Crucified for Being Crass

Bill O’Reilly Leaves Fox

After a 21-year run Fox News has given Bill O’Reilly the boot over allegations of sexual harassment. Settling out of court with a public that assumes the worst in any case involving alleged sexual wrongdoing, he’s not the first high-profile Bill in recent past to get in hot water. And Snoop Dogg wants them both to suffer.

However the main difference between the Benighted Bills (O’Reilly and Cosby) is one of harassment vs. assault. One tends to be a matter of interpretation while the other is of penetration. One is word-based and the other is rape-based. Whereas O’Reilly called one of his staff ‘hot chocolate,’ Cosby forced women to get hot on his chocolate.


While O’Reilly may very well have been laying his bricks inappropriately—is it possible to NOT lay a brick at least just a little inappropriately, by the way?—the fact remains that he is a champion of the anti-PC cause. O’Reilly has said himself for years that “the sexual harassment thing is used as a club…by many women.” And Bill’s loudmouth makes him a YUGE target.

Ya run yer mouth and we’ll run ya out is the way she goes at most companies these days. But the things that people hate him for saying are precisely the same things others love him for. Media Matters just posted a breakdown of Bill O’Reilly’s “worst moments” that could actually read as his greatest hits:

Like when he said he couldn’t “hear a word Rep. Maxine Waters said because of her James Brown wig.”

Mean but true.

It goes on and on, citing quotes of his that are basically just offensive takes on the truth, like his shaming of the poor and homeless, characterizing them as lazy drug users. True again. Sure, crippling mental illness, for instance, can be factor, but it would be bizarre to call all hoboes ‘sober and hardworking’.

He might be guilty of hyperbole, but he certainly isn’t wrong. He’s a rattler of cages. That’s his shtick. He’s Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino and if you ride your bike too close to his front lawn, he’ll tell you what’s what. Maybe even spray you with the hose.

He may have gone too far with calling the interns “sweetheart” and “doll.” He may have clumsily mistaken the boardroom for the locker room on a couple occasions. But it doesn’t appear that he ever got handsy with these women. Ultimately, it appears he’s being crucified for the sin of being crass.




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