CHALLENGE: Try and laugh ONCE at the trailer for Pitch Perfect 3

ANOTHER boring, unfunny, all-female cast, director and writer flick has proven yet again that liberal women are NOT FUNNY. Or are they? See for yourself.

Understandably, these films aren’t usually the sort of thing we’d be drawn to.

However, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and it popped up as a post from The Sun, promoting the new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3.

It’s about some fat bitch and her friends meeting some younger slaggy looking hens for a bitchy stand off thing. Either way, the fact is, a trailer for a comedy should be FUNNY.

So, having seen Gavin McInnes on his former TGMS go off on long tangents about how crap most movies are nowadays I thought I would at least try the trailer.

This is clearly one of those films filled with women trying to be funny, so I set myself a challenge: try and laugh ONCE. Surely, in a two minute teaser, it could provoke just one “hah-“.

Needless to say, I FAILED so hard and this was my face:

NOW YOUR TURN! Without further TO DO, here is the trailer:

So, how did you do?

Even if it is for children, children’s TV can have some of the most hilarious shit in it.

This is just a reel of cringe-worthy, boring “jokes” by an ugly fat bitch and her dull friends.

The most out there it gets is saying “get your tits on, bitches”.

There are a lot of attempts to make people laugh, but they had no effect.

Maybe women will find this funny. Will they? Are their minds that easily entertained? I doubt it.

It is said that the Office (UK) can cure people of depression and has, apparently, brought one man from the brink of suicide, because of how funny it is.

David Brent saved me from suicide… FACT

The complete opposite is probably true for this creation. I genuinely think this could increase depression and anxiety, if the film is as bad as the trailer.

You can tell the social justice undertones, too, to be as un-offensive as possible.

The main group seems to have a token Mexican, black woman, fat bitch and Chinese woman, as does the second group of younger performers group one is meeting with.

You’ll notice they try to maintain a balanced framing of races in the trailer pictures, too.

And surprise, surprise, it is directed by a Trump-hating woman director, Trish Sie, and this is her second ever movie.

ANNNND, it is written by another Trump-hating biatch, Kay Cannon. She wrote the first two Pitch Perfects, too, whose trailers I will NOT be watching.

Non-liberals and non-leftists need to start making movies because when we do, they will be massive success stories, if this is the CRAP being churned out under the guise of “comedy”.

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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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