Comparing Finsbury Park Mosque attack to Islamic terrorism is dangerous

Suspected lone wolf Darren Osborne, 47, is being questioned by cops

It is not hard to imagine there might be a backlash from three months of brutal radical Islamic terror in Britain.

Last night, a man was killed and 10 more injured when a white van careered into a group of Muslims at Seven Sisters Street near Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

Darren Osborne, 47, from Cardiff has been arrested for terrorism offences and attempted murder. He reportedly said he wants to “kill all Muslims” during the incident.

Scene of the crime at Seven Sisters Street in London.

This is a tragic event, such brutality and violence is not something we are supposed to be used to in our civilised country.

However, one of the strange and infuriating aspects of coverage in the media today was how this “terrorist” attack is just the continuation of the pattern of terror.

To compare both Islamic terrorism and the crazy lone wolves of Britain as similar would be a severe miscalculation of political correctness.

We all know they are entirely different.

In just the last three months in the United Kingdom, 252 people have been either injured or killed by Islamists:

On March 22, four were murdered and 50 injured when an Islamist mowed down pedestrians at Westminster in London.

On May 22, 23 children and adults were killed, 119 injured (23 critically) when an Islamist terrorist exploded a suicide vest at an Ariana Grande gig.

On June 3, eight were murdered and 48 injured when Islamists went on a rampage with a van and knives at London Bridge and Borough Market in London.

Total dead: 35

In the last two years, two people, the tragedy last night and the Jo Cox MP have been killed by what you could loosely considered to be radicalised crazy lone wolf nut jobs. There just isn’t a pattern.

Look at the stats for the last three months in the UK in the four “terrorist” attacks:

Islamic terrorism is a global network that is well funded and fuelled by utter devotion to the purest teaching of Islam. From Africa, the Middle East to across Europe and America cells function within our “peace-loving” Muslim communities.

In Britain alone authorities say there are 23,000 jihadists roaming on our streets. Finsbury Park Mosque was once a hub of jihadist activity and had to be shut down. It even hosted the infamous terror preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Terror preacher Abu Hamza.

There is no such equivalent for right-wing militants. There is no threat close to the scale of radical Islam.

That does not mean we should be unconcerned — but there is just no point downplaying the threat of Islamic terror by comparing it to some non-existent right-wing insurgency.

Unfortunately for liberal narrative, this was a one off, freak event where a lunatic decided to go militant in the wake of a reign of terror by Muslim terrorists. The guy snapped and it is tragic for the man who died and those injured. The liberals tend to forget the victims during their political pea cocking.

As always Tommy Robinson has a quality take on the matter:


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