the phone.

Another attack on British culture and identity, in the name of progressive social sciences that invite a plethora of alien identities and beliefs to the modern Western world.

Despite “gender identity” being the latest trendy obsession of the Left, there is no medical evidence supporting it. An article in the Daily Caller analyses a recent scientific journal researching the new phenomenon, essentially rubbishing tolerance and feelings-based statuses.

Why on earth are police forces making massive changes to their traditional identities for such a microscopic section of society?

Where I am from, politically correct Scotland, a report funded by the Home Office shows 20 in 100,000 people are “transgender”—that is 0.02% in 2011.

Of course, that figure is subject to change because of how trendy it appears to be to identify as one of the dozens of new genders advertised by left-leaning organisations.

Even if it was higher, it is truly amazing public bodies like police forces are willing to make such drastic changes for 20 in 100,000 potential applicants.

The mental health of transgender people is also something to be considered prior to inviting them into our police forces. A report claims half of them in the UK have tried to kill themselves.

Not really the sort of people we should be inviting to safeguard society and handle deeply confidential information. The exact opposite people who should be trusted to handle this role.

It feels like Britain, and much of the West, is going absolutely bonkers.

A move like this is the latest brick being pulled out of our cherished British culture and identity. Together, transgender rights activists, feminists, Islam and its sycophantic beta male servants are ruining the Western world that real men, supported by real women, spent centuries building.

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