Emotionless Muslim mayor admits 200 ISIS fighters have returned to London — and he has no idea where they are

LONDON’S mayor has told how an estimated 200 Islamic State fighters have returned to the city under his watch.

This Morning presenters were left stunned at the prominent Muslim politician’s answer and repeatedly asked him where they are.

His face remained stony and un-animated until he was able to have a pop at Donald Trump’s tweet, where he sprung to life to criticise the “Muslim ban”.

COLD: The Mayor is interviewed by Piers and Susanne.

However, interviewers were left shocked when questioning the mayor on the location of ISIS fighters.

“How are we letting people back into the UK who haven’t just been trained, they have actually fought potentially against our troops? How are we letting them back in without knowing exactly where they are and exactly what they’re up to? Because, out of all the thousands of people we’re concerned about, surely those who have actually gone to fight are the biggest risk,” presenter Susanna Reid asked.

Sadiq Khan – who said terrorism is “part and parcel” of life in London – then dodged the question and attacked the government for historic cuts to front line policing in the United Kingdom.

Piers Morgan, co-presenter, then asked of the returned ISIS fighters: “Why is it not the number one priority? Why are these people just allowed to come back in in the first place and the London mayor doesn’t seem to have a clue where any of them are? No disrespect to you, but where are they?!”

Presenters were visibly disturbed by the number of jihadists in the UK returned from the battlefield.

Khan responded by dodging the question and focusing on attacking the UK Tory government on policing finances and simply describing the job. He failed to answer why and how the terrorists have returned and where they are.

The silver-tongued politician said: “We’ve got a number of problems. One is of course the people coming in from overseas, we’ve got to tackle that. We’ve also got an issue in this country. People who are born and raised here who have these perverse, poisonous views which we’ve got to tackle as well. The job of the police is not simply following those who come here from Syria and Iraq and around the world, but also keeping an eye on those people are here. But, that means we’ve got to give them the resources and the support they need.”

He failed to describe the problem as related to Islam. Tory PM Theresa May uses the term “Islamist” extremism. Very few politicians step into “Radical Islam”.

Khan has been under fire in the past for family connections to radical Islam extremism.

Katie Hopkins, conservative columnist and fireband, commented on the interview, saying: “He appears to show no conception of the horror our capital city is facing, keeps repeating London is the safest city in the world, and refuses to connect the glaringly obvious dots between Islamic Extremism and the attacks on our children.”

Later, she blasted the authorities for the lack of real action against terrorism in the UK.

Katie wrote: “Or is it a change in mentality we need? Less diversity training maybe at £75,000-a-head the leads to police pussy-footing about for fear of causing offence?

“Our police forces have already become politically-correct bureaucracies where promotion relies on saying the right platitudes and attending the right courses rather than necessarily being any good at, say, actually catching crooks and killers.

“Is that’s what happened to our much more shadowy secret services too? Who’d bet against it?

“It is all very well calling for more officers, but even the ones we have are prevented from working effectively by their bosses complicit in the silencing of the truth.”

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