Cosmopolitan under fire for twisting Manchester Sikh kindness to Islam

The magazine has since deleted all evidence but failed to issue an apology

Cosmopolitan magazine is facing criticism for being caught in what is believed to be distorting the truth in a bid to show Islam in a positive light following a radical Islamic terror attack in Manchester.

The magazine asked a Twitter user to use a photo of a Sikh taxi driver offering free lifts to those affected by the horrific incident on Monday night.

The post clearly showed the man was Sikh but the magazine re-posted referring to the driver as a Muslim, in what is being criticised as a misleading “agenda to show Muslims are kind and caring”.

The night before Muslim suicide bomber targeted children in an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester Arena and detonated an IED, killing 22 and seriously injuring 59 others. Many young people are still missing following the attack.

The bloodshed has sparked outrage against the followers of radical Islam and the sedated Islamic population of Britain criticised for turning a blind eye to terrorism

Tweeter Harjinder S Kukreja posted a photo of a Sikh driver and his taxi with a ‘free taxi’ poster in his rear window.

Kukreja said: “Not just Gurudwaras in Manchester offering victims food and accommodation, this Sikh cab driver is offering free service to the needy.”

Mylan Torres from Cosmopolitan magazine then tweeted him asking if she could use the content of the tweet to which the original poster said he allowed.

Not long after, the image of the taxi driver, who is unnamed, is posted to Cosmopolitan’s Twitter page captioned: “Muslim Taxi Drivers Took Kids Trying to Escape the Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Home for Free.”

It was in fact one Sikh and not multiple Muslims, adding another error to the post.

YouTuber and conservative personality Baked Alaska posted the contrasting screenshots showing how Cosmopolitan changed the religion of the man.

He said: “Cosmopolitan knew this guy was Sikh, but purposely changed it to push their agenda that Muslims are kind and caring.”

While some attribute the factual error to stupidity of Cosmopolitan’s staff, others have agreed with Baked Alaska, that it is an effort by a likely politically correct editor looking to virtue signal in some way, to misrepresent facts in a bid to help a guilty Islamic community.

Twitter user @DrPoujade said: “It is grossly insulting for Sikhs, who are massively appreciated decent people.”

Another, @BasedKielbasa, added: “People should educate themselves about the Sikhs. There’s not a better community of people out there.”

Heritage Daily News (@HeritageDailyN) commented: “Disgusting.Preying on the uneducated & uninformed. Instead of using their platform to educate.”

Cosmo has since deleted the tweet but failed to issue a public apology. Proud Boys Magazine has contacted Cosmopolitan’s press office for a comment.

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